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Update For Video Sharing Site Vine Delivers Some Great Features On The iPhone 5

The impressive Vine application was recently released for iOS devices such as the iPhone 5. The application became an instant hit with consumers as it caters for video content rather than photographs unlike other social networking services. The app has taken a hit following the introduction of Instagram’s video update, however Vine have now introduced a new update that offers users some new features.

One of the most impressive new features on offer is the new “channels” functionality. The function enables the user to post clips into specific categories such as those that are on offer through Youtube. This will make it easier for users to search specific content that they would like to see rather than having to view all of the clips that have been posted by the other users that they follow. Other new features include the Revining feature which is similar to the retweeting option that can be found on Twitter allowing users to reports content that the like which will allow the posts to become more popular. The is one element on the new update which is incredibly similar to that found on the microblogging site. The feature is the One The Rise section which shows the most popular clips across the world.

Vine have added these new features for users of iOS devices such as the iPhone 5 which will make it easier for users to find content. There are also some extra functionalities that have been added to the app which allows the user to improve their own clips. The camera feature on the application now offers a range of new shooting modes. For user that have problems aligning their video there is a grid available and there is also a great new effect in the form of Ghost mode which offers an overlay of the previous shot over the current live view. New security measures have also been added to protect the account which allows the user to set the account as private and therefore only their followers can view their posts. Get hte best deal on various storage capacity Apple iPhone5 handsets

For users of devices such as the iPhone 5, Vine has proved to be an impressive application and now with the addition of new features the app is one step ahead of the new video functionality that has been added by Instagram.

New Instagram Video Update For The iPhone 5 Off To A Flying Start

Without doubt one of the most popular applications that is currently available on smartphone handsets such as the iPhone 5 is Instagram and just last week a new update for this service was released that enables users to upload video content. Before this update users were only able to upload still images. The inclusion of the new video facility has proven to be a big success judging by the new figures that have been released.

Instagram is a photo sharing application that has become very popular as as users can not only upload images that will be shared with their friends, but they can also filters and effects to their photos. The biggest social networking site in the World, Facebook owns Instagram and they have just announced that following the new update a huge 5 million videos were uploaded after just 24 hours. The user is able to upload video content of up to 15 seconds in length. Following the update a huge 40 hours of video was uploaded per minute on devices such as the iPhone 5.

A rival social networking site also has such a video sharing service and the new Instagram video facility that has been launched is a direct response to it. Twitter launched their own service recently in the form of Vine which also proved to have success early on. Thanks to the 130 million registered users that have the Instagram application there is a very good chance that their own service will prove to be ultimately more successful. Even though the new feature on Instagram has proven to be popular there has been some criticism. There have been numerous complaints from consumers that say that the addition of the new video feature has slowed down the performance of the application, however this can be easily rectified by going to settings and turning off the autoplay option. Users can download the new Instagram update to their Android or iOS devices. Visit our website for a selection of the best iPhone 5 offers http://www.phoneslimited.co.uk/Apple/iPhone+5+16GB.html

The new video service that has been introduced on the already popular Instagram application has proven to be an early success, however many feel that the enjoyment of using what was a previously simple and straightforward application has decreased. For those consumers are curious to see what the application has to offer iPhone 5 users can download it from the App Store and Android users can find it on Google Play.

The iPhone 5 Set To Be The Only iOS Device To Get The Full Benefits Of iOS7

The Apple World Wide Developers took place earlier this week. The manufacturers took the opportunity to introduce their newest software at the event including the iOS7 which is the platform that we will see featured on the new iPhone 5S and will also be available for older devices. Only last year’s iPhone 5 model it seems will have full access to the full functionality that the new software offers.

It has recently been revealed by Apple what their update plan is for the new iOS7 software which will incorporate a range of new features as well as a new design. This new software will be available to a number of devices, however it has just been revealed that only the iPhone 5 will be getting all of the benefits that the new package has to offer. The tech forum on the leading site TechCrunch has provided this latest news which says that only the latest iPod Touch and last year’s iPhone model will have access to all of the features on the new OS. Only the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini as well as the two mentioned devices above will be able to use the critically acclaimed new Air Drop sharing facility. Read even more on the iPhone 5 and the latest software here

All of the iPads and the iPhone 4 it seems will not be able to use the new Panoramic camera modes that are set to feature, however the iPhone 4S will have access to the new mode. It will join the other models however in not being able to use the brand new instant camera filters that have been introduced. Users of the even older devices such as the iPhone 3GS unfortunately will not have access to the new iOS7 at all which means that they will be stuck with the iOS6 platform. This news is sure to disappoint many users however all iPhones except the iPhone 4 will receive the new Siri improvements when updating to the new operating system and the new iRadio audio streaming service will be available on all handsets. Compare the latest O2 and Three iPhone5 best deals here.

