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Samsung Galaxy Note 2-New Android Update Cancelled For This Device

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is fast approaching its first birthday and the device still remains one of the most popular smartphones around. This week news was released relating the the new Android updates that are being released for the handset and millions of user of this great phone will be left disappointed.

It has been said in new reports that Samsung have cancelled the scheduled Android 4.2.2 update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Australian network provider Telstra have provided this news and have commented that the global update would not be made available to users of the Note 2. An update schedule has recently been released by Samsung that also shows that the same update for the Galaxy S4 has also been delayed and that the testing process has only just begun for this phone. The update is now set to arrive on the 19th of August. It was rumoured earlier this week that the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 updates have been put back until later on in the year and now it appears that the users will not be getting the latest software at all.

The Android 4.2.2 is made up from a host of fixes and improvements which included a fix for Bluetooth audio streaming and also performance enhancements. Users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have not only had bad news as it has been suggested by some insiders that Samsung may choose to go straight to the Android 4.3 software. Consumers may still have a lengthy wait on their hands however as there has not yet been a release date for the new package confirmed. Version 4.3 is set to bring with is a range of improvements which include a new notifications system that will enable app developers to integrate it with their software, a new user interface for the camera facility and also improved gaming graphics. Click here for a range of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 offers

The 4.2.2 software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been cancelled which will come as a disappointment to many users of the device, but there is a chance that Samsung may opt to roll out version 4.3 soon after its launch.

The New Samsung Galaxy Note 3 May Feature a 5.7 Inch Super AMOLED Display

There have been some reports recently that have given mixed stories about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that is due to arrive in September. All of these reports, however do have one thing in common and that is that they state that the model will boast a large 5.9 inch display. Contrary to this we have now heard that sources in Korea are stating that the new phone will offer a smaller screen that we are expecting.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will arrive sporting a display that measures 5.7 inches in size according to Korean news sources. This recent piece of news comes courtesy of the Korean Herald and these details are said to come from the publications own sources as well as Samsung insiders. This reports also suggests that we will see the new device incorporate Super AMOLED screen technology and that we will see the new Note 3 launched at IFA 2013. This contradicts earlier rumours which stated that we would see the device unveiled ahead of the IFA at its own unpacked event. This rumour could indeed be correct as the unpacked event takes place in the same city as IFA just two days prior, so the new model could realistically be on show for the duration of the IFA following its unveiling.

If the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is to sport the rumoured 5.7 inch display then this will bring the model closer to the Galaxy Note 2 which boasts a 5.5 inch screen rather than edging nearer to the 6 inch mark. This is sure to appeal to consumers that believe that a 6 inch screen would make the device impractical. Consumers should also bear in mind that just a few weeks ago we saw the South Korean manufacturers launch their Galaxy Mega 6.3 model which sports a huge 6.3 inch display, so those that are looking for a larger screened device can opt for this model. We will find out if these latest reports are indeed correct in September. Check us out for the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 offers http://www.phoneslimited.co.uk/Samsung/Galaxy+Note+3.html

Set to be the new premium smartphone to be launched by Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and recent reports suggest that a 5.7 inch screen will be featured and the device will be launched at IFA 2013.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini And Mega 6.3 Hit Shelves In The UK

Over recent weeks there has been a lot of speculation surrounding new Samsung smartphones that are set to be launched including several different variations of the popular S4 model and also some new phablet sized handsets. Two of the models that we have been hearing so much about have now gone on sale in the UK, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the Galaxy Mega 6.3.

