CDM Coordinators: Guiding Companies To Greater Safety

Nov 18th, 2012 | By Veritas Consulting | Category: Business & Finance, Miscellaneous, News

CDM Coordinators are outsourced consultants on hand to guide clients involved in designing and completing a construction project. CDM stands for “Construction Design and Management.” Contractors who specialize in this area should be involved before a project is started. Construction projects could be fairly small or quite large, drawing on the expertise of multiple companies. All of these clients need to meet government health and safety regulations if their project is going to be approved.

Say you are going to construct a major Office facility or Retail Park. The CDM Regulations are strict with regard to health and safety, and with good reason. You know what you want to achieve, but the trouble is you do not know if your plan and method will comply with the strict standards laid down by the government’s Health and Safety Executive, or HSE, for everyone’s protection from faulty design and ineffective communication.

This is where CDM Services come in. Either the Office or retail park project will involve multiple supervisory professionals, designers, architects, and managers. Construction could involve teams from numerous professional sources. This is often where safety and health can be compromised: when overlapping professionals fail to communicate accurately. Another problem is ignorance, but CDM Co-ordinators are paid to know everything that will keep a client compliant so that he can progress with his business and earn the money to repay his investment. CDM Coordinators are also the connection point between every major party involved in a project, so even if they do not pass information along, the coordinator will ensure all information is shared wherever appropriate. He makes sure that all parties are getting the necessary information regarding design, materials, etc.

The project starts with the CDM Coordinator notifying the HSE about the proposed works, and records the roles of designers, Principal Contractor, and Contractors. As a CDM Client there has to be a Construction phase plan in place if your project is going to be completed without a glitch, or at least fewer hurdles. That plan is important because it is much easier to prevent a problem before building starts than to go back and try to fix something later. With goals on paper, keeping on track is much easier.

Veritas Consulting (CDM Coordinators) work in public, commercial, and industrial sectors, advising clients as to how they can comply with regulations and when their plans are not going to meet standards set down by the government. Your project will include a dedicated project manager, your go-to person.

A CDM Coordinator will write up the pre-construction information based on what the client proposes to do. By collecting information regarding planned materials and strategies, the CDM Coordinator will reach some conclusions regarding how safe a project will be for workers and eventual inhabitants. He is aware of current advisories regarding materials, products, or substance hazards. His job is to then file a report based on what he has learned, advising the client as to his findings, for better or worse. If required, he can also step in and provide guidance as to how a project could meet standards it is not currently meeting. With his help, a costly building project can continue without its backers facing a regulatory backlash in the future.

For a CDM Coordinator with a wealth of Experience in a range of industry sectors contact Veritas Consulting Construction Health and Safety Consultants on 0800 1488 677

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