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Apple iPhone 5 Beats Samsung Galaxy S4 In Durability Test

In the consumer technology business, the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently the big news. Following months of eager anticipation, the handset was finally launched last week, and is fully expected to become the biggest selling smartphone of 2013.

Obviously, a number of people will be wondering whether the Galaxy S4 is better than the Apple iPhone 5. Personal preference will of course be one of the deciding factors which will answer this question, but in order to find out which handset is most durable, Apple Insider has recently reported on a test carried out between the two devices, along with Samsung’s 2012 flagship, the Galaxy S3.

Such tests are now commonplace, but many are rather unscientific in their approach. The majority are simply drop tests, but these are somewhat unfair in the majority of cases as they are simply dropped onto a hard surface, meaning that the devices may not hit the ground at the same angle. Visit our website for the latest iPhone 5 updates and cheap iPhone 5 contracts.

In this test though, carried out by Square Trade a specially designed device is used to ensure that all the phones hit the ground at the same time and the same angle. The test also saw the phones submerged in water and slid down an angles surface to see which phone’s casing had the most friction.

In the drop part of the test, the Apple iPhone 5 sustained the least damage. Unfortunately for the Galaxy S4, the screen was smashed, and the Galaxy S3 sustained similar damage to its display. The phones were also submerged in water, and the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 appear not to sustain any damage, but the audio completely stopped working on the Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is no doubt the most technologically advanced handset of the three, but it has faced some criticism due to the fact that Samsung uses a plastic casing, unlike the aluminium materials used on phones like the HTC One and of course the Apple iPhone 5.

The results of this test suggest that the Apple iPhone 5 is the most hardwearing device of the three, so would probably make a better choice if this is a concern to when choosing your next smartphone. There is of course much more to take into consideration when choosing, but the results of this test show the iPhone 5 is probably the most reliable.

Shipment Of 8 Million iPhones Returned To Foxconn After Failing To Meet Quality Standards

Apple’s iconic iPhone line remains one of the most popular smartphone brands on the market, despite increasingly impressive levels of competition from rival manufacturers and operating systems. Of course, the current iPhone 5 model remains one of the bestselling devices on the market, while older versions like the iPhone 4S continue to sell well.

Of course, it is now a well known fact that Apple outsources the majority of production of its mobile devices like iPhones and iPads, with Foxconn, a China based manufacturer assembling virtually all of Apple’s mobile devices at its manufacturing plants.

While Apple and Foxconn have been in business for many years, it appears that Apple has recently returned a shipment of up to 8 million iPhones to Foxconn, Slash Gear reports. The website explains that the reason for this is that the phones failed to pass Apple’s quality control tests, and could potentially cost Foxconn as much as $1.6 billion. It is currently unclear which iPhone models these were, but it is more than likely that they were iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S models, as these are currently the only models still in production, and it is unlikely that they were upcoming devices like the iPhone 5S given the size of the shipment. Visit our website for the latest news on the iPhone 5 and compare iPhone 5 offers.

Slash Gear reports that because such a high number of iPhones were returned to Foxconn, this may lead to some stock shortages over the coming weeks in some markets. However, this is unlikely to affect customers on the whole, as demand for iPhones is rarely at its highest at this time of year. While the returned iPhones will be bad news for Foxconn, it clearly demonstrates that Apple is committed to ensuring the highest quality standards for its products, which will surely help gain confidence with consumers.

If we hear of any further news regarding this story, we will be sure to keep you posted. Do you think that this will lead to stock shortages? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

Apple iPhone 5 Prices Cut By UK Networks Ahead Of Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is scheduled to be launched in a matter of days, following months of speculation and eager anticipation. The phone is likely to be even more popular than its 2012 predecessor, the Galaxy S3 which was the biggest selling smartphone model of the year.

The Galaxy S4 was recently unveiled in New York, and boasts one of the most advanced spec lists seen on any smartphone model to date. Of course, such high-end features mean that the Galaxy S4 comes with a hefty price tag, meaning some people will be searching for a more affordable alternative. Of course, the Apple iPhone 5 is likely to be one of the biggest competitors to the Galaxy S4, and in order to provide a cheaper alternative, uSwitch has reported that UK networks EE, Orange and T-Mobile have recently reduced the price of some of their iPhone 5 contract deals.