We are due to see the biggest changes made to Apple’s operating system since it was first introduced with the arrival of the new iOS7, but not all users of iPhone devices will have full access to what the software has to offer.

Microsoft Office Finally Lands On For The iPhone 5 And Other iOS Handsets

There have been many rumours in circulation regarding the arrival of the Microsoft Office software package on iOS powered phones for some time now, but the package did not materialise . We have now, however seen the popular productivity package officially launched which gives iOS users of models such as the iPhone 5 access to this globally popular software.

It seems like we have been waiting for Microsoft Office to arrive on iOS for a long time now and the wait is finally over. Following the unveiling of Apple’s iOS7 software at WWDC 2013 the company are currently dominating the news and the announcement of this popular package could not have come at a better time. This great new software is called Office Mobile which brings the iconic Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications to Apple’s own platform. Users can download the software for free, but they will need to subscribe to Office 365. Consumers simply need to go to the iTunes App Store to download. Some of the Office Mobile features are highlighted on the notes in the App Store . These state that the package has been adapted to work on a 4 inch screen such as that of the iPhone 5 and will feature full synchronisation with Skydrive and Sharepoint as is customary. Want more news on this story the visit http://appleiphonenews.co.uk/office-mobile-finally-arrives-for-ios-devices-like-the-iphone-5/

For those users that use the desktop version of the software, the new Office Mobile application for the iPhone 5 and other iOS devices will work alongside it seamlessly and it looks very impressive. This new software is integrated with Skydrive which means that the user can continue to read a document on their mobile phone on the same page that they left it on a desktop PC or their tablet. Once an online connection becomes available a clever offline editing mode will automatically sync with the cloud. The user will also be able to read, create and edit documents from practically anywhere thanks to a host of other features. This software has been a hit with users on their home computers and the developers will be hoping that the mobile version is also a success. The fact that the package is linked to a home subscription means that many consumers will be tempted by it. Uncover the cheapest iPhone5 UK deals here.

The Office Mobile app from Microsoft for iOS devices such as the iPhone 5 has finally arrived after months of speculation. This application offers the user many great features which have been specially adapted to use on a mobile handset.

Foxconn Profits Drop As iPhone 5 Demand Declines

The iPhone 5 was released late last year and has achieved great success. At over six months on the market there are signs of the demand for the device decreasing. Foxconn are the company that are responsible for manufacturing the iPhone 5 along with many other Apple products and due to the demand for the handset slowing down the manufacturer has recorded a drop in revenues for the the first quarter.

The drop in revenue that the Chinese manufacturer Foxconn are experiencing is being put down to the declining demand for the iPhone 5. It has been said by PC World that the company have registered a 19.2 per cent drop year on year in terms of revenue. The company analyst is putting the decline down to the fact that the iPhone 5 has not proved to be as popular as its predecessor and therefore, demand has started to decline. The part of Foxconn’s business that is responsible for Apple’s devices is Hon Hai Precision who have posted a revenue of £18 billion with a net profit increase of 8.4 per cent year on year. There are a large number of consumers that have chosen to purchase the new iPad Mini rather than the iPad which is both more expensive and profitable. This is another factor that has contributed to the decline. Click here for more iPhone 5 News

Foxconn are expected to also experience a poor second quarter according to an analyst. It was commented by Arthur Lia that “I also believe (Hon Hai’s) second quarter will be worse than the first quarter”. As a result of the increasing speculation that is surrounding the forthcoming iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6 interest in the current iPhone 5 is on the decline. We expect to see the iPhone 5S arrive this September and the iPhone 6 is rumoured to debut in early 2014. In the second quarter there are also some high profile devices that will rival the iPhone 5 in the form of the new Google Nexus 5 and in particular the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is predicted to become the best selling device in the world this year. These are sure to contribute to the predicted poor performance. Discover great iPhone 5 O2 deals here

Foxconn’s dramatic decline in revenue has mainly been put down to the drop in demand for the iPhone 5 although we expect that things will improve for the company when the new iPhone 5S is released.

