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New Large Screened HTC One Max Model Set For A Q3 Release

The HTC One has given the Taiwanese manufacturers great success, therefore it is no surprise that we are now seeing variations of the device being produced. The HTC One Mini was officially unveiled last week and now it appears that we will soon see a larger screened version called the HTC One Max arrive.

It looks as though we will soon see HTC enter phablet territory for the first time with the introduction of the new HTC One Max device. Recent reports suggest that we may see this exciting new device arrive as early as September. Mobile Geeks has spoked to a source that is said to be close to this matter who has commented that we are likely to see a launch in early September which will be ahead of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The Note 3 in the new One Max’s closest competition. The launch for the Galaxy Note 3 is pencilled in for the first few days of September, so we may see the new HTC device arrive in August should this report prove to be correct.

In terms of the specification that we will see offered by the HTC One Max, we are set to see one of the most advanced smartphones available. The stand out feature offered by this handset is the large display with is said to measure 5.9 inches and boasts Full HD 1080P resolution. Set to be incorporated on this device is the brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor which will be clocked at 2.3Ghz and also on board will be quad cores to deliver excellent multitasking. It is not yet clear whether we will see the device offer stylus support. Previous tablet devices from HTC have used the technology and it would be beneficial for such a feature to be included due to the size of the display as well as ensuring that the new Max would be able to compete with the likes of the new Galaxy Note 3 which incorporates Samsung’s own S pen. Get the best HTC One SIM Free prices here

We are set to see the arrival of another variation of the popular HTC One smartphone. Tipped to arrive in the third quarter is the HTC One Max which will offer users the best mobile technology around.

The HTC One Mini-HTC Reveal Their Eagerly Awaited New Mid Range Device

We have been hearing lots of reports regarding HTC and their forthcoming launch of the new HTC One Mini device which has been designed to take on the likes of the recently released Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. We are now able to put this speculation to one side as this exciting new phone has been officially announced.

This August we can expect to see the new HTC One Mini arrive and the speculation that the model will offer seems to be the same as that which was suggested in many leaked reports that we have seen ahead of its launch. This new handset is the flagship HTC One device’s baby brother and the company have pinned a lot of hopes on the model for 2013. HTC’s CEO commented that the new model is the “the market-leading smartphone and the HTC One Mini has become part of the best smartphone family in the world’.

As is to be expected the new Mini will offer a smaller display than the HTC One, which measures 4.3 inches and has a lower resolution of 720P. There is however an identical camera facility on board that will allow the user to capture images at a resolution of 4 Ultra Pixels which is accompanied by the HTC Zoe imaging software. This great camera facility will capture 300 times more light than a traditional snapper which means that it will excel in even the poorest of lighting conditions. The new Blinkfeed UI software has also been included which presents a range of social networking content directly onto the homescreen of the phone. The device is powered by a dual core Snapdragon 400 processor that has been clocked at 1.4Ghz and there is also 1GB of RAM incorporated. There is also 16GB of internal storage capacity. Check out the most competitive HTC One online offers

There have been many reports surrounding the new HTC One Mini and now the eagerly awaited device has been officially announced. The model is expected to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini as they both sit at the middle of the smartphone market.

The HTC One S-Android 4.2 Update Under Consideration

Just last week we reported on a petition that had been filed by a disgruntled HTC One S user that was annoyed at the fact that there would be now Android 4.2 update made available to them. it seems that the said petition may have had the desired effect as HTC are said to now be considering rolling out the new update to users of this model.

This information has come from a company source at HTC that has commented that the company are looking into releasing a new Android update for the HTC One S following on from them revealing that the latest version of the popular operating System would not be made available on this model. Last week we saw a petition filed on Change.org which asked the company to think again about their decision not to make the new update available to users of the One S. Know Your Mobile which is a leading tech site has received contact from Dylan Richards, who is the creator of the petition. He advised that he had received word from a supporter that is said to have actually spoken to HTC representatives.

