Innovative park bench designs available through leading designer

Nov 23rd, 2010 | By SueE | Category: Society

In many rural towns as well as big cities, parks offer the opportunity to walk through woods and savour the greenery. From a seating point of view, a park bench offers a simple yet effective way for those who are utilising the park, to rest for a while. However, the standard style of park bench, adds nothing to the overall ambience of a park, which is why many local authorities and outside contractors such as landscape architects, have been incorporating stylish park benches as a means of adding aesthetic appeal to a public park. One of the leading exponents of outside furniture design including park benches, with a range of critically acclaimed styles and ranges is Chris Nangle Furniture Design.

Chris Nangle Furniture Design is one of only a handful of companies available that are able to supply innovatively designed and custom made park benches, which also retain an environmentally friendly element, in relation to the material used, which is English Green Oak. They are able to individualise benches as per any specific specifications and offer bespoke design and manufacture as well as standard ranges, all of which capture the imagination. The park benches are manufactured utilising locally sourced English Green Oak, which comes from well managed woodlands and sawn by a local mill, which means an extremely minimal carbon footprint, whilst some elements of the benches, utilise marine steel to provide further aesthetic appeal.

One of the key features of this type of green oak is that it ages beautifully and gracefully without requiring any additional maintenance. English Green Oak has been utilised for centuries, within many timber framed properties and churches, many of which have stood the test of time. This type of oak offers a distinctive and unusual aesthetic appeal which as it ages will turn to beautiful silver. It is also naturally strong and extremely resistant to decay, which makes it an ideal source for an eco-friendly piece of outdoor furniture, such as park benches.

For many of us, the love of the outdoors, means spending time in a beautifully tended park, playing with our children, enjoying a picnic, or simply taking the dog for a walk. A stylish and aesthetically appealing park bench adds an extra element to the ambience, ensuring comfort and style.

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