The website reports that EE has halved the price of the upfront payment of the iPhone 5 handset on one of its popular deals. The handset will now cost £49.00 per month on its £36.00 per month deal, which includes unlimited talk time and text messages, along with a generous 500 MB of 4G data usage per month. Visit our website for more details on the iPhone 5 and compare iPhone 5 contracts.

Orange has also reduced the cost of the handset on one of its iPhone 5 contracts. The handset itself will now cost £49.99, which is a reduction of £20.00 from its previous price. This also applies to the £36.00 per month contract, which includes unlimited text messages and phone calls along with a generous 1 GB of data on the network’s 3G coverage. Finally, T-Mobile has also reduced the cost of the iPhone 5 handset by £20.00 (so it will now cost £69.99) on its popular Full Monty plan, which again includes unlimited text messages and calls, plus unlimited data usage on its 3G network.

However, the networks are only offering these deals until the end of April, which is just a few days after the scheduled launch date and the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is set to hit the market on April 26th. If you have been thinking about getting your hands on the Apple iPhone 5, now is the perfect time to grab a bargain.

Apple Victory Over Samsung In German Courts

As the two market leaders in the smartphone industry, Apple and Samsung remain locked in a number of legal battles in courtrooms around the world. Last week, we reported that Apple took Motorola to court in Germany, after accusing its rival of copyright infringement with its slide to unlock feature, however courts ruled against Apple, invalidating its patent in Germany.

Recently, Apple has once again been in court in Germany, after its arch rival Samsung has been trying to secure injunctions against Apple products which utilise the same 3G technology, claiming that the California based manufacturer has infringed on its patent.

However, this time around Apple has had better luck, with courts ruling in Apple’s favour and invalidated part of Samsung’s patent in Germany (details at Apple Insider). This means that the technology can be used by other manufacturers in Germany as a result. Of course, this news is the latest development in the ongoing legal feud between the two biggest players in the global smartphone industry, as they battle for dominance in a highly competitive market. Visit our website for the latest iPhone 5 news and iPhone 5 contract deals.

It appears that the legal rivalry between Apple and Samsung will not be slowing down any time soon. It seems that every month there is another court case between the two manufacturers, and as a result it has been reported that Apple will be looking elsewhere for supply of processors for its next generation iPhone.

Of course, most infamous legal dispute between the two companies took place last year, where US courts ruled in Apple’s favour after accusations of copyright infringement, ordering Samsung to pay Apple over one billion dollars in damages.

Obviously, the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and rumoured release of an iPhone 5S later this year means that we are likely to see many more disputes between the two companies.

Has the legal rivalry between Samsung and Apple gone too far, or is it in both companies’ interests to pursue legal disputes given the stakes in the lucrative smartphone business? Have your say in the comments section.

German Court Invalidates Apple’s Slide To Unlock Patent

The first Apple iPhone model was launched back in 2007, changing the way we use our mobile phones forever. The device introduced touchscreen, web browsing and multimedia experiences that had never before been seen on a mobile device.

One of the most iconic attributes of and Apple’s iOS touchscreen interface is the slide to unlock feature. Of course, this requires users to move the slider at the bottom of the screen from left to right in order to unlock the screen. This feature has since been used on smartphone models from other manufacturers, with other operating systems. However, this has led to Apple pursuing legal action, based on the grounds of copyright infringement.

Motorola is one such manufacturer which utilises this feature on some of its devices. According to Apple Insider, the California based manufacturer has recently taken Motorola to court in Germany, claiming that the use of this feature violates its patent. Unfortunately for Apple, judges ruled that the patent for this feature is invalid, as it is ‘software as such and not a requisite technical innovation to a technical problem’.

Apple has a right to appeal this decision, and because the company has a history of taking its rivals to court, coupled with its huge financial resources we can expect that Apple will continue to pursue this matter. Visit our website for the latest iPhone 5 updates and compare iPhone 5 contract deals.

Apple is well known for taking its competitors to court in a number of countries, often on the grounds of intellectual property and patent violations. Perhaps the most infamous example took place last year, where Samsung was ordered to pay over one billion dollars in damages to Apple by US courts.

