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The Sony Xperia Z Ultra And The Xperia Z-Are Phones Alternatives For One Another?

Sony’s smartphone design was redefined with the introduction of the new Xperia Z which was released earlier this year and a new interface was also introduced. The new model has become a hit with consumers thanks to these elements and also the impressive specification that it offers, but now the new larger screened Xperia Z Ultra has been released. Could this new device be the flagship Xperia z’s viable alternative?

The first model to be released by Sony featuring an angular design was the Sony Xperia Z. Models previously released by the company have been more curved. One stand out feature that is offered by the model is the IP57 certification which means that the device is both water and dust resistant. Apart from the size very little has changed on the new Xperia Z Ultra. The Ultra offers near identical design and also boasts water and dust resistance, however the certification has been boosted to IP58 which means that there is no need for fiddly port covers. Many modern consumers tend to focus on what the camera facility has to offer and in this case the facility does not offer such a high standard as that found on the original. The Xperia Z boasts a 13 megapixel snapper with an Exmor RS Sensor. The Ultra boasts the same sensor chip but a lower resolution of 8 megapixels.

The standout feature of both of these models is the screen. Offered by the Sony Xperia Z is a 5 inch LCD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. enhancing both contrast and clarity is the inclusion of the Bravia Mobile Engine 2. The new Ultra boasts a huge 6.44 inch LCD display with identical resolution to that found on the Xperia Z. The larger dimensions however mean that the pixel density is significantly lower at 342PPI compared to 440PPI. The processing department is one area where the new model comes out on top thanks to the incorporation of the new Snapdragon 800 chip which includes quad cores and is clocked at 2.2Ghz.The Xperia Z also offers quad core technology but from the older S4 processor which has a lower speed of 1.5Ghz. A host of deals on Xperia devices here

Even though the new Xperia Z Ultra offers the very latest in terms of processing technology, the Sony Xperia Z still remains to be the company’s top model in most areas including the camera facility.

New Images Drop Hints About The New Sony Xperia Honami

At the beginning of the year we saw Sony release their flagship Sony Xperia Z handset which has become a big success with consumers across the globe in the past few months. We have been hearing about several new models to be released by the Japanese manufacturer that will accompany this handset and one of them is the new Sony Xperia Honami. There have been numerous leaked images over the past few days that give us a glimpse of some of the models specification and features.

We have seen several leaked images of the new Xperia Honami emerge over the last week and the latest ones to arrive give us more of an idea of the design of the phone as well as some idea of the features that we will see it boast. We can see the new handset from all four sides in the latest pictures and we can clearly see that the phone will sport a matte finish on the back panel with a pattern embossed on it as opposed to the glass panel that it was rumoured to feature. As with all potential releases, the final version may may differ from these images. Possibly the most interesting aspect that we can see from these latest leaked images is that the camera facility on the device may be accompanied by a Xenon flash. With a 20 mega pixel resolution and a 1/1.6″ sensor this model is set to offer one of the best camera features around.

The introduction of these new devices by Sony are intended to complement their exciting range of devices that already included the best selling Sony Xperia Z and the Xperia ZL. One thing that will please consumers is the dedicated camera button that can be seen in these latest images. This is a great addition on a device that is set to offer a superb camera facility. These new leaks also feature a white version of the model which makes us believe that consumers will have at least two colour options available to them when the device is released. Other specification that the model is set to boast is a 5 inch 1080P display and also the brand new Snapdragon 800 chipset. Visit our website for all of the best Sony Xperia Z prices http://www.phoneslimited.co.uk/Sony/XPERIA+Z.html

The new Honami is set to be released later this year and Sony are hoping that this new model becomes as popular as some of the other models in their current range including the Sony Xperia Z.

My Xperia Brings Great Privacy Features To The Sony Xperia Z

One of the nest android smartphones to be released this year is the Sony Xperia Z and users of this device and other Xperia phones have a new feature to look forward to which will be released by Sony. The new feature will help users to ensure that their handset is secure in the event of it being lost or stolen.

The popular Android operating system has one thing missing and that is the ability for the user to remotely lock and wipe their device. Such a facility is useful in the event of a phone being stolen or lost as it helps to protect the user’s valuable data. Apple currently offer this facility to user of their iPhones and iPads which comes as part of the iOS operating system and now the My Xperia package has been introduced by Sony that is set to launch over the coming weeks. Devices such as the Sony Xperia Z can take advantage of this new software which enables the user to remotely lock their device to protect their data and also track the whereabouts of their phone. The software will only work on Sony Xperia devices and will come for free.