One online retailer in the UK are offering SIM free versions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the Galaxy Mega 6.3. These are the first two of a number of new devices from Samsung that we are expecting to arrive over the next few weeks. The new Galaxy S4 Mini is a miniature version of the company’s best selling Galaxy S4 and is available at a price of £389.99 and consumers will have a choice of a black or a white variant. The large screened Galaxy Mega 6.3 has been designed as a more affordable version of the popular Galaxy Note and will set you back £434.99. The Mega 6.3 will also be available in both black and white variants. Check out our website for the latest news on these releases http://samsunggalaxynews.co.uk/the-samsung-galaxy-s4-mini-and-the-mega-6-3-now-available-in-the-uk/

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is not only a smaller version of the Galaxy S4 it also more modest specification than its big brother which enables the model to have a lower price tag. The model boasts a 4.3 inch 960 x 540 display that offers a qHD resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. The S4 Mini will come complete with Android version 4.2.2 and is powered by a dual core processor clocked at 1.7Ghz. On board the new Galaxy Mega 6.3 is a 6.3 inch display as its name suggests although the size of the screen may be too large to be classified as a traditional phone by some consumers. The large screen will boast resolution of 720P and there is a dual core Snapdragon 400 processor chip on board that will ensure that performance speeds are at a fast pace. We have not yet had confirmation of the models network availability so those consumers that are eager to get their hands on either of these new models will have to buy a SIM free version. Find prices for all new Samsung handsets here

The first of a new generation of Samsung devices to hit the shelves are the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the Galaxy Mega 6.3. For those consumers that are looking for a mid range device the S4 Mini is sure to be a hit while the Mega 6.3 offers an affordable route into the traditionally expensive Phablet market.

Lower Than Anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales Results In The Company Missing Q2 Targets

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has achieved outstanding sales figures, but despite this it seems that the South Korean manufacturers have sold less of the device than was first expected. A recent report suggests that this has lead to the company missing their targets for this year’s second quarter.

Samsung’s target for the second quarter has not been met due to less copies of the Samsung Galaxy S4 being sold than was first expected. During the period the operating income generated by Samsung was £5.5 billion, however the estimated prediction was £5.8 billion. Jung Sang-jin who is a fund manager at Dongbu Asset Management who own Samsung shares spoke to Times of India and commented “Is Samsung’s smartphone story now over? Not quite yet. It’s growth is indeed slowing due largely to disappointing sales of the S4. Yet I think Samsung has some exciting stuff up its sleeves. The problem is no one is sure whether these products can really wow investors and consumers”.

Even though Samsung generated a lower income than expected for Q2 they did however register a growth in sales when compares to the first quarter. A figure of £33 billion was registered in the second quarter compared to the first three months in the year when the company achieved a figure of £27 billion, even though these figures seem impressive, they are not what the company had expected. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was predicted to become the company’s best selling smartphone to date when the device was first released. Since the phone hit the shelves there has been a whole range of variants release and each one is aimed at a different type of consumer. This could be the lower than expected sales figures achieved by the flagship model. Set to join the new variants is a Qualcomm 800 version of the S4 and the new Nexus edition of the device has already hit in the US. All of these variations are sure to have an effect of the sales figures for the company’s flagship smartphone. Want GalaxyS4 mouthwatering deals then click here

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is without doubt a very popular model, however it seems that the company over estimated its popularity which has resulted in the company failing to meet recent targets.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Breaks The 20 Million Sales Mark

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched back in April and has proven to be a huge success although we are now hearing rumours that there has been a drop in demand for the device. Latest sales figures, however show that sales figures are still very impressive.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched just two months ago and the device is still well on target to becoming the most popular smartphone release to date by the South Korean manufacturers. This superb device has sold over 20 million units so far. We have begun to hear speculation that the sales figures for the S4 are less that what was initially expected which has lead to a decrease in its production, however the phone continues to sell well and has achieved better sales figures than its predecessor in a shorter period of time. J.K Shin, the CEO of Samsung is said to have reported the 20 million figure to Korean news sources and went on to comment that this figure was reached by the end of June. Last year it took the Galaxy S3 model three months to achieve this figure.

It is believed that the reason behind the models popularity is the range of innovative new features that it has to offer. Offered by the device are items such as Smart Pause which will detect when the user is no longer looking at the screen and will pause playback. The model also boasts Smart Scroll which uses similar eye tracking technology to automatically scroll the page. The Galaxy S4 also offers users a high quality 5 inch Super AMOLED screen that is capable of displaying a resolution of 1080P. Other specification includes a powerful quad core processor and a super camera which will deliver 1080P video and also 13 megapixel still images. All of these elements are why the handset has become such a hit with consumers worldwide. Check out our website for the best Samsung Galaxy S4 offers http://www.phoneslimited.co.uk/Samsung/Galaxy+S4.html

Despite reports suggesting that sales of the impressive Samsung Galaxy S4 are lower than expect, the model continues to sell well and edge closer to becoming Samsung’s best selling smartphone to date.