The iPhone 5 Helps Apple App Store To Reach New Milestone

Some of the most popular mobile phones are produced by Apple which include the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S. As well as smartphones the company also produce a great range of iPad tablets devices and iPod handsets. It is this popularity which has helped the Apple App Store to reach a new impressive milestone of the 50 Billionth application being downloaded.

It was only in March last year that apple announced that they had registered over 25 billion downloads on the popular App Store and in just a short amount of time the company have now hit the 50 billion. This impressive milestone was reached just after the end of Google’s annual I/O event in a remarkable coincidence. The App store was first launched back in 2008 although the majority of downloads and according to 9to5Mac over one fifth of those downloads took place this year. The consumer who downloaded the 50 billionth application will be awarded with a gift card from Apple to the value of $10000 and 50 runners up will received gift cards with the value of $500. Click here for more iPhone 5 News

This recent increase in downloads shows us just how popular devices such as the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini have become. The 10 billion download mark was reached in March 2011. Just over a year later this figure had more than doubled when it reached 25 million downloads and this January the 40 billion mark had been reached. In just five months this means that there have been over 10 billion downloads. There are many devices that support Android as opposed to just a handful that are on iOS and when we compare Apple’s figures to those of the Google Android Platform which have just reached 48 billion, the figures are still impressive. Google Play store have just achieved over 2.5 billion in the last month which signifies a rise. Check out fantastic iPhone 5 offers here

The iPhone 5 and other Apple devices continue to gain popularity which is clearly illustrated by the recent 50 billion download milestone.

Repair Service Offered On Devices Like The iPhone 5 Set For A Change

The superb smartphones that Apple have produced is what they are best known for, but there is another aspect to the company that is a big attraction and that is the customer services that they provide. There is a chance, however that this area could be affected by the proposed changes that the company are set to make which include changes to how they deal with faulty devices.

Apple are looking to scale back their customer support program in the hope that it will save to company money. The company’s support system currently delivers a high level of customer satisfaction and these proposed changes sure to affect this. Apple Insider website have provided us with this latest news in which they report that the cupertino based company are to make changes to the service which provides replacement iPhone’s for faulty devices, known as Apple Care. Faulty handsets are currently replaced with a brand new or a refurbished device is the device is under warranty as per Apple’s policy. The proposed changes are to no longer replace the device, but to repair the customer’s handset instead. The replacement service provided by Apple is very appealing to consumers despite the fact that their latest device, the iPhone 5 being very reliable. Click here for more iPhone 5 News

Apple Insider have said that this proposed move was discussed at a meeting which was attended by Tara Bunch who is the Vice President of the company. The meeting agenda was to discuss the service options that are offered by the company and the mentioned changes are expected to take place from Autumn this year. Apple Care’s charging system is also set to change. At the moment consumers can subscribe for each device individually, however the new proposal is to cover all products with a single subscription. A large number of consumers own a variety of devices ranging from the new iPhone 5 to iPads and iPods, so this could prove to be a wise move by Apple. Compare iPhone 5 Contract prices here

Apple currently provide its consumers with an excellent walk in replacement for faulty handsets and it now looks like this service is to stop. From August the company will only offer to carry out repairs on the faulty device. Many rival manufacturers already follow this policy though it is expected that millions of consumers such as those that use the iPhone 5 will be disappointed.

Apple iPhone 5 Beats Samsung Galaxy S4 In Durability Test

In the consumer technology business, the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently the big news. Following months of eager anticipation, the handset was finally launched last week, and is fully expected to become the biggest selling smartphone of 2013.

Obviously, a number of people will be wondering whether the Galaxy S4 is better than the Apple iPhone 5. Personal preference will of course be one of the deciding factors which will answer this question, but in order to find out which handset is most durable, Apple Insider has recently reported on a test carried out between the two devices, along with Samsung’s 2012 flagship, the Galaxy S3.

Such tests are now commonplace, but many are rather unscientific in their approach. The majority are simply drop tests, but these are somewhat unfair in the majority of cases as they are simply dropped onto a hard surface, meaning that the devices may not hit the ground at the same angle. Visit our website for the latest iPhone 5 updates and cheap iPhone 5 contracts.

In this test though, carried out by Square Trade a specially designed device is used to ensure that all the phones hit the ground at the same time and the same angle. The test also saw the phones submerged in water and slid down an angles surface to see which phone’s casing had the most friction.

