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Survey Shows Samsung Galaxy Devices Are Easier To Use Than iPhones

Apple and Samsung is by far the most well known rivalry in the mobile phone business. Between them, these brands account for the vast majority of the smartphone market share, although Samsung now has a considerable lead over its California based rival.

Of course, Apple is well known for its iconic iPhone range, which first hit the market back into 2007. This phone changed the way we use our mobile phones forever, bringing never before seen touchscreen, internet browsing and multimedia experiences to a mobile device. IPhones are one of the most popular smartphone brands on the market, with the current iPhone 5 model continuing to sell very well.

In recent years though, South Korea based Samsung has become the biggest smartphone company in the world. It now dominates in several inches, with its flagship Galaxy S range now the biggest rival to the Apple iPhone series, and its innovative Galaxy Note range dominating the phablet niche. The company also produces numerous entry level and mid range Android phones, which sell huge volumes in several markets, unlike Apple, which concentrates exclusively on premium smartphones. Visit our website for the latest news on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and compare Samsung Galaxy S3 contract prices.

One of the biggest selling points of the Apple iPhone series is its ease of use. The iOS interface is well known for its simplicity and intuitive interface, but a recent survey conducted by Siegel+Gale suggests that consumers actually find Samsung’s Galaxy devices easier to use, according to a recent article over at Phones Review. The website reports that of the 400 people surveyed, the majority found Samsung’s Galaxy devices easier and more convenient to use, thanks to attributes like the wider compatibility with third party accessories, and the ease of transferring files between other Android devices from other manufacturers. This clearly goes to show that Samsung deserves its place at the top, especially considering that ease of use is one of Apple’s biggest selling points.

Of course, Samsung is gearing up to launch the Galaxy S4 towards the end of this month, and there are reports of multiple new iPhones hitting the market in 2013, so we can only expect the rivalry between these two companies to intensify.

Galaxy S4 Launch Prompts Reductions In Galaxy S3 Contracts

Last month, Samsung officially announced its eagerly anticipated Galaxy S4 flagship at an event in New York. This continues to hit the headlines in the mobile technology business, which hardly comes as a surprise given the months of eager anticipation for this device following Samsung’s huge success last year with the Galaxy S3.

The Galaxy S4 instantly impressed with its launch event, and promises to be the most impressive smartphone model of the year, and no doubt among the most successful, and likely to break sales records for the South Korean based technology giant.

The Galaxy S4 of course follows in the footsteps of last year’s Galaxy S3 flagship, which was the best selling smartphone model of 2012. Although a new version is soon to be launched, the Galaxy S3 remains one of the most appealing smartphones on the market. Phones Review has reported that due to the upcoming launch of the Galaxy S4, a number of networks in the UK and other countries have begun to reduce contracts for the Galaxy S3, as is often the case when a new version of a product is launched. For example, Galaxy S2 contracts were heavily reduced following the launch of the Galaxy S3. Visit our website for the latest Samsung Galaxy S3 news.

Phones Review reports that T-Mobile, O2, Three and Orange have begun to reduce the prices of their Samsung Galaxy S3 contracts. The majority are based on two year contract periods, and while many offer a free Galaxy S3 handset for those who sign up, you will often find that paying a small contribution to the price of the handset upfront will result in lower monthly payments. One such example explained on the website is from Orange, which is currently offering the LTE enabled version and the Galaxy S3 for £31.00 per month after paying just £19.99 for the handset.

If you visit our website, you will find price comparisons of all Samsung Galaxy S3 contracts from UK networks, along with pay as you go and SIM free deals.

Purple Version Of The Samsung Galaxy S3 In The Works

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was recently announced, causing plenty of excitement in the smartphone industry. The South Korean manufacturer’s new flagship Android phone is set to become one of bestselling devices of 2013.

After it was launched back in May 2012, the previous flagship from the manufacturer, the Samsung Galaxy S3 instantly became a huge commercial success, and famously sold its first 20 million units after 100 days for the market. This device was originally launched in both blue and white colour variants, but these were followed up by other instalments of the phone, such as an LTE enabled version plus several new colour variants.