The role of the said spokesperson at HTC has not been made clear, however they have said that the exact update schedule has not yet been confirmed and went on to ask the supporter to check both the Facebook and Twitter pages for more information on the matter. When the spokesperson was pushed further they commented that “We are waiting for an final information from our specialist department. So I cannot say you anything about this case. Please wait for a few time [sic], so we can tell you more about this”. This is far from being concrete confirmation that the update is coming to the HTC One S, but it is also far from a definite no which we were hearing on this year. The petition set out to get 5000 signatures and this number is currently sitting at 4943, so this is not far off their goal. See how deals For the HTC One S shape up

The HTc One S is a very popular device and it has come as no great surprise that users of the model were annoyed at the news that they would not be receiving the latest Android update. It now seems, however that HTC are reconsidering their decision.

New HTC One Mini Handset Ready For An Imminent Release

It was not long after Samsung made the announcement that they would be releasing a Mini version of their best selling Galaxy S4 that we began to hear rumours surrounding a similar device from rival manufacturer HTC. The company are said to be hard at work producing a miniature of their own in the form of the HTC One Mini. There have been many reports about this new device and the most recent of those suggest that we will see the device arrive during this year’s third quarter.

Following new reports that suggest we will see the new Mini version of the HTC One arriving over the coming weeks we now believe that this is indeed a strong possibility. The report comes courtesy of Digitimes who say that they have obtained this information via “Taiwan based supply chain makers”. This source has claimed that we will see the model released at around the same time as the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Shortly afterwards we are likely to see another budget version of a premium device arrive in the form of the iPhone Light from Apple. Click here for more information on this breaking story

In order to enable the device to market at a more attractive price the new model will not only be smaller in size to the original HTC One, but it will also offer more modest specification. The model is still set to boast the same metallic design as its big brother however which is perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of the phone. The HTC One Mini is also said to offer the same 4 ultra pixel camera set up that can be found featured on the flagship device. The new phone will include a 4.3 inch screen capable of producing 720P resolution instead of the 4.7 inch Full HD display which can be found on the original. Recent reports also suggest that we will see a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processing chip clocked at 1.4Ghz on board and also 16GB of storage. Visit our site for the best HTC One packages http://www.phoneslimited.co.uk/HTC/One.html

Speculation surrounding the introduction of the new HTC One Mini is increasing and it looks likely that we will see the model arrive later this summer which is when we will also see other rival miniature smartphones released.

HTC One Responsible For A Big Boost In HTC Sales Performance

It has been a difficult couple of years for HTC due to falling profits and also Samsung overtaking them as the leading manufacturer of Android smartphones. The second quarter figures have now been released and it seems that things are improving following the introduction of some impressive new devices including the HTC One.

The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC only just managed to generate a profit in the first quarter of this year, however things have dramatically improved for the second quarter. The preliminary second quarter earnings for the company have now been released and according to Reuters news agency the revenue that have been achieved is £1.56 billion. Executives and shareholders will be more interested in the profit figures and during the period the company manages £27.6 million after tax. This is a huge improvement on the first quarter results of £1.84 million. The release of the HTC One as the flagship Android smartphone from the manufacturer is behind this upturn in fortune. Now that the Samsung Galaxy S4 and also a number of variants of the device have been released it will be interesting to see how the third quarter figures compare.

It has been predicted by some analysts that HTC will be slightly disappointed by these figures. It is usually the case that when a new model is launched the majority of sales will occur during the first month following its release, so it is likely that we will see the third quarter results looking very similar to the first. The manufacturer has some new devices that are set to be released over coming weeks and months and they will be hoping that they bring with them good fortune. The forthcoming models include the new HTC One Mini, a miniature version of their flagship phone which offers more modest specification to its big brother and also a new phablet model which will boast a 6 inch display and is expected to be called the HTC One Max. All the best prices for Red, Silver and Black HTCOne models here

The HTC One is a great device and has helped the company to boost its profits over the second quarter of the year.The company will now be hoping that this success will continue over the coming months.

