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Large format printing has become a commonly used form of graphical representation which now offers a wide variety of options, catering for all requirements and budgets. However there are still common myths regarding large format printing which people have, which are incorrect. This articles outlines and dispels some of those myths.

Difficult to operate

For those who have an intense fear of anything related to IT, a common myth is that large format printing utilises complex software and processing solutions involving hardware etc. However although several years ago it may well have been the case, the fact is that with today’s modern technology, large format printers can be as simple to run and work with than a standard printer.

Large format printers are slow and expensive to run

Again, this myth relates to old style printers which in some ways were slow and expensive, however modern large format printers now deliver fast and cost effective printing, with vibrant colours and stunning resolutions

Energy guzzlers

This myth may well relate to the fact that we always associate large size with large increases in energy usage. Whilst early large format printers may well have not been the most energy efficient, the fact is that energy efficiency and environmental issues have meant that large format printer manufacturers have ensured that their printers now adhere to these principles and are energy efficient, with far less impact on the environment.

Bulky footprint – Take up lots of office space

technology historically will always find ways to cater for peoples requirements. Early printers were large and cumbersome, however as technology advances and relevant component size and costs reduce, the manufacturers are able to significantly reduce the overall footprint of the printers to a much more acceptable size as they are available today.