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Shabby Chic is a distressed style which has become eminently popular in recent years, offering as it does a different style and trend to the modern style of home furnishing and accessories. The style of shabby chic is a distressed style which, many agree, provides a homely and charming aesthetic appeal. The leading UK supplier of shabby chic furniture for various rooms within a home is Shabby Chic and Vintage, whose website displays a stunning array of options including accessories to enlighten any home.

An individual’s home is a personal space within which they impart their personality in terms of internal décor and accessories. The modern style of clean and sleek is not always to everyone’s tastes as it almost appears clinical. Shabby Chic on the other hand is a far more informal and visually appealing style which gives the internal decoration a more lived in appeal, which is increasingly popular with many people.

One of the leading online resources in the field of shabby chic and vintage home furnishings and related accessories is the website www.shabbychicandvintage.co.uk. Within its pages the visitor is able to access a stunning array of various options including everything from Shabby chic bedroom furniture, the cottage style furniture as well as Shabby chic accessories like Shabby chic mirrors. The website itself is laid out in a simplistic yet aesthetically appealing style with each of the respective products described in detail, in addition to imagery, enabling the individual to make an informed choice regarding purchase. Secure online payment utilising various payment processors, combined with a shopping cart facility enables a smooth and efficient transaction.

Shabby Chic furniture is popular due to the fact that it offers and aesthetically appealing style, which in many ways harks back to an era where style and aesthetic appeal were the most important elements. Today’s functional and modern style furniture often lacks style and for many people is clinical in its approach, which may well explain the appeal of shabby chic.

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