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The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Offered By Leading UK Network Providers

The most popular smartphone to be released this year is without doubt the Samsung Galaxy S4 and since it was first launched we have seen several variations of the device arrive. Possibly the most intriguing of all of the variants is the new Samsung Galaxy Zoom which is a high quality device that boast a superb camera facility. Leading network providers here in the UK now stock this exciting new handset.

We have just seen the latest of the Samsung Galaxy S4 variants become available here in the UK and it is the perfect device for those consumers looking for the best camera facility around. The new model comes with some great deals with the cheapest being offered by Orange. The consumer will get the handset free of charge on a monthly contract for just £26 per month. Included in this package is 400 minutes of talk time with unlimited texts and 250MB of Data allowance. Vodafone, T Mobile and O2 are also offering similar great deals. Samsung have tried their hand at the camera market before when we saw the Galaxy Camera released back in 2012, however the new Zoom takes things to the next level by incorporating an impressive and fully functional phone as well.

The third variant of the popular S4 to arrive is the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. All variations have been designed to target a different type of smartphone user which could help to ensure that Samsung continue to dominate the Android market. For those consumers looking for a more compact device the S4 Mini is ideal while the more active user will be more interested in the S4 Active which offers enhanced durability. The camera feature on board the S4 Zoom is impressive thanks to the superb 16 megapixel resolution that can be captured and a 10x magnification zoom facility. The device is slightly more bulky than many of the rivals due to the inclusion on the powerful Zoom, however many consumers will agree that this is a small price to pay for such a great camera facility. See all of the Samsung Galaxy S4 packages side by side

The latest variant of the S4 to arrive here in the UK is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and there are some great deals available from most of the major network providers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2-New Android Update Cancelled For This Device

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is fast approaching its first birthday and the device still remains one of the most popular smartphones around. This week news was released relating the the new Android updates that are being released for the handset and millions of user of this great phone will be left disappointed.

It has been said in new reports that Samsung have cancelled the scheduled Android 4.2.2 update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Australian network provider Telstra have provided this news and have commented that the global update would not be made available to users of the Note 2. An update schedule has recently been released by Samsung that also shows that the same update for the Galaxy S4 has also been delayed and that the testing process has only just begun for this phone. The update is now set to arrive on the 19th of August. It was rumoured earlier this week that the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 updates have been put back until later on in the year and now it appears that the users will not be getting the latest software at all.

The Android 4.2.2 is made up from a host of fixes and improvements which included a fix for Bluetooth audio streaming and also performance enhancements. Users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have not only had bad news as it has been suggested by some insiders that Samsung may choose to go straight to the Android 4.3 software. Consumers may still have a lengthy wait on their hands however as there has not yet been a release date for the new package confirmed. Version 4.3 is set to bring with is a range of improvements which include a new notifications system that will enable app developers to integrate it with their software, a new user interface for the camera facility and also improved gaming graphics. Click here for a range of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 offers

The 4.2.2 software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been cancelled which will come as a disappointment to many users of the device, but there is a chance that Samsung may opt to roll out version 4.3 soon after its launch.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Breaks The 20 Million Sales Mark

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched back in April and has proven to be a huge success although we are now hearing rumours that there has been a drop in demand for the device. Latest sales figures, however show that sales figures are still very impressive.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched just two months ago and the device is still well on target to becoming the most popular smartphone release to date by the South Korean manufacturers. This superb device has sold over 20 million units so far. We have begun to hear speculation that the sales figures for the S4 are less that what was initially expected which has lead to a decrease in its production, however the phone continues to sell well and has achieved better sales figures than its predecessor in a shorter period of time. J.K Shin, the CEO of Samsung is said to have reported the 20 million figure to Korean news sources and went on to comment that this figure was reached by the end of June. Last year it took the Galaxy S3 model three months to achieve this figure.

