HTC One X – WiFi iPhone 4 like Death Grip This Is According To Users

Jun 15th, 2012 | By phoneslimited | Category: Telecommunications

Stylish and epitome of cool, this is what the HTC One X is all about. According to HTC One X users, the phone’s design is impeding their ability to easily connect to Wi-Fi. Dustin Kames of Android Guys reported that Xda-Developers members called bigoliver found that the HTC One X is prone to have Wi-Fi related issues. It can affect the phone’s battery life or make it totally incapable of connecting to Wi-Fi networks.
According to Bigoliver, HTC One X users can test their devices to check if it indeed suffers from any Wi-Fi problems. This happens by gently squeezing the phone’s side, or touching it between the camera lens, or the phone’s volume buttons.
Now, another good way to see if your phone’s Wi-Fi signal strength is good all you have to do is to drop back down when you stop squeezing the unit. Once this is done, and your Wi-Fi connectivity problems are still there all you have to do is to simply trade your handset for a new one. But you have to remember to keep track of your exchange period for your HTC One X. If that is your case, then the only resort is for fixing it with soldering iron and duct tape. We all don’t want the latter option for this stylish handset. And I am sure that you will agree with me on that one.
The good news is that an HTC representative posted in the Xda-Developers forums and says that the Company is now aware of this issue. They are also asking their clients for feedback to help their Engineer department pinpoint the root of the problem.
Now, if you think you are suffering from this, then all you have to do is to go and check the said forum and leave your feedback. You can also go to your mobile phone service provider or the actual store where you purchased your handset for a quick fix.

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