Despite the fact that Samsung is soon to launch its newest flagship model, it looks like the Galaxy S3 will also be released soon in a new colour option, Amethyst Purple. Samsung recently confirmed the existence of this phone, which will reportedly be exclusive to Sprint, the US network. This is purely a cosmetic makeover for the device, and will not bring any new features to the phone. Visit our website for the latest news on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and compare Samsung Galaxy S3 deals.

It is likely that contract deals for the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be reduced in price with launch of the Galaxy S4, which was the case with the Galaxy S2 when the Galaxy S3 was released. Because of this, it is likely that sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will remain strong, as it also includes a number of appealing features despite many newer handsets hitting the market. Key features of the phone include a 4.8 inch super AMOLED display, 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, Android Jellybean operating system and advanced 8 megapixel camera with HD video capture.

As usual, we will be sure to keep you updated as soon as we hear of any more news regarding the launch of the a Amethyst Purple version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in other markets.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features Set To Hit The Galaxy S3 Via Update

Last week, Samsung held an unpacked event at Times Square in New York, where it unveiled the eagerly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4. Following its unveiling, it now seems certain that this device will become yet another bestseller for the manufacturer, and the biggest rival to every other smartphone model on the market this year.

The Galaxy S4 of course follows in the footsteps of the Galaxy S3, the South Korean manufacturer’s previous flagship Android phone. This device was launched back in May last year, and quickly became one of most well known smartphone models on the market, on account of both its features and popularity, as a result of taking just 100 days to sell its first 20 million units. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was the most popular smartphone model of 2012, and is still selling well.

If you have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3, you will be pleased to hear that a number of features on its successor will be made available for the galaxy S3 via an update in the near future. Visit our website for the latest news on the Samsung Galaxy S3, and compare Samsung Galaxy S3 deals.

According to Phones Review, some of the cutting edge software features displayed on the Galaxy S4 will be made available by the firmware update for the company’s previous flagships in the future, according to a Samsung Executive. Obviously, not all such features will be able to run on the Galaxy S3, on account of hardware limitations. However, features found on the Galaxy S4 which have been confirmed for the Galaxy S3 include Smart Scroll and S Translator. Smart Scroll is a feature which utilises the phone’s front facing camera to track the movements of the user’s eyes, and accordingly scrolls web pages and documents etc automatically. S Translator is a handy translation tool which will convert both text input and speech into one of nine compatible languages. Furthermore, it has over 3000 commonly used sentences preinstalled, meaning you do not need an internet connection, which is of course the handy attribute for those travelling abroad who are most likely to use the app.

There are many more features set to hit the Galaxy S3 in this future update, and when more information is released we will of course keep you updated.

Upgraded Version of The Samsung Galaxy S3 Rumoured

For months, there has been widespread anticipation and speculation regarding potential features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4. The latest flagship Android phone from the South Korean manufacturer is set to be one of the bestsellers of 2013.

While all eyes are on the launch of the Galaxy S4 which is set to take place this week, Samsung is also no doubt working on launching a number of other handsets this year. According to Unwired View, Samsung will also be launching an upgraded version of 2012’s bestselling Galaxy S3 model.

This does not come as much of a surprise, as Samsung has launched upgraded versions of a number of previous flagship models, such as the Galaxy S Plus, Galaxy S Advance and the Galaxy S2 Plus. Apparently, an upgraded version of the Galaxy S3 will also be launched shortly, with upgraded features such as wireless charging, higher display resolution and higher battery capacity. Visit our website for more news on the Samsung Galaxy S3, and compare popular Samsung Galaxy S3 contracts.

This move is likely an attempt by Samsung to offer a more affordable option to the upcoming Galaxy S4, which will no doubt carry quite high price tag on account of its advanced specifications. According to Unwired View, the as yet unconfirmed Galaxy S3 upgrade will include a higher touchscreen resolution, the addition of a wireless charging function and a 2400mAh battery capacity, which increases the Galaxy S3’s current battery capacity by 300mAh.