Because the stakes are so high in the global smartphone industry, it is easy to see why manufacturers are keen to retain their patents, as they continue to produce over more innovative features and products to outdo the competition.

When we hear of any more information regarding this case, we will keep you updated of any developments.

Apple May Be Adding A Street View Style Feature To Apple Maps

Back in September, Apple launched the iPhone 5, which quickly became another record breaking success for the California based manufacturer and remains one of the most sought after smartphones the market.

Despite the fact that several problems reported with the iPhone 5 following its launch, sales of the handset have remained consistently strong. The most widely reported issue with the device has perhaps been Apple Maps. This application was rolled out as part of the iOS 6 update, replacing the long serving and popular Google Maps application.

Users began reporting issues with Apple Maps such as poor quality aerial imagery, unreliable turn by turn navigation and inaccurate data being displayed on the maps. However, Apple has committed a lot of time and resources to improving the application, and is steadily improving in terms of its accuracy and user experience.

Apple Insider has recently reported that Apple may be preparing to launch a new feature to the application in the form of a street view style feature.

Apple Insider explains that Apple applied for a patent in 2011, which would allow users to navigate locations using a street view style feature by moving their phone, by utilising the handset’s gyroscope and accelerometer sensors. Visit our website for the latest iPhone 5 news and iPhone 5 deals.

Street View is perhaps one of the best known features of Google Maps, and is famous for the large scale operation to take photos of every accessible street in a number of countries in its specially equipped cars.

It is still unconfirmed whether or not Apple will be utilising this technology, but it certainly shows that the company is committed to exploring its options to improve the features and user experience of the application.

Have you had any problems with Apple Maps, or do you prefer the use of the Google Maps application? Leave a comment to let us know.

Apple iPhone 5 Now Outselling The Samsung Galaxy S3 In The UK

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched back in May 2012, it has been the best selling smartphone model in a number of markets. The device quickly shot to fame following its launch after taking just 100 days to sell its first 20 million units. To date, sales of the Galaxy S3 are estimated to have topped the 40 million mark.

Obviously, Apple’s iPhone 5 remains one of the biggest competitors to Samsung’s previous flagship model. The device was launched back in September 2012, and as expected quickly clocked up impressive sales figures around the world. Although the iPhone 5 has had its fair share of problems, there it has maintained consistently strong sales figures throughout its time on the market, and remains one the most popular smartphones out there.

Ever since the Galaxy S3 was launched back in May 2012, it has remained the number one best selling smartphone in a number of countries including the UK for every consecutive month. This is shown on the mobile tracker tool found over at uSwitch, which displays a top 10 list of best-selling mobile phone models on a monthly basis, based on sales data compiled from UK networks and retailers. The Galaxy S3 has been at the number one position for every consecutive month since its launch, but for the first time it was knocked off the top spot in March 2013, by none other than the Apple iPhone 5. Visit our website to find out more about the iPhone 5 and compare iPhone 5 deals.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is now on the third position on the list behind the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S. This may not come as much of a surprise, given the popularity of the Apple brand, along with its consistent marketing campaign in the UK. Although Apple is currently number one on the list, it is likely that Samsung will once again take the position with the upcoming launch of its new Galaxy S4 flagship.

Do you think the Galaxy S4 will become another bestseller, or do you think that the iPhone 5 will remain more popular? Let us know you think in the comments section.

Apple’s Acquisition Of Wi-Fi Slam May Bring Indoor Mapping To iDevices

Back in September 2012, Apple launched the iPhone 5. As expected, the phone instantly became a hit, thanks to its impressive features and stylish design. With a 4 inch retina display, 1 GHz dual-core processor, 8 megapixel camera, iOS 6 and a stylish and durable new aluminium body, it is easy to see why the phone clocked up millions of sales in a matter of days.

Following the launch of the device though, several users reported a handful of problems with the phone. The most infamous his undoubtedly AppleMaps, which was rolled out as part of the iOS 6 update to replace the extremely popular Google Maps application. However, users soon began reporting problems with this app, such as unreliable turn by turn navigation, poor quality aerial imagery and inaccurate data being displayed.

