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The Dimensions Of The New iPhone 5 Leaked By A Taiwanese Newspaper

There are two aspects that attract consumers when choosing their new smartphone. One is the look and design of the device and the other is the technical specification. The rumors that are circulation in regards of the iPhone 5 and its design are limited whereas there are many which relate to the features we can expect. There is a newspaper report which sheds some light on the expected measurements of this long awaited new smartphone.

A Taiwanese based newspaper called Apple Daily have recently released an article which give extensive details of the new iPhone 5 complete with the expected measurements of this new device. Although Apple have not yet confirmed the release date rumours point towards a September launch, therefore the details that are circulating may have some truth to them especially now that there are sample handsets. The article reports that the new iPhone 5 will measure in at 58.47 x 123.83 x 7.6mm. The depth of this iPhone is what most catches the eye as it is set to be a full 2mm slimmer that the iPhone 4S at just 7.6mm and will also be 1mm thinner that the new Samsung Galaxy S3 device which is set to rival the iPhone 5 for the smartphone top spot on it’s release. The new Apple iPhone will be almost as slim as the latest iPod touch which should give you a rough idea of its size. It is rumours report that the phone will offer more in the way of power than its predecessors, so its unlikely that we need to worry about the size of the battery being reduced to fit into the slender new design.

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It is widely reported that the launch of the new iPhone 5 will be the 12th of September. The images that have recently leaked suggest to us that this will be the first iPhone that will have a larger screen. When the first iPhone was released back in 2007 it had a 3.5 inch display however this new model will sport a larger 4.08 inch screen which is a clever move by Apple as the larger screen will have great benefits when performing tasks such as playing videos and browsing the web. Even though the display will still be smaller than many of the rival devices, the iPhone 5 is likely to be the most compact. In this compact smartphone Apple will incorporate the new quad core chipset which is likely to clock up around 1Ghz and will give users a phone with unrivaled multi tasking.

The new iPhone 5 is not only looking to be the most feature packed model on the market, but also the slimmest which will appeal to consumers looking for both attractive design and a technically impressive device.

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We Look At The New Sense UI Update For The HTC One X

The HTC One X is one of the leading mobile phones that are currently available. This smartphone offers some fantastic features and impressive software. The Sense user interface offers users a smooth experience and there will be an update of this software available very soon.

Android smartphones by HTC provide users with a superb Sense user interface. This interface is best described as a “skin” for the Android operating system and makes performing tasks and functions an easier experience for the user. The New One X from HTC is great competition for other smartphones that are currently on the market. HTC can thank the large screen for this along with the quad core processor and the very latest version of the Android operating System which is called Ice Cream Sandwich. Currently the One X uses version 4.0 of the Sense UI and consumers will be pleased to know that there is a newer version of this being released in the near future.

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The latest version of the Sense UI on the HTC One X has already been reviews by some internet sites. The difference in the speed of this new 4.1 version of Sense is instantly noticeable as it is much faster than the 4.0 version. Both of the User Interfaces are equally visually attractive. The 4.0 version includes animations along with 3D widgets on the homescreen and this can be a problem for the battery life as both can be draining. The 4.1 gives users a much simpler format which is still very appealing and provides a great experience when using this handset and is much less draining to the battery. Your screen can run for around two hours longer with this new version of the Sense User Interface. With this update there will be many improvements such as the enhancements to tabbed browsing which will have a dedicated tab switch button when you are browsing the web. The camera facility will provide users with a continuous auto focus function and a white balance setting which make for a great user experience when capturing video footage.

The main appeal of the new HTC One X is the fantastic user interface. User will get an even better experience when the new 4.1 update of Sense is release with its improved performance and impressive new features. The battery will last longer than before due to the user interface being simpler yet still visually very appealing.

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Making The Most of The HTC One X Battery

One of the leading smartphones currently available with lots of great features is the HTC One X. However the battery life of a phone can often be affected when there are lots of facilities available. This is an area that can let this handset down so we have some great tips for consumers to help them in this area.

