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Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 and A summary of duties

The construction industry remains to date, a dangerous environment to work in, furthermore, the background of health and safety in the Construction (Design and Management) industry shows urgent improvements are required to ensure a safer working environment.   Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, or CDM for short, came into effect in the UK in April 2007.  The CDM helps construction sites to improve their construction health and safety processes, reinforcing the main focus of effective planning and risk management, and helps to ensure that the risks are being managed by the right people and at the right time.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 puts legal duties on almost everyone who works on a construction site, including: CDM co-ordinators, workers, clients, principal contractors, contractors and designers, so that it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the working environment is safe, these people are called duty holders.   Those involved in notifiable construction projects, which is a project lasting more than 30 days or requiring 500 person days of construction or more, have additional duties.

Client Duty:

  • All projects:
    • Ensure management has been arranged for the entire project.
    • Ensure staff are competent.
    • Ensure all the resources are in place.
    • Provide information to contractors and designers before the project starts.
  • Notifiable Projects:
    • Hire a CDM coordinator and a principal contractor for the entire project.
    • Ensure a construction phase plan and suitable welfare facilities are in place before the construction phase begins.
    • Have the health and safety file.  Provide information from this file to the CDM coordinator and make the file readily available.

Designer Duty:

  • All projects:
    • Reduce or eradicate risks and potential hazards completely.
    • Note information about the remaining risks and provide this to the client.
  • Notifiable projects:
    • Provide information that might be required by the CDM coordinator to compile the health and safety file.
    • Ensure the client is aware of their duties.
    • Ensure a CDM coordinator has been appointed.

Contractor Duty:

  • All Projects:
    • Plan and manage workload
    • Ensure all workers are competent, offering training where needed
    • Ensure full compliance with Part 4 of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007
    • Ensure adequate welfare facilities throughout construction process.
  • Notifiable Projects:
    • Ensure client knows their duties, HSE has been notified and a CDM coordinator is in place before starting construction.
    • Cooperate with the principal contractor, the site rules and the plan.
    • Provide any information needed for the health and safety file.
    • Inform principal contractor of: problems with the plan, accidents diseases or hazards.

CDM coordinator Duty:

  • Notifiable Projects:
    • Notify HSE.
    • Offer help and assistance to the client and his/her duties.
    • To collate and share information prior to the construction.
    • To coordinate the health and safety of the design aspect of the work.
    • To ensure a good level of communication between client, contractors and designers.
    • Work directly with the principal contractor with regards to the on-going design.
    • Prepare a health and safety file, keeping this fully up-to-date.

Principal Contractor Duty:

  • Notifiable Projects:
    • Ensure welfare facilities are provided throughout the entire construction.
    • Plan and manage the entire construction phase with the contractor.
    • Write and implement a plan and site rules prior to start construction.
    • Ensure contractors have the parts of the plan that they need.
    • Ensure all employees have relevant skills and experience for their role, highlight if any further training is required and ensure it is delivered.
    • Communicate with workers and the CDM coordinator.
    • Ensure the site is safe and secure.

Worker Duty:

  • Work competently.
  • Report any risks.
  • Be cooperative to ensure the health and safety of co-workers.

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