In the drop part of the test, the Apple iPhone 5 sustained the least damage. Unfortunately for the Galaxy S4, the screen was smashed, and the Galaxy S3 sustained similar damage to its display. The phones were also submerged in water, and the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 appear not to sustain any damage, but the audio completely stopped working on the Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is no doubt the most technologically advanced handset of the three, but it has faced some criticism due to the fact that Samsung uses a plastic casing, unlike the aluminium materials used on phones like the HTC One and of course the Apple iPhone 5.

The results of this test suggest that the Apple iPhone 5 is the most hardwearing device of the three, so would probably make a better choice if this is a concern to when choosing your next smartphone. There is of course much more to take into consideration when choosing, but the results of this test show the iPhone 5 is probably the most reliable.

Shipment Of 8 Million iPhones Returned To Foxconn After Failing To Meet Quality Standards

Apple’s iconic iPhone line remains one of the most popular smartphone brands on the market, despite increasingly impressive levels of competition from rival manufacturers and operating systems. Of course, the current iPhone 5 model remains one of the bestselling devices on the market, while older versions like the iPhone 4S continue to sell well.

Of course, it is now a well known fact that Apple outsources the majority of production of its mobile devices like iPhones and iPads, with Foxconn, a China based manufacturer assembling virtually all of Apple’s mobile devices at its manufacturing plants.

While Apple and Foxconn have been in business for many years, it appears that Apple has recently returned a shipment of up to 8 million iPhones to Foxconn, Slash Gear reports. The website explains that the reason for this is that the phones failed to pass Apple’s quality control tests, and could potentially cost Foxconn as much as $1.6 billion. It is currently unclear which iPhone models these were, but it is more than likely that they were iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S models, as these are currently the only models still in production, and it is unlikely that they were upcoming devices like the iPhone 5S given the size of the shipment. Visit our website for the latest news on the iPhone 5 and compare iPhone 5 offers.

Slash Gear reports that because such a high number of iPhones were returned to Foxconn, this may lead to some stock shortages over the coming weeks in some markets. However, this is unlikely to affect customers on the whole, as demand for iPhones is rarely at its highest at this time of year. While the returned iPhones will be bad news for Foxconn, it clearly demonstrates that Apple is committed to ensuring the highest quality standards for its products, which will surely help gain confidence with consumers.

If we hear of any further news regarding this story, we will be sure to keep you posted. Do you think that this will lead to stock shortages? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

Apple iPhone 5 Prices Cut By UK Networks Ahead Of Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is scheduled to be launched in a matter of days, following months of speculation and eager anticipation. The phone is likely to be even more popular than its 2012 predecessor, the Galaxy S3 which was the biggest selling smartphone model of the year.

The Galaxy S4 was recently unveiled in New York, and boasts one of the most advanced spec lists seen on any smartphone model to date. Of course, such high-end features mean that the Galaxy S4 comes with a hefty price tag, meaning some people will be searching for a more affordable alternative. Of course, the Apple iPhone 5 is likely to be one of the biggest competitors to the Galaxy S4, and in order to provide a cheaper alternative, uSwitch has reported that UK networks EE, Orange and T-Mobile have recently reduced the price of some of their iPhone 5 contract deals.

The website reports that EE has halved the price of the upfront payment of the iPhone 5 handset on one of its popular deals. The handset will now cost £49.00 per month on its £36.00 per month deal, which includes unlimited talk time and text messages, along with a generous 500 MB of 4G data usage per month. Visit our website for more details on the iPhone 5 and compare iPhone 5 contracts.

Orange has also reduced the cost of the handset on one of its iPhone 5 contracts. The handset itself will now cost £49.99, which is a reduction of £20.00 from its previous price. This also applies to the £36.00 per month contract, which includes unlimited text messages and phone calls along with a generous 1 GB of data on the network’s 3G coverage. Finally, T-Mobile has also reduced the cost of the iPhone 5 handset by £20.00 (so it will now cost £69.99) on its popular Full Monty plan, which again includes unlimited text messages and calls, plus unlimited data usage on its 3G network.

However, the networks are only offering these deals until the end of April, which is just a few days after the scheduled launch date and the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is set to hit the market on April 26th. If you have been thinking about getting your hands on the Apple iPhone 5, now is the perfect time to grab a bargain.