It is believed that the reason behind the models popularity is the range of innovative new features that it has to offer. Offered by the device are items such as Smart Pause which will detect when the user is no longer looking at the screen and will pause playback. The model also boasts Smart Scroll which uses similar eye tracking technology to automatically scroll the page. The Galaxy S4 also offers users a high quality 5 inch Super AMOLED screen that is capable of displaying a resolution of 1080P. Other specification includes a powerful quad core processor and a super camera which will deliver 1080P video and also 13 megapixel still images. All of these elements are why the handset has become such a hit with consumers worldwide. Check out our website for the best Samsung Galaxy S4 offers http://www.phoneslimited.co.uk/Samsung/Galaxy+S4.html

Despite reports suggesting that sales of the impressive Samsung Galaxy S4 are lower than expect, the model continues to sell well and edge closer to becoming Samsung’s best selling smartphone to date.

The New Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To Include 3GB Of RAM

Samsung’s Galaxy Note range best demonstrates the success that large screen mobile devices have had and this popularity continues to grow. Tipped to launch this September is the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and we are now starting to hear rumours of what we can expect the model to deliver. The latest report relates to the amount of onboard RAM memory that the phone will offer.

It has been suggested in latest reports that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come complete with a high 3GB of RAM. This will ensure that the model will deliver faster multi tasking speeds than ever before and the stylus functionality will also be assisted by this. This news comes courtesy of Korean sources and the reliable site SamMobile have reported that they have heard these claims before. GSMArena who are another online tech site have reported that Samsung already manufacture 4GB RAM chips that use 20 nanometre semiconductors. This means that Samsung will need to do some modification due to the fact that these components are produced by Qualcomm and normally ship as cohesive units with Adreno graphics chips also included. Find out more on the Note 3 launch here

We also heard earlier this week that Samsung are preparing to hold one of their own Unpacked events where they intend to unveil the model for the first time. This event is scheduled to take place on the 4th of September in Berlin which is two days before the IFA event which is where the model was originally expected to be unveiled. It is believed by many that we will see the device sport a new 5.9 inch Super AMOLED display with Full HD resolution along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core processor. There is also a possibility that the new Snapdragon 800 chip will be featured on the phone. The device is set to be more angular in design that previous models we have seen and a new report has also suggested that the new handset will measure just 8mm in depth which is a very slim profile for such a large display. Get Samsung Galaxy Note3 O2 promotions here

As the 4th of September edges closer we are sure to get much more information on the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and we will be sure to share this information with you as soon as possible.

Nexus Editions Of The Samsung Galaxy S4 And The HTC One Hit US Shelves

It was earlier this month that we reported that we would soon be seeing Nexus additions of the two most popular Android smartphones on the market hitting our shelves. Those models are the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. As promised, these exciting new models have now become available in the US.

Two of the very best Android devices around are the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, both of which boast great specification and stylish design. These new Nexus variants are great for those consumers that would prefer to have a device with a pure Android platform that does not have the limitations of the manufacturer’s own user interfaces. These handsets are now available from the Google Play store. Right now its only the US consumers that can get their hands on these two devices and it is the Galaxy S4 that is the more expensive of the two models at $649 with the HTC device slightly cheaper at $599. Included in both of these prices is free delivery. Even though these devices can be ordered now, there will still be a wait of a couple of weeks before the handset will be shipped as shipment dates are not to begin until July 9th.

For those Android purists out there the Nexus editions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are sure to be a hit. Similar functionality is offered by the Nexus 4 smartphone that has been available for some time now, however many consumers are not happy with some of the devices limitations. The Nexus 4 is still sure to appeal to Android lovers however due to it being considerably cheaper. Software updates for these new Nexus edition models will be rolled out directly from Google which is one of the main advantages that they offer. Consumers normally have a lengthy wait for the latest version of the operating system to arrive on their phone because manufacturers normally spend weeks adapting the software to work alongside their own interfaces. Apart from the software differences both of these models offer the same specification as the standard models. All the best GalaxyS4 Samsung SIM Free costs in one place

Now on sale in the US are the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One Nexus editions and consumers here in the UK are hoping that they will soon see them arrive on our shelves.

Intriguing Leaked Image Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Posted On Twitter

Over the past few weeks Samsung have dominated mobile news following the release of their Galaxy S4 device and the potential release of a number of variants. The South Korean manufacturers will turn their attentions to their next premium model in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as we move through the summer months. On a leading social networking site images have emerged that are said to be that of the next exciting model to be released by Samsung.

