The Impressive Internet Browser Offered On The HTC One X

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The HTC One X boasts amazing web browsing features along with many other attractive features. The mobile phone comes with built in native Android browser which works brilliantly however there are ways to make browsing an even better experience by downloading additional software.

The best web browser for the HTC One X is the excellent Dolphin HD 8.0 which is the latest version of this popular software and includes lots of improvements over it’s predecessor. This great new software now includes impressive Sonar voice recognition which enables users to perform tasks and functions simply by using their voice. This is one of the biggest changes to this system and is much more extensive than some of the other voice recognition devices available. It is able to perform various tasks such as book marking pages, sharing material and navigating the internet. For those that do not wish to use the voice recognition there is a great user interface which will suit those that prefer the traditional methods. If you have favourite web pages these can be accessed by a simple flick of the finger. The software also supports tabbed browsing and add ons such as PDF and RSS readers which will further enhance the functionality of the HTC One X.

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A lot of people would have already heard of Google Chrome and this can be downloaded onto the HTC One X. The Google Chrome software is highly popular with desktop users and the great features and fast browsing have now been made available in the mobile version. Chrome can deal with various tabs being open at any one time and there is no lagging when the multiple pages are open. Thanks to the advanced compression system Chrome is able to load at a great speed even when you are viewing complex pages. If you do not have an internet connection you are still able to view your favourite web pages with the handy offline mode where you can save them. The mobile version of Google Chrome can interact seamlessly with your desktop computer allowing you to view pages that you have saved on your mobile device.

The HTC One X is a great mobile phone and has a impressive internet browser however users can experience an improved experience whilst browsing the web by downloading an additional browser. Two of the best that are available from Google Play are Google Chrome and Dolphin HD 8.0.

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