To make the most of the power available on the HTC One X there are various features available that are automatically activated such as screen savers and automatic brightness settings.. There is a large 4.7 inch display available on this phone which despite offering excellent quality can put a lot of strain on the battery life. The Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset that the handset boasts provides great performance times and the new processor uses quad cores to help when it comes to multi tasking features. This chipset boasts some excellent power efficiency which helps to counter act the effect of the large display. Despite its prowess at multi tasking the battery life on the model can quickly diminish when multiple tasks are being performed at the same time. There are some useful tips that consumers can use to help them make the most of the battery life on this excellent handset.

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When users get home with their new HTC One X handset there is an auto brightness setting which can be activated and by selecting this option the brightness on the phone will be set at it’s brightest. We suggest that you reduce this level which will make the battery last a lot longer. Another way to ensure that you get the best results from your battery is to turn off the auto synchronisation for incoming e mails. This is designed to alert the user of incoming emails and uses up a lot of power as it has to run on a continuous data connection. Although this does mean you will not receive automatic updates about incoming mail there is a handy way to ensure that you can instantly update your mailbox. An Auto Sync widget is located on the home screen of the interface and by tapping this you can update your mailboxes as and when it is required. HTC have also acknowledged that consumers expect more from the battery life on the model and have promised that future software updates will further improve the power management that the model offers.

Some quick and simple adjustments can help users of the HTC One X squeeze more life from the battery cell that is supplied with the phone. Despite the battery performance being lower than what many consumers expect it still rates as one of the best on any smartphone currently available.

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iPhone 4 And 4S Sales Dropped

As the news about the release of Apple’s latest handset the iPhone 5 nears, there is also a significant change in the sales of iPhone 4 and 4s. This is backed up by Apple’s very own Tim Cook and CFO Oppenheimer.

Cook recently released this statement: “We see a difference between the countries. The UK was relatively solid at 30% growth, but France, and Greece and Italy were particularly poor, and Germany was also similarly a single-digit positive growth for the quarter. Eastern Europe was strong, materially stronger than Western Europe, but obviously the Western European countries drive the preponderance of the revenue in that segment. So, we’re certainly seeing a slowdown.”

The case is different when it comes to their US and Japan Sales. This is because they were up by 50% and in Japan it was up by 45% as opposed to the same time last year.

It is really not that hard to see the reason behind the said Sales drop. With the nearing arrival of the iPhone 5 and the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S3, this is just a phase that they too will reverse come next Quarter.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 – Real Winner

Last year, Samsung came out with the first Galaxy Ace. This year, Samsung came out with a sequel to their famous Galaxy Ace handset. Samsung added to its expansive collection of Galaxy branded and Android filled smartphones. With the release of the Galaxy Ace 2, Samsung reignited its sub-franchise as it tackles the line between the collections of serious entry-level to mid-range handsets.

The phone’s price tag is honestly friendly; it is nothing like its expensive siblings (Galaxy S2 or Galaxy Note). This handset defined boundaries whether it runs on its current OS or be updated to the Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

If you want a handset within your budget and still own a dual-core handset, then this is the one for you.

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iPhone 4 Now With Unlock And Jailbreak From Apple

A website recently revealed that a software can unlock and unthethered Jailbreak the iPhone 4 and 4S to the latest iOS 5.1 and 5.1.1. This also enables an iPhone 4 and 4S user to use any SIM card wherever he/she is in this world. The unlock the Unlock-the-iphone.us software guarantees extreme ease of use to Jailbreak and Unlock the iPhone 4 and 4S iOS 5.1 and 5.1.1 along with it is an illustrated guide on how to unlock them. It will only take you 5 minutes to complete the whole process.

Over 8,000 Apple customers have downloaded the said software. The latest application allows you to unlock and jailbreak your iPhone 4 and 4S. There are also tons of new features that you will enjoy with the unlock and jailbreak options you’re the iPhone 4 and 4S.