New Variations On The HTC One Tipped For Release Soon

Since it was introduced earlier this year the HTC One smartphone has been a very popular device and it now seems that HTC have chosen to follow in Samsung’s footsteps by preparing to introduce some new variations of the impressive device. The HTC One Mini has been mentioned in many reports recently and some new information has now emerged on the device. O2 in Germany have dropped the name of HTC One Max when referring the new larger screened variation of the model.

The HTC One Mini has been mentioned in many reports that have appear online along with several pictures and now Smartnews, the Bulgarian website has posted another report. Even though the report was removed shortly after is was posted there was still enough time to get an idea of what to expect from the miniature version of the HTC One. The post was accompanied by a picture which showed a black device and it was also mentioned that there would be a silver version of the device made available. The design of the model will be the same as that offered by the flagship model and will sport a smaller 4.3 inch display with resolution of 720P. There were no details given in terms of the processing power that would be on offer, however the report did state that the model would be “fast”. It was also said that the photo quality will be impressive which will not come as much of a surprise as the model is expected to include the same 4 ultra pixel camera as the HTC One.

There are documents that have been leaked by O2 in Germany that mention the name HTC One Mini which suggests to us that the model is expected to arrive in the near future. What surprised us most was the mention of a device called the HTC One Max. It is believed that this device was originally known as the HTC M6 which will sit at the opposite end of the scale as a larger screened device boasting a display measuring 6 inches. HTC may be attempting to compete with the like of the Galaxy Note range from Samsung. The only details that we have on the large screened device is that it will feature 1080P resolution and a powerful quad core processor. All the best HTC One deals at our extensive website http://www.phoneslimited.co.uk/HTC/One.html

The HTC One is a great device which continues to sell well and it seems that we will soon see both a smaller and a larger version of the model arriving soon.

New Android Coming To The HTC One But No Dates Are Being Divulged

One of the most popular devices currently on the market is the HTC One which boasts not only superb specification, but also a stylish design. We have not seen a new report that gives us more details about the forthcoming Android 4.2.2 update for the new device, however we have not yet been given a release date for this new software.

The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has spoken about the new Android 4.2.2 update for their flagship HTC One model. This suggests that the new package is soon to arrive however we have not yet been given an exact date for when the update will become available. When HTC spoke to Tech site Endgadget the company would not give a specific date for the new platform which is sure to frustrate users of the device. The HTC One has been on the market for several months now and the delay in receiving a new update for the model is becoming an annoyance to many users.

HTC have begun to get reputation for being slow at rolling out their software updates for their models. There are some models that are running the 4.2.2 version of Android software, but none of those are HTC devices. It has been said that the reason for this delay is down to the brand new Sense user interface that was introduced on the HTC One. To ensure that the new version of Android works seamlessly with features on the interface, such as Blinkfeed and HTC Zoe, the software has had to be completely customised. As soon as we hear any news regarding the release of this update, we will be sure to pass on the information. Take a look at our HTCOne Three network packages

The HTC One is currently one of the leading handsets on the market, however many users are getting frustrated while wait for a new Android update to be made available to them. Recent news tells us that the update is in the pipeline, however there will still be a bit of a wait.

New iOS7 Themed Skin Developed For Android Handsets Like The HTC One

Just a few days ago the new iOS7 operating system was unveiled at Apple’s annual WWDC event but already an Android developer has created a new skin for models such as the HTC One that seems to look very similar to Apple’s new redesigned platform.

At WWDC 2013 the new iOS7 platform was launched along with the iRadio and OS X Maverick systems. There have been many new introductions, however it is the new iOS7 that is getting all of the attention thanks to its design overhaul courtesy of renowned designer Sir Jony Ive. The new platform has been getting a lot of stick following its introduction from some industry experts however. Some have accused Apple of using a number of elements that closely resemble those included in Google’s popular Android platform. Putting this criticism to one side, the new platform has impressed experts with the new features that are on offer. Users of Apple devices will see the new iOS7 arrive in Autumn, however Android users can get their hands on a new themed skin now in the form of iOS7 but working with the popular Android format.