Although this phone has not yet been officially announced, it would not be much of a surprise if Samsung did launch this device. After the Galaxy S4 has been launched, upgrading the features on the Galaxy S3 would mean that it is still an appealing option, and ensure that Samsung still capitalises from customers who do not want to spend a higher amount on the Galaxy S4. We will keep you posted when we hear of any developments regarding this device.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Awarded phone Of The Year At MWC

Mobile World Congress 2013 took place last week in Barcelona, Spain. During this annual event, manufacturers are given a platform to announce their newest smartphones and tablets to be released this year. This event is among the biggest dates in the consumer technology industry.

Aside from presenting the new devices, MWC 2013 is also the place to see the products and manufacturers awarded by the GSM Association. This year, the Samsung Galaxy S3 bagged the Best Smartphone Award. This is hardly surprising for many especially because the device was the most popular last year. Since its launch last May, the device has sold 60 million units, and 20 million were sold in the first hundred days of availability.

Alongside being popular, the Samsung Galaxy S3 also is packed with very impressive features, thus, it was regarded as one of the most innovative smartphones released in the market. Some of the key features of the device are a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, 4.8 inch super AMOLED display, advanced 8 megapixel camera and a whole set of new software features. Visit our website for more information on the Samsung Galaxy S3, where you can also compare the best Samsung Galaxy S3 offers.

Samsung picked up several awards such as the ‘best mobile infrastructure’, ‘device manufacturer of the year’ and the ‘outstanding overall mobile technology’.  Google Nexus 7 also received notable awards such as the best mobile tablet. The Nokia Asha 305, on the other hand was given the recognition as the ‘Best Feature or Entry Level Phone of The Year’.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still performing well in the market, the newest version of the phone is already set to be launched on March 14. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has caused a lot of excitement, as the device promises to once again raise the bar with rumoured features set to include a 5 inch display, more powerful quad-core processor, new innovations on terms of software and a 12 megapixel camera.

We will keep you updated once there are new developments with regards to the Galaxy S4. We will bring you listings of all the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4 deals from UK networks when the device has been released in the UK.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Contracts Reduced Ahead Of Galaxy S4 Launch

The Galaxy S3 from Samsung is still one of the most prominent smartphones on the market. With the advanced features like a 4.8 inch super AMOLED display, 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, high-end 8 megapixel camera and Android Jellybean OS, it is easy to understand the popularity of the handset.

So far, it has been estimated that up to 60 million units of S3 have been sold since its launch in May 2012. This achievement is one of the biggest success stories for the South Korea based manufacturer.

Recently, there have been rumours and speculation around the internet about the release of Galaxy S4, the follow up to the current flagship model. This device is fully expected to be just as popular, if not more so. Visit our website for the latest news on the Samsung Galaxy S4, and compare Samsung Galaxy S3 contracts.

The Galaxy S4 is expected to be officially released by Samsung during an event to be held in March 15th. Three, one of the biggest network operators in United Kingdom has already offered a reduction in the price of its Galaxy S3 contract deals, which includes 500 minutes of free calls every month, alongside 5000 free text messages and unlimited usage of data connectivity. The previous price of the contract was £34.00 monthly but is now cut to only £29.00 per month, according to an article at uSwitch. The reduction in price results in a total saving of £120 during the 24-month contract period.

Because of the reduced price of the Galaxy S3, it further points to the imminent launch of the Galaxy S4. This is actually a similar situation that happened in the US recently, where Amazon significantly cut the price of the Galaxy Note 2 leading to further speculation about the upcoming launch of the Galaxy Note 3.

The launch of Galaxy S4 is just a month away and we will keep you posted on developments leading up to its release. We will also be bringing you the most affordable deals for the Galaxy S3 when it lands here in the UK.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Remains The Top Choice In The UK

Launched back in May 2012, the Samsung Galaxy S3 remains the most popular smartphone model on the market currently. The Galaxy S3 is the South Korean manufacturer’s current flagship Android phone, and continues to outsell competing devices by a wide margin.

After it was launched last year, the Samsung Galaxy S3 quickly became of the most talked about devices, after it took just 100 days for the phone to sell its first 20 million units. Since then, the phone has remained the most popular on the market throughout 2012, well into the new year. The success of the Galaxy S3, and the wide margin by which it dominates the market has left little room for handsets from rival manufacturers to compete.