Samsung Finally Announce The Arrival Of The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Ever since the launch of the Galaxy S4 back in April we have been hearing rumours about a variant of the model known as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. Samsung held their Galaxy & Ativ event recently and they kicked off the event by unveiling the new eagerly awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has been designed as a more rugged version of the popular S4 that will keep up with some of the most Active users around. This new model is possibly the most exciting model to be released by the company over recent months, so it was no surprise that the Korean manufacturers decided to start the Galaxy and Ativ event with this new device. Jason Bradbury from the television programme The Gadget Show introduced the audience to the new model. No time was wasted and Jason began the presentation by submerging the water resistant model into water and taking photos of the audience. Over the past few weeks there have been many reports about the new S4 Active, so there was not much that we did not already know.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active offers impressive operating speeds thanks to its Qualcomm 600 chipset setup that comprises of a 1.9Ghz Krait processing chip and an Adreno 320 graphics processing unit. There is a 5 inch TFT display on board that offers 1080P resolution and a pixel density of 441PPI. The standout feature of this new model is its excellent durability which makes it a great choice for even the most extreme of sportspeople. The new S4 active offers water resistance of up to depths of 1 metre which can be sustained for up to 30 minutes of time. The phone is also dust resistant making it a great choice for those consumers that enjoy outdoor activities. Despite the camera department offering a lower 8 megapixel resolution than the original S4, this is made up for by the ability of being able to capture images while the phone is submerged under water. All the best Galaxy S4 Samsung information in one place

Set to go on sale later this summer is the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active which will be available to consumers in a variety of vibrant colour options.

Intriguing Leaked Image Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Posted On Twitter

Over the past few weeks Samsung have dominated mobile news following the release of their Galaxy S4 device and the potential release of a number of variants. The South Korean manufacturers will turn their attentions to their next premium model in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as we move through the summer months. On a leading social networking site images have emerged that are said to be that of the next exciting model to be released by Samsung.

The popular micro blogging site Twitter has posted a new image that is said to show the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which will become the third generation of the popular Note device. This model is due to arrive later this year. Unfortunately we can not see the whole of the device in this image and we are only getting a glimpse of the top right hand corner. We can see that the new device will boast an almost invisible bezel which suggests that the screen will dominate the fascia of the phone. Another aspect which strikes us from this picture is that the new Note 3 sports a more angular design than that of its predecessor.

Prior to this new image being leaked it was suggested that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would boast a 5.9 inch display. The report that accompanies this latest images states that the chassis of this model will measure 6 inches and that the screen accounts for around 84 per cent of that area. This suggests to us that the first reports that said that the screen should measure 5.9 inches do not seem to be far wide of the mark. Unfortunately we will have to wait until September to find out whether these reports are indeed correct. The unveiling is due to take place at the IFA event which will be held in Berlin. Check out Galaxy Note 3 lowest prices on Phones Limited

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the device which will follow the Galaxy S4. The model is set to sport a large screen and a more angular design than seen on previous models in the range.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active-First Snaps Of Blue Model Appear

This year has given us a mobile device which has proven to be a hit with consumers. A phenomenal number of Samsung Galaxy S4 devices have been sold in just a couple of months following its release. Following the success of this model Samsung are keen to use the device’s popularity to their advantage by launching several variants of the S4. The Galaxy S4 Active has just been confirmed by the company and in recent days we have seen images of a new colour variant of the model.

Following the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its impressive popularity with consumers we have been hearing that we will be treated to various variations of the of the model. The first model to be confirmed was the Galaxy S4 Mini and the South Korean manufacturers have recently confirmed that the new Galaxy S4 Active will be arriving shortly. This new model was first shown in a bright orange colour which appealed to some, but was too garish for many consumers. Now we have seen new images leaked which show the model in an eye catching but less adventurous blue finish. Sources say that this new colour is called Artic Blue although some reports suggest that the official name is Dive Blue. We are expecting to see this attractive blue model to arrive alongside the orange device and the more subdued Urban Grey handset during the third quarter.