The popular micro blogging site Twitter has posted a new image that is said to show the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which will become the third generation of the popular Note device. This model is due to arrive later this year. Unfortunately we can not see the whole of the device in this image and we are only getting a glimpse of the top right hand corner. We can see that the new device will boast an almost invisible bezel which suggests that the screen will dominate the fascia of the phone. Another aspect which strikes us from this picture is that the new Note 3 sports a more angular design than that of its predecessor.

Prior to this new image being leaked it was suggested that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would boast a 5.9 inch display. The report that accompanies this latest images states that the chassis of this model will measure 6 inches and that the screen accounts for around 84 per cent of that area. This suggests to us that the first reports that said that the screen should measure 5.9 inches do not seem to be far wide of the mark. Unfortunately we will have to wait until September to find out whether these reports are indeed correct. The unveiling is due to take place at the IFA event which will be held in Berlin. Check out Galaxy Note 3 lowest prices on Phones Limited

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the device which will follow the Galaxy S4. The model is set to sport a large screen and a more angular design than seen on previous models in the range.

iOS Users Defecting To The New Samsung Galaxy S4 Handset

One of the most advanced smartphones to be released so far is the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is expected to one of the biggest selling phones of all time. It was claimed that this year alone over 80 million units would be sold. New reports are suggesting that this great new device is making current iPhone users defect to Android and in particular this handset.

Since the Samsung Galaxy S4 was released just over a month ago sales have rocketed and some statistics about this exciting new model have been released by a UK retailer. One of the leading retailers in the UK is Carphone Warehouse and they have revealed that around 30 per cent of S4 sales to date have been to consumers that previously used an iPhone device. Customer solutions group director, Claire Winstanley stated “We’ve seen phenomenal demand for the Samsung Galaxy S4 since its launch in April. Customers are demanding a wider choice of handsets from manufacturers and Carphone Warehouse stats show that 30 per cent of our S4 sales were from customers moving from an iPhone to an S4″. The Korean manufacturer Samsung will be delighted by this latest news and Apple will take this as a major blow due to the fact that Samsung have been continually increasing their lead over the past year.

During the first month the Samsung Galaxy S4 model has sold over 10 million units which has resulted into a prediction of over 80 million devices being sold by the end of this year. Reports suggest that 90 per cent of consumers that own a Galaxy S4 say that they would recommend the model to friends and family and the customer satisfaction rate for the new phone is very high. This exciting new model has become the fastest selling Android device to date and with Samsung introducing new variations of the S4 we are sure that we will see this position strengthen further. Apple are hoping that the new iPhone 5S, which is the next device that we are expecting to see from the company, to attract back consumers to the iOS. check out the best GalaxyS4 prices here

A large number of smartphone user have jumped ship from Apple thanks to the introduction of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 due to the great specification that is on offer as well as some impressive features.

The Durable New Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Officially Confirmed

Clocking up 10 million sales within its first month of release the Samsung Galaxy S4 is destined to be one of the most popular smartphones of all time. In a bid to cash in on the popularity of this device Samsung are planning on releasing several variants of this super device. The S4 Mini has already been confirmed and now the company have announced that the S4 Active will be coming soon.

Each variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 targets a different niche in the smartphone market. The S4 Mini is aimed at consumers looking for a more compact phone and as its name suggests the Active is aimed at active users. In light of this the handset is a more robust and durable version of the original device suitable for consumers who will be using the phone outdoors much of the time. Earlier in the week we reported that this new handset will feature IP67 certification which means that the body of the phone is both water and dust resistant. Asides from this the bulk of the specification is similar to the Galaxy S4 which will make it a tempting proposition for consumers. The model is set to get a release in the US and Sweden first of all but we are hopeful that the handset will make it to these shores in the weeks following it release. Several UK retailers have already expressed an interest in the phone and leading retailer Phones 4 U are enabling customers to register their interest in the model via their website.

