We Look At The New Sense UI Update For The HTC One X

Aug 16th, 2012 | By phoneslimited | Category: Technology, Telecommunications

The HTC One X is one of the leading mobile phones that are currently available. This smartphone offers some fantastic features and impressive software. The Sense user interface offers users a smooth experience and there will be an update of this software available very soon.

Android smartphones by HTC provide users with a superb Sense user interface. This interface is best described as a “skin” for the Android operating system and makes performing tasks and functions an easier experience for the user. The New One X from HTC is great competition for other smartphones that are currently on the market. HTC can thank the large screen for this along with the quad core processor and the very latest version of the Android operating System which is called Ice Cream Sandwich. Currently the One X uses version 4.0 of the Sense UI and consumers will be pleased to know that there is a newer version of this being released in the near future.

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The latest version of the Sense UI on the HTC One X has already been reviews by some internet sites. The difference in the speed of this new 4.1 version of Sense is instantly noticeable as it is much faster than the 4.0 version. Both of the User Interfaces are equally visually attractive. The 4.0 version includes animations along with 3D widgets on the homescreen and this can be a problem for the battery life as both can be draining. The 4.1 gives users a much simpler format which is still very appealing and provides a great experience when using this handset and is much less draining to the battery. Your screen can run for around two hours longer with this new version of the Sense User Interface. With this update there will be many improvements such as the enhancements to tabbed browsing which will have a dedicated tab switch button when you are browsing the web. The camera facility will provide users with a continuous auto focus function and a white balance setting which make for a great user experience when capturing video footage.

The main appeal of the new HTC One X is the fantastic user interface. User will get an even better experience when the new 4.1 update of Sense is release with its improved performance and impressive new features. The battery will last longer than before due to the user interface being simpler yet still visually very appealing.

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