The Samsung Galaxy Note-Alternatives To The Native Calendar App

Sep 2nd, 2012 | By phoneslimited | Category: Telecommunications

The Samsung Galaxy Note is the perfect device for modern consumers which can perform a multitude of different tasks. One area where the device is very useful is for acting like a personal organiser thanks to a functional calendar app that lets you store details of important dates and appointments. Although the native app is great there are some superb alternative available from the Google Play store.

Many of the applications that can be downloaded actually perform the tasks of more than one other service so it is worth taking a close look at what they do before downloading. One of the more expensive calendar apps available is the excellent Business Calendar but for the cost it does offer a host of great features. The software sports an attractive and simple interface that is easy to navigate and pinch and zoom gestures can also be utilised. Other calendars contained within programs such as Google can be synchronised so you do not need to worry about duplicating entries on various apps. A variety of fonts and colours are available to help certain events stand out and items can also be dragged and dropped on the screen much like you would find on a desktop computer. Business Calendar also comes supplied with widgets meaning that forthcoming events are displayed on the home screen rather than the user needing to access the software to check their schedule.

At the other end of the price spectrum you have the excellent aCalendar application for the Samsung Galaxy Note. This app may not boast the wide array of features incorporated on more expensive counterparts but what it does offer is a simple and neat overview of your weekly schedule. This view can be toggled to a daily or monthly view with the swipe of a finger and the large tiles that are present enable a host of information to be displayed including photographic images.

Perhaps the most innovative Calendar app for the Samsung Galaxy Note is the cleverly named Never Be LAte. This software is much more than just a calendar as it merges the native calendar with the maps facility and the GPS system that is built into the phone. The app really acts as a reminder about upcoming appointments but rather than just activating an alert or alarm it calculates where the appointment is, how long it will take you to travel there and notifies you when it is time to leave. Because this app can provide directions to your location it also works very well on the massive 5.3 inch display that is incorporated on this phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note may provide a decent calendar app but there are some excellent alternatives available to suit all budgets and requirements. All of the apps we have discussed can be downloaded directly to the device from the Google Play store.

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