Excellent Interface Enhances The Appeal Of The iPhone 4S

Aug 31st, 2012 | By phoneslimited | Category: Telecommunications

One of the key elements of any modern smartphone is the user interface that it utilises. This ultimately determines how the user operates the phone and how easy performing individual tasks is. The iPhone 4S is renowned for offering one of the best interfaces around as part of its excellent iOS5 operating system. We take a little look at this area of the phone in more detail.

The interface on the iPhone 4S is one of the major attractions of this model thanks to its simple layout. Many rival platforms attempt to spice up their interfaces with a range of animations and active wallpapers but Apple opt against this in order to help performance and keep matters very simple. The main homescreen that is used by the 4S offers a grid layour with four rows each containing four icons. Users can choose exactly how icons are arranged and as many screens can be created as are required. To access the next screen a side swipe of the phone instantly reveals the next page. One thing that does not change on each screen is the row of four icons that is located at the bottom of the screen. This is designed for the most often used features on the phone so that they can be easily accessed whatever page you are looking at. At the top of the screen there is always an information bar present that informs users about how much battery life remains as well as other details such as connectivity, time and network details.

A really big improvement on the new iPhone 4S is the redesigned lock screen that enables users to access key features directly. Older versions of the phone did not offer this functionality and it certainly improves usability. Perhaps the most useful short cut present is the one which launches the camera feature, enabling users to take photos very quickly. Controls for the music player are also shown which means that audio tracks can be easily managed without needing to unlock the device, very useful for those using the device as a music player when commuting. Notifications are better than ever before on this phone and users can read these on the locked phone and if necessary access them with a sideways swipe. The phone also sports a brand new notifications centre which is where all alerts can be viewed in the one location. Users can choose which items send them notifications and this centre can be accessed at any time by swiping downwards on the display, even when using other applications and games.

The iPhone 4S is a superb model and the excellent iOS5 software delivers a near faultless user interface. The new notifications centre make it easy to keep up to date with what is happening around you while the ability to launch the camera from a locked phone is a very useful inclusion.

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