Following complaints, Apple has of course been hard at work fixing the flaws with the app. These days, the user experience has been greatly improved, and most major flaws have been addressed. However, it appears that Apple will soon be bringing an interesting new feature to its mapping service. Visit our website for the latest news on the iPhone 5, and price comparison of popular iPhone 5 deals.

Apple has reportedly recently acquired a company called Wi-Fi Slam for $20,000,000. The company has reportedly developed a means of tracking a smartphone’s location, by pinpointing its position in relation to why Wi-Fi hotspots. This essentially means that users will be able to use Apple Maps while indoors. Of course this currently requires a connection to a 3G or 4G network, which means that the phone must be outside. This is likely to be particularly beneficial to users over in the US, on account of their larger public buildings such as shopping malls. However, the UK and other countries have seen an increase of a number of American style shopping centres, and other large venues such as entertainment arenas, which would certainly be suited to this service.

We will be following this concept with interest, so we will be sure to keep you updated as soon as any more news is released.

iPhone Brand Comes Out On Top In COnsumer Satisfaction Survey

The first iPhone model was launched back in 2007, changing the way we use our mobile phones forever. Apple’s first smartphone paved the way for other manufacturers, with never before seen levels of processing power, touchscreen and mobile web browsing experiences.

Over the years, Apple has launched a number of new iPhone models, all of which have become bestsellers for the California based technology giant. The most recent iPhone 5 model is of course no exception. It is hardly a secret that the iPhone 5 has had its fair share of problems since it was launched back in September, but this has not stopped consistently strong sales with the phone remaining one of the most sought after devices on the market.

Apple Insider has recently reported that the iPhone brand came out as the clear leader in the latest J.D. Power & Associates consumer satisfaction survey. Impressively, this is the ninth time in a row that Apple has had this achievement. The latest survey saw a score of 855 for Apple, of a possible 1000. Apple was followed by Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and RIM respectively. The score of 796 was the average achieved across all manufacturers. However, Nokia which came in second place achieve a score of 795, so Apple’s achievement of 855 actually increased the overall average, demonstrating the margin by which it was the winner. Visit our website for the latest iPhone 5 news and reviews, and price comparison of iPhone 5 deals.

This clearly demonstrates that users of Apple’s iconic smartphone line are happy with the products, and although there is growing criticism for the iPhone brand and increasingly impressive competition, Apple clearly remains the consumers’ favourite.

It is rumoured that Apple will be the launching two new iPhone models for 2013, and analysts believe that these will include a budget iPhone 5S, along with a phablet style iPhone 6.

Do you think Apple is the most reliable smartphone brand, or do you think the award should go to another manufacturer? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

Poll Suggests iOS May Have Lost Its Edge

This year, there have already been a number of impressive smartphone releases, such as the Sony Xperia Z, HTC One and most recently, the Samsung Galaxy S4. These devices were recently announced, and are set to hit shelves shortly. Obviously, all of these devices utilise the Android OS as their operating system, which has become the biggest rival to Apple’s iOS platform, which runs all iPod Touch, iPads and of course the iconic iPhone range.

Apple’s iPhone brand has long been one of the most popular smartphone series available. However, over the last couple of years the opinions of consumers have steadily been changing, as more and more opt for smartphone models will run operating systems such as Android, and an increasing number choosing devices with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform, like the popular Nokia Lumia 920.

In order to ascertain the opinions of consumers, tech website uSwitch has recently carried out a poll, asking visitors to answer the question ‘is iOS starting to feel a bit tired?’, following claims from the head of Blackberry that Apple’s smartphone platform is outdated. Visit our website for the latest news on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 price comparison.

In total, 501 visitors answered the question, and surprisingly three 390 of these (76%) answered ‘yes’. Obviously, iOS has come a long way since Apple launched the first iPhone model back in 2007, but there is no denying that it remains one of the most innovative and advanced mobile operating systems on the market. The results of the poll though clearly show that the opinions of consumers are certainly changing. Clearly, this is a very small sample of opinions, and asking a much larger number of consumers would give a more accurate picture of consumers’ attitudes. However, the very wide margin of participants who answered ‘yes’ clearly demonstrates the overall public opinion.

Do you agree with the results of this poll? Do you think iOS is out of date, or do you still feel that it is better than the Android and other smartphone operating systems? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think.