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The Samsung Galaxy Note-Alternatives To The Native Calendar App

Sep 2nd, 2012 | By phoneslimited

The Samsung Galaxy Note is the perfect device for modern consumers which can perform a multitude of different tasks. One area where the device is very useful is for acting like a personal organiser thanks to a functional calendar app that lets you store details of important dates and appointments. Although the native
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The Samsung Galaxy Note-Over 10 Million Sales So Far

Aug 31st, 2012 | By phoneslimited

The Samsung Galaxy Note was released at the end of 2011 and it received some mixed reviews. The phone has some fantastic features however the large size of this device made it less likely to succeed with consumers. Judging by the latest sales figures released by Samsung this was not the case.
The Samsung Galaxy Note
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The Samsung Galaxy Note-The Ultimate Large Screen Phone

Aug 31st, 2012 | By phoneslimited

The Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the most unique smartphones currently on the market. This model really stands out form the crowd thanks to its very large display but the model also boasts some other great features that set it apart from many of its rivals.
When speaking about the Samsung Galaxy Note the
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The Samsung Galaxy Note Superior To The Google Nexus 7 For Display Quality And Storage

Jul 30th, 2012 | By phoneslimited

Due to its size the Samsung Galaxy Note has been labelled as a smartphone/tablet hybrid. We have compared the phone with numerous rival handsets and the Samsung usually comes out on top. This time we though we would pit the Galaxy Note against a true tablet in the form of the new Google
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Screens And Design Compared On The Samsung Galaxy Note And The Galaxy S3

Jul 8th, 2012 | By phoneslimited

Samsung currently produce an outstanding range of mobile devices ranging from budget handsets to premium phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S3. We take a closer look at these two models to see how they compare when it comes to design and screen technology. Can the new S3 outclass the larger
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The Samsung Galaxy Note And The HTC One XL-An Overview Of Displays And Storage

Jun 15th, 2012 | By phoneslimited

We put two of the very best premium smartphones head to head to se how the measure up in terms of screen technology and storage capacity. The Samsung Galaxy Note boasts the largest mobile display on the market while the new HTC One XL is another large screen device boasting some great specification.
In terms
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Great Software Featured On The Samsung Galaxy Note

Jun 13th, 2012 | By phoneslimited

The Samsung Galaxy Note sits just beneath the Galaxy S3 in the manufacturers range but it still offers some great specification that rivals many premium devices. One of the most impressive aspects of this model is the excellent software and applications that come installed on the device. We explore some of the best
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