The new blue variation of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active will offer the same design as the other colours which means that the device will still have elements of black in its design thanks to the bumpers found at the top and bottom edge of the chassis. These bumpers give the device extra durability as does it IP67 certification which means that the handset is both dust and water resistant. The new Active has been designed to be more rugged than the original S4 and there are also some other differences between the two models. The new S4 active sports an 8 mega pixel camera and an LCD display rather than the 13 mega pixel snapper and a Super AMOLED screen that is found on the original. Some consumers may be concerned by this but the fact that the Active can capture images under water and the display can also be used while submerged makes up for this. We have a great range of Samsung S4 online prices on our website.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is expected to arrive during the third quarter of the year alongside the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. It seems that consumers can chose from three different colour variations.

New Super Fast Version Of The Samsung Galaxy S4 Set For The UK

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently the best selling smartphone of 2013 which is thanks to a huge 10 million sales in the first four weeks following the model’s launch. Reports now suggest that the Korean manufacturers plan to release a new version of this popular phone which will boast data transfer speeds which are nearly double that offered by the original handset.

The South Korea based technology firm, Samsung have just confirmed that they will be releasing a new version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S4 here in the UK before the end of June followed by other regions across the world. Talks are currently underway with a number of overseas carriers about potentially stocking the new device. The boss of mobile business at Samsung, JK Shin has confirmed that the UK will be “the first with the commercial launch of the advanced 4G version of the smartphone”. The original S4 can benefit from connecting to 4G LTE networks to gain faster speeds than that offered by connecting to 3G, however this new model will take advantage of an upgrade of the standard service called LTE Advanced 4G. This new technology boasts data transfer speeds that are double that currently offered by the standard 4G service.

This new advanced version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be powered by renowned Qualcomm processors which still sporting the same specification offered by the original model. Recently shares in the company have lost £12 billion after industry forecasters cut predictions on potential S4 sales by as much as thirty per cent due to the high end smartphone market reaching saturation point, so this announcement could not have come at a better time for Samsung. This issue has also affected the company’s main rival Apple and their iPhone 5 sales. Samsung are hoping that the introduction of a number of variations of the popular S4, including the Galaxy S4 Mini and Active will give sales a boost to help the company to maintain their market dominance. Get EE and O2 GalaxyS4 special offers here

Before the end of June here in the UK consumers will be able to get their hands on the new advanced 4G version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S4 device which brings with it data transfer speeds that are much faster than that offered by the original.

More Information Emerges On The New Samsung Galaxy S4 Software Update

This week we have been reporting on a new update for the Samsung Galaxy S4 which frees up some more internal storage on the handset. The S4 is already a very popular model, however it does have its issues and we have now receieved more information of what this update will offer the user.

The over the air update for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to address a number of issues with the device as well as freeing up internal storage which due to the software on board is much needed. The new update was also expected to correct the problem that users have faced regarding blurred content, however some industry insiders have seen the update and have advised that the blurring problem is still present. Users will be able to take more advantage of the micro SD card slot thanks to a useful new addition. This will ease the burden that is currently placed on the internal storage. When downloading an application the user can choose to store it on the the micro SD card rather than storing it internally. This could prove to be a valuable improvement to consumers as the device can take cards upto 32GB in size which would help with the current problem with the internal storage. An in depth look at the Galaxy S4 software update

The interface of the phone will also get a modification with the new update. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a new status bar following the update as well as a number of new icons in the Settings menu. There is also a new screen mode that which has been introduced by the Korean manufacturers which will increase the legibility of text and images when they appears on the screen. The 4G LTE device will be the first to receive this new update and users of the Exynos version will have a little longer to wait because it is currently only available to those devices which run on Snapdragon quad core chipset. Take a look at 4G LTE comparisons for the Samsung S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently one of the most popular devices around and the release of a new update for the model will bring with it more storage space as well as other new elements.