CSCS Tests: Ensuring Onsite Safety, Efficiency, And Productivity

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In any construction site, safety of the workers and efficiency of accomplishing tasks are among the highly prioritised factors that will largely contribute to the overall success of any building project. As cities continue to grow, the construction industry is booming as well resulting to a growing demand for construction workers. To ensure safety and efficiency which both rely heavily on the competence of the workers, the CSCS tests (Construction Skills Certification Scheme tests) were established in 1995. After about 17 years of implementation, over 1.7 million CSCS cards have been issued to workers who demonstrate a sufficient level of occupational competence.

The purpose of the CSCS Tests

Foremost, the scheme is established for the purpose of improving skills and competencies of the construction workers. With acceptable occupational competence, onsite accidents as well as other possible ailments arising from the nature of the job are reduced. Productivity and efficiency in accomplishing tasks are thus improved significantly.

For the workers, undergoing CSCS tests guarantees employers of their level of competence. For the employers, having a duly certified workforce attracts more clients. For the clients, the CSCS scheme is among the most important indicators to check when looking for high quality service. As an additional security and convenience feature, every CSCS card bears a Smart computer chip to avoid counterfeiting and forging. Other important applications as well can be devised by taking advantage of the Smart computer chip.

Types of CSCS Cards

The types of CSCS cards are distinguished according to the kinds of occupations being covered. To date, 11 types of CSCS cards are issued with an additional set of 10 amalgamated or affiliated schemes. Each card covers hundreds of occupations so that every worker is assured to fit his role in the scheme. Some of the card types include collective designations such as Construction Site Operative (Labourer), Management, Construction Related Occupation, Trainee, and others.

Requirements for CSCS Tests

A set of requirements and an interview will be set for each applicant. The CSCS tests will basically require some personal information as well as the occupation and the National Insurance Number. Current job, past experiences, and professional qualifications and memberships are also asked during the interview. With all these information already in check, the CSCS team will then advise the applicant of the kind of card to apply for and the type of health and safety test to be taken.

For verification purposes, the CSCS team may ask for additional paperwork from the applicant to be attached along with the completed and signed application form. If the qualifications or experiences of the applicant are deemed insufficient for the CSCS cards being acquired, then he will be advised to undertake additional trainings to improve his competence relevant to the position. With the CSCS tests, the employees, the employers, and their clients all benefit from the standardization and regulatory scheme.

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