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Apple iPhone 4S To Get As Much As 16% Increase In China

It is all here as the first analyst data that evaluates China’s smartphone industry in the first quarter of 2012 is now out. According to the data from Woori Investment and Securities Apple seems to have doubled their market share.

The report by Woori concludes that the sales of Apple between the months of January and March (2012) hits over 6.2 Million devices sold. This is a big step up from their 2.1 Million units sold the last quarter of 2011. The said increase is about 200%. This is also the reason why Apple’s market share may eventually shoot up from 8% to 19%. The secret is due to the iPhone 4S launch. This was introduced despite all the gory scenes back in January.

The said report states that the impressive sales of the said smartphone still place Apple significantly behind the South Korean tech giant Samsung. This is after they’re sales reached the 9 Million mark. Samsung made a huge leap up from 6.7 Million by the end of 2011.
The said figures as Woori estimated, would extend Samsung’s market share to 28% (with another 4% margin increase). This place Samsung way ahead of the smartphone pack and this is also the very reason why Samsung is now known as the world’s largest smartphone market holder.

Woori also reports that the smartphone sales are still going up in China. They received an increase of 156% and account for about 32 Million sales during the very first quarter of this year. But then again, there is still a lot of scope that they have to develop as smartphones only accounts for about 30% of the total handset sales in China.
We all know how Apple and Samsung do not like to break down their sales data to the market. This is also the reason why it is so hard to make an exact statistics or a good indication of their progress.
Recently, Apple reported their quarterly revenues of about $39.2 Billion. They also came out with a net profit of $11.6 Billion. They also stated that they have sold over 35.1 Million of iPhones and about 11.8 Million of iPads during the first quarter.

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We Look At The Processors And Cameras Compare Ont The HTC One S And The Samsung Galaxy S3

We continue our look at the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One S by seeing how the processing power and camera facilities compare with one another. Both devices are regarded as two of the very best phones currently available and are both available now.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 offers some of the best user speeds of any smartphone currently released. The handset is the first quad core model that Samsung have ever released and they are highlighting this fact in much of their marketing campaign. They have developed a brand new Exynos 4212 chipset which is used on the phone and it gives the highly regarded Tegra 3 architecture used on rival models a good run for its money. This set up incorporates a very powerful 1.4Ghz quad core Cortex A9 processor together with the same Mali 400MP graphic processing unit that was used on the best selling Galaxy S2. Despite incorporating a dual core processor the HTC One S offers times that rival the S3 thanks to modern software not being able to take full advantage of quad core technology. The model runs on the excellent MSM8260 Krait chipset with a 1.5Ghz processor that easily handled everything we threw at it. The model also boasts an Adreno 225 GPU that is perfect for the most demanding games titles on the market. These two models are two of the fastest handsets around although when software can fully embrace quad cores the Samsung handset will come into its own.

It is not only in the processing department where these handsets are well matched but there is also little to choose between them when it comes to camera features. Both models make use of a high quality BSI sensor to produce the best quality images and when teamed with the 8 mega pixel resolution that both models can produce the results are superb. Even the additional features sported by both handsets are remarkably similar. An LED flash is present for darker lighting conditions and an impressive burst mode records a series of photographs within a couple of seconds. Users can then choose the best image from this set to store, a perfect accessory for anybody looking to capture motion images. Video capture is supported by both phones at Full HD 1080P resolution. Where the handsets do differ is when it comes to the secondary front facing camera where the S3 offers 2 mega pixel images and 720P video compared to 1.3 mega pixels and VGA standard on the One S.

Anybody who is looking for the ultimate smartphone will definitely consider the impressive new Samsung Galaxy S3. The HTC One S however does match the model quite evenly in the areas we have looked at, despite not being the premium model in the manufacturers range.