Being a more rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 means that the physical size of the new S4 Active is slightly larger than its big brother. The new phone measure 9.1mm in depth compared to 7.9mm on the S4 and weighs 151 grammes compared to 130 grammes. This extra size is a small price to pay however for the extra protection offered by the phone. In the processing department the handset sports a Qualcomm 600 chip clocked at 1.9Ghz for fast performance speeds. This CPU also sports quad cores for excellent multitasking and 2GB of RAM. A 5 inch Super LCD 1080P display is a real stand out feature on the model but the camera is slightly lower resolution than the S4 at 8 megapixels It does however boast a clever Aqua mode which optimises the camera for taking snaps while under water. Search for the ideal Samsung Galaxy device for you

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is the latest addition to the S4 family offering great durability and protection. We expect to see the model arrive over the coming weeks following its launch in the US and Sweden.

Share Prices Tuble At Samsung Following Dip In Galaxy S4 Demand

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 has received a lot of great press recently and has even been named the most popular device currenlty available, however according to latest reports sales of the device have already begun to dwindle. Samsung’s share price has also fallen following this drop in sales.

There have been numerous reports released which mentioned the incredible sales figure that were achieved by the Samsung Galaxy S4 after its launch, however we are now beginning to see a decline in the sales of the company’s flagship device. New reports suggest that this fall in sales has also had an effect on Samsung’s share price. Industry analysts JPMorgan Chase and Co have revealed the figures on the S4Galaxy sales which state that there has been a decline of exactly 6.2 per cent which is the biggest drop that the company have experienced in over nine months. Sales were very strong when the model was first launched reaching an impressive 10 million units sold in the first 27 days. A sales prediction of 80 million units was made for this year alone, but this figure has now been reduced to 60 million units due to the decline in interest.

The Samsung Galaxy S4’s predecessor experienced a very different sales pattern. The Galaxy S3 shipped just 5.2 million units in the first quarter following its launch, however this figure increased to a massive 18 million units during the third quarter according to Strategy Analytics. We will have to wait and see whether the Samsung Galaxy S4 will experience a similar increase in sales as time goes on, but this does not look likely if the early signs are anything to go by. The next generation device from Samsung offers Smart Pause and Dual Shot that allows the user to capture images from both the back and front facing cameras. Neither of the features are offered by its predecessor. The display is also larger measuring 5 inches, whereas the S3 sported a 4.8 inch display. For Samsung GalaxyS4 promotions take a look at our site

The first four weeks following the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 were great and brought with it high expectations, however there has been a decline in sales of the device which has resulted in Samsung’s share price dropping.

Samsung Confirm The Forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

We recently reported on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini which is expected to be unveiled on June the 20th in London at a major event which is to be held by Samsung. This information has now been confirmed by Samsung. Consumers will be pleased with this exciting new on the arrival of another Galaxy handset.

Confirmation of the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has been detailed on the company’s official blog. In the press release from Samsung the company confirmed some of the specification that the new model will sport. It was also confirmed that there will be two versions of the model. There will be a 4G LTE variant as well as a 3G version, but we do not yet know if both versions will be available on the UK market. At the major event in London on June 20th we know that the new handset will be showcased, but we are still unsure of when the phone will go on sale in the UK. When we have more information we will pass on the details straight away. Click here for more Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini News

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will be perfect for consumers that are looking for a powerful device that comes in a small package. There will be a 4.3 inch qHD super AMOLED display on offer which sits neatly within the sleek design which measures just 124 x 61 x 8.94mm. Last years S3 Mini had nearly identical measurements, however the device featured a smaller screen. The new S4 Mini weighs just 107g and will feature a 1.7Ghz dual core processor which is teamed with 1.5GB of RAM. A Snapdragon 400 CPU processing chip will be on board according to speculation. An 8 mega pixel camera will also feature as well as Bluetooth and NFC capabilities on the 4G variant. Check out great Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini offers here

Consumers who have been waiting for confirmation regarding the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will now be pleased to know that Samsung have confirmed that the new device will be unveiled at a major event which will be held in London on the 20th of June and will be released in the weeks following this showpiece event.