Third party applications for Android devices are currently available that offer similar functionality, however due to the fact that Sony’s version is free, consumers are sure to opt for their package. When the user has installed the software to their Sony device they can then visit myxperia.sonymobile.com where they will be able to track their phone and a couple of other useful options will also be able to be accessed. Users of devices such as the Sony Xperia Z will be able to activate an alert tone which may be able to help the user in locating their device. The phone can also be locked using the software and will only be lifted once the device has been returned to the owner. There is also the option to wipe the entire contents of the phone on both the internal storage and also any microSD cards that are inserted if all else fails. Take a look at the lowest web prices for the Sony XPeria Z

There is a great range of Xperia devices available from Sony including the Sony Xperia Z and this new piece of software which will be on offer in coming weeks is sure to become a success with owners of such handsets.

The New Sony Xperia Z Ultra Set To Be Stocked By A Leading Retailer

Proven to be one of the most successful Android devices released to date is the Sony Xperia Z and the Japanese company are intending to cash in on this popularity by releasing the new Xperia Z Ultra. This new model will boast high specification and will be comparable in size to the Samsung Galaxy Note. We saw the model officially unveiled a few days ago and one of the leading retailers here in the UK has now advised that they are planning on stocking the new device.

If early sales of the new Sony Xperia Z Ultra prove to be positive following its release, we are sure to see the number of retailers stocking the device increase. There is one UK retailer that has chosen not to wait for sales results and will be stocking the model straight after its release. The retailer is Phones 4 U and they are allowing consumers to pre register their interest in the new Ultra both instore and online There has not yet been an exact release date confirmed and we are also still unsure of how much the model will cost, but as soon as we find out this information we will be sure to let you know.

The new Sony Xperia Z Ultra will become the latest addition to the growing Xperia range and the models main feature is its large 6.44 inch display. In terms of screen size this will see the new device go head to head with other leading phablet devices that are currently available such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The new Stamina mode on the device has been highlighted by Sony. This mode has been designed to preserve battery life which is an important addition because of the large amount of strain that the large display may put on the battery. The battery on board the model is a 3050mAh cell which is sufficient life for even the most demanding of users. other features also include NFC connectivity options as well as the ability to use any item as a stylus. Check out the XperiaZ best online prices around

The new Sony Xperia Z Ultra will soon be arriving here in the UK and Phones 4 U are the first of the retailers here in the UK to announce that they will be stocking the device.

Fresh Images Of The New Sony Xperia Z Ultra Published

It looks like over the coming weeks we will see a new variant of the popular Sony Xperia Z arrive on our shelves. Samsung currently dominate the “phablet” market and it is common knowledge that the Japanese manufacturers are keen to break this market. We have now seen the first images of the new Xperia Z Ultra pop up online.

The official launch of the new Sony Xperia Z Ultra is set to take place in July and we have now had our first glimpse at this new large screened device which comes with stylus support. This new model was previously known as the Xperia Togari and the new image of the model has come from Sony inside a press still. The picture shows us a side profile of the new model and gives us suggestions of an interactive stylus. There have been many rumours surrounding the new Xperia Z suggesting that this users will be able to use anything they like as a stylus. This is a unique twist in terms of other such devices. This is yet to be confirmed by Sony, however we expect the company to offer its consumers something different to enable them to compete with the likes of the Galaxy Note models that currently dominate the market.

Reports suggest that the specification that will be offered by the new Sony Xperia Z Ultra will give the model the edge to becoming the most advanced smartphone around and also give the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 a run for its money. Android version 4.2 is said to come installed on the device and when it becomes more widely available the user will be able to upgrade to the 4.3 version. The standout element of this phone is its large display which measures 6.44 inches and will offer Full HD resolution. Users will get great performance speeds thanks to the quad core Snapdragon 800 chipset and an ample 2GB of RAM will also be onboard. An 8 megapixel primary camera will also be incorporated as well as 16GB of internal storage which can be expanded thanks to a micro SD card slot. XperiaZ Sony fantastic savings here

There are now many smartphone manufacturers that have their sights set on the phablet market and the new Sony Xperia Z Ultra is expected to be one of the most impressive available in this area.

