Making The Most of The HTC One X Battery

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One of the leading smartphones currently available with lots of great features is the HTC One X. However the battery life of a phone can often be affected when there are lots of facilities available. This is an area that can let this handset down so we have some great tips for consumers to help them in this area.

To make the most of the power available on the HTC One X there are various features available that are automatically activated such as screen savers and automatic brightness settings.. There is a large 4.7 inch display available on this phone which despite offering excellent quality can put a lot of strain on the battery life. The Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset that the handset boasts provides great performance times and the new processor uses quad cores to help when it comes to multi tasking features. This chipset boasts some excellent power efficiency which helps to counter act the effect of the large display. Despite its prowess at multi tasking the battery life on the model can quickly diminish when multiple tasks are being performed at the same time. There are some useful tips that consumers can use to help them make the most of the battery life on this excellent handset.

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When users get home with their new HTC One X handset there is an auto brightness setting which can be activated and by selecting this option the brightness on the phone will be set at it’s brightest. We suggest that you reduce this level which will make the battery last a lot longer. Another way to ensure that you get the best results from your battery is to turn off the auto synchronisation for incoming e mails. This is designed to alert the user of incoming emails and uses up a lot of power as it has to run on a continuous data connection. Although this does mean you will not receive automatic updates about incoming mail there is a handy way to ensure that you can instantly update your mailbox. An Auto Sync widget is located on the home screen of the interface and by tapping this you can update your mailboxes as and when it is required. HTC have also acknowledged that consumers expect more from the battery life on the model and have promised that future software updates will further improve the power management that the model offers.

Some quick and simple adjustments can help users of the HTC One X squeeze more life from the battery cell that is supplied with the phone. Despite the battery performance being lower than what many consumers expect it still rates as one of the best on any smartphone currently available.

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