Although several notable devices have been launched since the Galaxy S3, such as the Apple iPhone 5, it appears that consumers still prefer Samsung’s Android flagship. Sales of competing devices have barely made an impact on the ongoing popularity of the Galaxy S3. Visit our website to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The mobile tracker tool over at uSwitch compiles monthly sales data for smartphone models sold on pay monthly contracts in the UK. It provides a month by month breakdown of the most popular models, which are compiled into a top 10 list. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is shown at the top of the list as the most popular smartphone model throughout January 2013, a position it’s held for nine consecutive months, ever since its launched back in May 2012. Samsung dominates the list, with its Galaxy Ace and Galaxy S2 models taking the number two and three spots on the list respectively. Surprisingly, the Apple iPhone 5, which was previously touted as the biggest rival to the Galaxy S3 has only manage seventh place on the list.

It is unlikely that sales of the Galaxy S3 will slow down any time soon. Of course, it is hardly a secret that Samsung is planning to launch its successor, the Galaxy S4 in coming weeks. However, this is likely to see a reduction in pay monthly contract prices for the Galaxy S3, which will of course contribute further to the popularity of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Helps Android Account For 70.1% Od Q4 Smartphoner Sales

It has been widely reported in the past that the Google owned Android operating system and the Apple iOS platform combined account for a vast share of the smartphone operating system market. It appears that both platforms have also enjoyed considerable growth throughout Q4 20 12, according to recently released data from Strategy Analytics.

The data which takes into account sales figures for smartphones sold during the final three month period last year can be viewed over at Apple Insider. The data shows just how much of a combined market share the two operating systems now boast. Of all the smartphones sold in this period, a huge 70.1% utilise the Android operating system, with 22% being Apple iPhones which run the iOS platform.

Between the two, these operating systems account for a huge 92.1% of all smartphones shipped in Q4. This means that the remaining 7.9% of other phones accounted for other operating systems such as Windows Phone.

The results of the data demonstrate significant growth for Android in particular, with a large number of different smartphone models utilising this software contributing to its popularity. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S3 continues to be one of the best selling smartphones of all time, moving plenty of units during Q4. Also, Android is generally favoured by manufacturers of budget smartphone models, which sell by the millions in emerging markets. Samsung galaxy S3 News and Reviews can be found on our website where you can also compare deals on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

While the market share of 22% is certainly an impressive achievement for Apple, this actually shows a slight reduction of around 2% of the market share it saw during the same period in the previous year.

With notable devices like the Nokia Lumia 920 proving to be very popular, it is anticipated that the growth of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform is likely to increase throughout 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Recommended By UK Retailers More Than The iPhone 5

According to a recent survey carried out by the Informa Telecoms, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 models are being more highly recommended by staff in a number of high profile high street retailers in the UK, ahead of their Apple iPhone 5 rival.

The survey, which is detailed over at uSwitch saw researchers posing as a mystery shoppers in retailers such as PC World, John Lewis, Phones 4U and Carphone Warehouse. The survey was carried out in order to determine which devices were the most highly recommended by staff, and which handsets had the most widespread point of sale advertising. Visit our website to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S3, where you can also compare prices for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 were among the most widely recommended smartphone models by staff in these retailers. On the other hand, the Apple iPhone 5 was only recommended in two of the eight retailers visited, which were Phones 4U and Three.

Given the popularity of Samsung’s devices like the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2, it hardly comes as a surprise that staff were quick to recommend these devices to the researchers. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S3 in particular continues to be a bestseller in the UK, considerably outselling the Apple iPhone 5 and virtually every other rival handset. While the survey does point out that staff may have recommended these devices in an attempt to earn higher commissions, the fact that these handsets have gained such widespread critical acclaim means that many of the staff will have simply been voicing their opinions by recommending the handsets.

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is widely rumoured to be launched in coming weeks, and with an Apple iPhone 5S also reportedly in the pipeline it looks like the smartphone market will be shaken up once again in the near future. Given the track record of the Galaxy S3 though, the latest edition will surely become yet another bestseller, so Apple will certainly have its work cut out if it is to compete with its new iPhone 5S.