Sony Event To Showcase The Sony Xperia Z Nexus And Potential New Handsets

When it comes to impressive smartphone portfolios, Sony has one of the best and it includes the popular Sony Xperia Z which is the company’s current flagship model. A major event has now been announced by Sony which is due to be held later this month. At this event we expect to see the company to introduce us to some new models which will join their popular range.

In Berlin, Germany on the 25th of June Sony will be hosting a major event. Invitations have already been sent out to the press which feature the tagline “lust auf mehr” which when translated into English means “Want more?”. This gives us the impression that the Japanese manufacturer will be introducing us to at least one new model and if we are to believe recent speculation we may be treated to the unveiling of two new devices. The Xperia L4 Togari and the and the Xperia I1 Honami are rumoured to be the new handsets that we will see introduced at the event. Over the past few days we have been hearing many rumours surrounding the new Sony Xperia Z Nexus edition and it has been suggested that Sony make use this event as an opportunity to reveal the phone. Uncover more Nexus Xperia Z information

Sony have produced the new Xperia L4 with the hope that it will rival the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note. There is expected to be a 6.44 inch Full HD display on board complete with an interactive stylus device. The Bravia Mobile Engine 2 and Opticast technology is also set to feature which will enhance image quality. An impressive 32Gb of storage will also be included and 4G connectivity and NFC capabilities will also be on offer. The Xperia l1 will incorporate a smaller 5 inch display, but will still offer similar high specification. the Sony Xperia Z which is currently the company’s flagship device could be replaced by this model. Xperia Z Vodafone pay monthly sales here

We will have to wait until the 25th of June to find out what new products Sony have to offer, however it seems likely that we will be introduced to two new models alongside the Sony Xperia Z Nexus edition.

New Device Takes The Durability Of The Sony Xperia Z To A New Level

The Sony Xperia Z is an impressive device which offers unique features including being both dust and water resistant making the device more durable than many of its rivals. The Xperia ZR handset has just been announced and it seems that Sony are set to take durability to a new level.

The latest smartphone to be announced by Sony is the Xperia ZR which is said to take waterproofing to a whole new level by giving users the ability to capture photographic images underwater. The new model offers the same IP55 and IP58 certification as the Xperia Z, but many consumers across the globe will be impressed by the new camera feature that is onboard. This unique feature is not currently offered by any competitors. It is worth noting that users can not use the device scuba diving or the like, but Sony state that the camera will function in freshwater in depths of up to 1.5m. Click here for more Sony Xperia Z News

The new ZR device features a dedicated camera shutter button just like that found on the Sony Xperia Z which means that the phone can be used like a dedicated still camera with the ability to capture video images in high 1080P HD quality. Completing the camera package is the inclusion of an LED flash, HDR mode and also an impressive Exmor RS sensor. This great new device also offers features which include a 4.6 inch display with the Sony Bravia Mobile Engine 2. A powerful quad core processor is also onboard which is clocked at 1.5Ghz and is accompanied by 2GB of RAM. Sony have said that this new device will be available at some point during the second quarter although no exact release date had yet been confirmed. Check out the best Sony Xperia Z contracts here

Great success has been achieved by the Sony Xperia Z and we now expect the Xperia XR to be equally popular with consumers thanks to the underwater camera function.

Impressive New Handset Lined Up To Replace The Sony Xperia Z As The Manufacturers Flagship Smartphone

The Sony Xperia Z is one of the very best smartphone around but according to latest reports Sony are working on a new flagship device with some terrific specification. If the reported features of the new Sony Honami are correct then we could be looking at a device that will take the phone world by storm.

New reports are emerging that Sony are hard at work on a new handset that will replace the Sony XPeria Z as the company’s flagship smartphone. The new handset in question is named the Sony Honami and we have seen increasing speculation about the handset over the last few days. The newest information on this device comes courtesy of VR Zone who have included some interest information on the super camera that the model will boast. They suggest that the model will feature a camera capable of recording images at 20 mega pixel resolution. It has also been reported that the camera sensor chip on the phone, an important element for recording the best possible images, will be an Exmor RS chip measuring 1/1.6 inches. Oversampling will also be featured on the phone and the final result is rumoured to be better than what can be produced by Nokia’s outstanding 808 Pureview handset. Clcik here for more Sony Xperia Z News

