Browsing The Web With The iPhone 4S & HTC One X

Aug 28th, 2012 | By phoneslimited | Category: Telecommunications

In this article, I am going to take a closer look at how the HTC One X and the Apple iPhone 4S perform as web browsing devices. Because this task is now one of the most common uses for smartphones, it is more important than ever that these devices are well equipped for web browsing.

In order to provide the best possible connection method based on factors such as local signal strength and network coverage, both the iPhone 4S and HTC One X utilise a couple of different connection methods. The default connection method is provided by 3G which utilises your network provider’s coverage. It provides fast download speeds on both handsets. The iPhone 4S is able to download data at 14.4 MB per second, however the HTC One X is faster still at an impressive 21 MB per second. You will notice several benefits to when your handset has a faster connection. It means that downloaded products such as apps and email attachments will download almost instantly, websites will load quickly and streamed data such as YouTube videos will load and play smoothly with minimal buffering.

Of course, both phones also offer a Wi-Fi connection. This can be used when within range of a wireless router which are now very common in most homes and workplaces. The connection method provided by this means is preferable to 3G as it offers several benefits. Not only does it provide faster speeds, but it is uses considerably less battery (which 3G is notorious for when being used for extended periods) and it will not use up your data allowance which is the case with 3G when being used on phones have such restrictions on your tariff.

The iPhone 4S utilises Safari is its default web browser, whereas the HTC One X has the HTC Sense browser. Both of these perform nearly identical functions with the main differences being purely aesthetic. Choosing between these is largely down to personal preference, and there are several alternatives available from the AppStore and Google Play Store. Popular choices include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera Mini.

Because web browsing is such an important feature for most smartphone users, this is essential that handsets like the iPhone 4S and HTC One X are well equipped for this task. As you can see, both phones certainly fit the bill.

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