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Sep 5th, 2012 | By phoneslimited

Awhile back, HTC Announced that they will be pushing out an OS update for the HTC One X, and it did happen. It was meant to improve the HTC One X and its overall OS capabilities. The Ice Cream Sandwich OS has been making its way to a lot of handsets including the HTC One
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HTC One X And ICS Update

Aug 29th, 2012 | By phoneslimited

If you are worried about the HTC One X’s capacitive button layout being jarred by its Android 4.0.4 update just like what happened on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, then wait until you hear the good news from HTC. HTC launched and updated version of the Android 4.0.4 and it allows HTC users to map menu
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We Look At The New Sense UI Update For The HTC One X

Aug 16th, 2012 | By phoneslimited

The HTC One X is one of the leading mobile phones that are currently available. This smartphone offers some fantastic features and impressive software. The Sense user interface offers users a smooth experience and there will be an update of this software available very soon.
Android smartphones by HTC provide users with a superb Sense user
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Taiwan’s Top Bankers Advises Government To Help HTC

Aug 14th, 2012 | By phoneslimited

Even if HTC has seen its better days it still is experience nothing but hard times when it comes to convincing people to choose their products over Samsung’s. Even if the HTC One X is such a great handset, it is not enough for HTC to earn that much from it. HTC’s situation is worsening
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Making The Most of The HTC One X Battery

Aug 13th, 2012 | By phoneslimited

One of the leading smartphones currently available with lots of great features is the HTC One X. However the battery life of a phone can often be affected when there are lots of facilities available. This is an area that can let this handset down so we have some great tips for consumers to help
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The Impressive Internet Browser Offered On The HTC One X

Aug 13th, 2012 | By phoneslimited

The HTC One X boasts amazing web browsing features along with many other attractive features. The mobile phone comes with built in native Android browser which works brilliantly however there are ways to make browsing an even better experience by downloading additional software.
The best web browser for the HTC One X is the excellent Dolphin
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Faster And New UI On The HTC One X

Aug 6th, 2012 | By phoneslimited

The new HTC ROM delivers 20% performance boost on the HTC One X. This is backed up by the results produced before and after the ROM’s installation in the Quadrant benchmark tool via the Google Play store. The New HTC Sense 4.1 scored an impressive 5900+ in the said Quadrant benchmark as opposed to the
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HTC Announced The Jelly Bean Update For HTC One X And One S

Jul 23rd, 2012 | By phoneslimited

Famous Tech new site CNET Uk confirmed with Taiwanese Tech Giant HTC about the Jelly Bean update landing on its current flagship the HTC One X and its sibling the HTC One S. HTC told CNET the following: “We know HTC fans are excited to get their hands on Google’s latest version of Android.
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One X And Android 4.1.1

Jul 17th, 2012 | By phoneslimited

We all know that the release of the latest Android OS has been out. With this, Android Jelly Bean source code is also out now. Developers have found a way to port the said new Android OS Software through a plethora of devices in a very short span of time. Last June, the Android 4.1
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HTC One X – WiFi iPhone 4 like Death Grip This Is According To Users

Jun 15th, 2012 | By phoneslimited

Stylish and epitome of cool, this is what the HTC One X is all about. According to HTC One X users, the phone’s design is impeding their ability to easily connect to Wi-Fi. Dustin Kames of Android Guys reported that Xda-Developers members called bigoliver found that the HTC One X is prone to have Wi-Fi
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