Other elements of this new smartphone also look very impressive indeed. The design of the model is said to consist of three main materials which are glass, metal and carbon fibre and the phone will measure a very slim 10mm despite incorporating such an impressive camera module. A screen the same size as the Sony Xperia Z at 5 inches is set to feature although there are some reports that state that the model may come with a 4.7 inch display. Either way resolution will be Full HD at 1080P and the screen will also feature new Triluminos technology to further improve the quality. Underneath the bonnet things are equally as impressive and a Snapdragon 800 processor is set to be included clocked at an ultra fast 2.3Ghz. This should comfortably make the device the fastest smartphone on the market. Compare the best Sony Xperia Z packages here

The reign of the Sony XPeria Z was never going to last forever and it could be some time before we get to see the new Honami handset but the model certainly looks set to be one of the most advanced smartphones ever released.

UK Launch Of The Sony Xperia SP Delayed

With four million sales under its belt, the Sony Xperia Z has been one of the most successful smartphones so far in 2013. However, the Japanese manufacturer is of course gearing up to launch a number of other Android smartphones throughout the year.

One such device is the Sony Xperia SP, which is a mid range offering with a lower price tag and a number of downgraded features from its flagship counterpart. The Sony Xperia SP was originally scheduled to be launched in the UK on April 30th, but Unwired View reports one fortunately this has not been the case.

Most major UK networks are currently offering pay monthly Sony Xperia SP contracts. However, on a number of network websites, the phone is still listed under the coming soon section. Clove, a well-known retailer SIM free mobile phones in the UK has also confirmed the first shipment of Sony Xperia SP handsets has been delayed, and stocks are likely to be available from retailers the week beginning May 13th. Visit our website for the latest Sony Xperia SP news and Sony Xperia SP deals.

The phone can still be ordered from these networks, as well as our website where we compare the cheapest Sony Xperia SP contracts, but note that delivery will now take a few days longer than originally scheduled.

The Sony Xperia SP boasts plenty of impressive features for its modest price tag. The handset includes a 4.6 inch display with Sony’s Bravia mobile engine, 8 megapixel camera with high definition video capture, Android 4.1 Jellybean operating system and a 1.7 GHz dual-core processor. Additionally, the phone also boasts similar stylish design to other Xperia handsets, and is offered in white, red and black colour schemes.

While the Sony Xperia SP may not be as high end his its Xperia Z counterpart, its lower price tag means that the device is likely to be a popular choice. If we hear of any changes regarding the availability of the Sony XPERIA SP, we will be sure to keep you posted.

The Sony Xperia Z-New Android Open Source Project Software Released

The new Sony Xperia Z was launched earlier this year which is a device that offers some of the very best specification that is currently available. It has now been decided by Sony to offer a brand new version of Android 4.2 for this model which is the Android Open Source Project version. This is a move that will delight some hardcore Android fans as Sony’s own user interface which worked over the top of Android is no longer present.

It is an exciting, but brave move from Sony to release an AOSP version of Android 4.2 for the Sony Xperia Z. On board the device is one of the best mobile displays around which should be more than capable of showing off a pure Android platform to its full potential. Sony have been involved with Google AOSP in the past. Developers also offered a similar version on last year’s Sony Xperia S at which time the device was not the flagship model in the manufacturers range. Although Sony’s own user interface is much better than earlier versions that we have seen many consumers still prefer to see Androids own popular software. As one of the most capable handsets currently on the market consumers will be getting the total package with the Xperia Z. Click here for more Sony Xperia Z News

Consumers who own the Sony Xperia Z and fancy seeing what the new software has to offer can head to Sony’s web page to download it. According to reports the majority of Xperia Z’s functionality are covered. Supported are WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS as are micro SD cards. There are a vast array of sensors built into the model which are also catered for. It has been said that Sony are working on improving their already impressive camera feature which is also said to be fully operational. The NFC functionality on the model is also still being looked at and it has also been said that it is supposed to be fully working soon via an update patch which will be released. Compare Sony Xperia Z deals here

The Sony xperia Z is one of the best phones currently available to consumers and now that there is the opportunity to run Google’s Android Open Source Project software on this model consumers will be delighted. The software supports most features on the device and those that are not supported will be accommodated for by the introduction of a new software patch soon.