This brand new theme that users of devices such as the HTC One is called jbOS7 which seems to be a hint that it is a clone of the latest software from Apple. The tech site CNET have said that the name of the designer is Shmogt and this designer has reportedly used custom icons along with TeslaCoil Software’s Nova Launcher homescreen replacement software. A snippet of an email from Shmogt read “It is more than just a background image with some icons”. “The theme also has a lock screen as well as two additional screens that act as apps. For example, you press the weather icon and it takes you to the weather screen I designed rather than open the weather app. I tried to add as much iOS 7 feel as possible”. There are screenshots of the new skin in which it is clear to see that jbOS7 looks remarkably similar to the new iOS7 including the fonts, icons and even some apps. Find fantastic HTC One savings and promotions here

Apple users still have a while longer to wait for the arrival of the new iOS7 software, but Android users with devices such as the HTC One can get an Android alternative right now.

New Leak Reveals That We May Soon Welcome A Mini HTC One Handset

At the beginning of this month we heard reports that the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC will be launching a miniature version of their popular HTC One model with the attention to compete with the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Details have now been leaked which give us an idea of the screen which will be offered by the new model as well as confirming the name of the new device.

It is normal for us to see many leaks relating to a potential smartphone release and this latest one appears to be much more genuine than others that we have seen. This latest leak relates to the new HTC One Mini device and it came courtesy of a User Agent Profile on the official HTC website. This is as good as an official confirmation of a new device and we expect to see the new model launched this summer. The model was previously referred to as the HTC M4 and is a compact and more affordable version of the company’s popular HTC One flagship device which has achieved over 5 million units sold in just a short period of time.

This latest leak confirms some of the rumours surrounding this new model including those regarding the type of display we will see the model boast. It looks as though the handset will feature a lower resolution of 1280 x 720 than its big brother. This will not come as much of a surprise as the company have produced the new model with the intention to appeal to consumers looking for a cheaper model. The display will measure 4.3 inches and will be accompanied by a 1.4Ghz dual core processor. The model has not been completely scaled down however as we will still see the same premium metallic design featured that can be found on the original and higher priced version. The HTC One currently has some competitive prices available.

The HTC One has become a very popular model and the introduction of the Mini version is sure to appeal to consumers looking for an attractive device with a slightly lower specification and a lower price tag.

Pricing And Images Leaked For New Miniature HTC One Handset

It was earlier this week that we first heard that HTC may be launching a mini version of their popular HTC One handset. We now believe that these early reports are in fact correct as we have now seen leaked images of the new device and pricing details have also be divulged.

The new images that have popped up online show us the forthcoming HTC One Mini sitting alongside the Korean manufacturer’s flagship model, the HTC One. Estonian tech site Forte posted the images in which you can see a new black device sitting beside the white version of its bigger brother. The first thing that we noticed from these new pictures is that there is not a great deal of size difference between the two models. The displays do not have as much of a size difference between them as that which is found on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the S4 Mini. The new variation of the model has a screen which measures 4.3 inches and the original version has a slightly larger 4.7 inch display. The resolution that the One Mini offers is 720P which is lower than the 1080P boasted by the more premium version. Further HTC pricing releases here

This new petite version of the HTC One flagship device will come with a lower price tag that the larger equivalent and this is due to the specification on the device being lower, however consumers will not be disappointed by the design as the new model looks set to offer the same premium styling. What this means is that the One Mini will also sport the same 4 Ultra Pixel camera facility as well as an Aluminium constructed chassis. This new mobile phone is also rumoured to boast 2GB of RAM and a dual core Snapdragon processor. We expect to see this great new model hit the shelves this August priced at around £340 SIM free.

Now that we have seen the first leaked images of the HTC One Mini its release looks like a certainty. Consumers are likely to be drawn the impressive specification that the model offers as well as its premium build quality.