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We Look At The Screens And Storage On The HTC One X And The Samsung Galaxy S3

There are a handful of manufacturers who can claim to be heavyweights of the smartphone world and two of them are Samsung and HTC. We put two new devices from each of these manufacturers head to head to see how they compare for screen technology and storage capacity. Lets see what the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One S have to offer.

Screen technology is one of the most important aspects of any modern smartphone and it is pleasing to see both of these models really stand out in this area. The Samsung Galaxy S3 uses one of the largest screens currently available at 4.8 inches. Like the Galaxy S2 the screen uses AMOLED technology although a more advanced version of the technology is present on this model. The phone utilises a Pen Tile AMOLED display which Samsung claim will deliver better performance over a prolonged period thanks to fewer blue pixels being featured. These pixels often degrade faster than the red and green varieties and therefore can have a big effect on picture quality. A pixel density of 306PPI is produced thanks to the excellent 1280 x 720 resolution which is very high for a screen of this size. A smaller screen is featured on the HTC One S that measures 4.3 inches. A lower resolution can be displayed of 960 x 540 pixels which despite the smaller dimensions means that the model display 256PPI. Against many models this type of density would prove triumphant but unfortunately it cannot match the heights scaled by the Galaxy S3. Being an AMOLED screen the colour reproduction is superb and viewing angles on both models are excellent.

Any average smartphone user would be content with the storage options offered by the HTC One S but anybody looking for a higher capacity will appreciate the Samsung Galaxy S3. There are three versions of this phone, each of them offering a different internal storage capacity. The flagship 64GB option provides ample space for users looking to store hours of high definition content. The entry level model offers 16 GB while the middle model is a happy medium at 32GB. All three handsets boast a micro SD card slot which means a further 32GB can be added to the storage capacity if required while signing up for a cloud storage service can also add another chunk of storage. The One S is much more basic in this area with just a single model boasting 16GB. This capacity is plenty for a good mix of audio albums and photographs but the lack of a micro SD card slot means that users are restricted to the internal capacity and any cloud services that are subscribed to.

The HTC One S is a great smartphone but the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best we have ever seen and easily outclasses its rival here. The larger screen offers a better pixel density and the various storage options enable consumers to pick a model which is ideal for them.

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Great Apps Are Offered On The One X From HTC

The HTC One X is the new flagship handset in the impressive line up from the manufacturer. One area where HTC have always impressed is with the selection of great applications that come installed on their handsets. We take a look at some of the apps on the One X that really enhance the appeal of this device.

Storage capacity is a vital aspect of many modern mobile phones with many users relying on their handset to act as a portable audio player and digital camera. The HTC One X comes with a large internal storage capacity of 32GB but HTC have installed a cloud service application on the phone named Dropbox which offers users even more capacity. Users of the One X are allocated a free 23GB of storage capacity which raises the overall size to 55GB. The software can bet set up so that it automatically synchronises files which means that when you take a photograph on the phone it is saved straight away in the cloud. This is very similar to the Photostream service offered by the iPhone 4S and it is the perfect way to ensure your private files remain safe, even if your phone is lost or stolen.

There are simply to many excellent application on the HTC One X to mention but some of the more simple ones are the most impressive. The weather app for example is well designed and is displayed automatically when you first look at your phone in the morning. HTC have also designed an excellent application for in car use. This software offers large icons for services such as internet radio, maps and music and it constantly displays the time and weather for your current location. Some of the software on the One X is not designed by HTC. Evernote is a globally popular service that links mobile devices with home computer equipment. This means you can store content that you view on your phone and recall later from your laptop. This is perfect for storing web pages that are of interest or for making shopping lists. 7Digital is also included and it gives users access to over 19 million audio tracks that can be easily downloaded directly to the device.

The HTC One X is a very good mobile device which offers a host of great applications that improve the functionality of the phone. Evernote is a very good inclusion while the excellent Dropbox cloud service improves on the already great storage capacity that the phone offers.

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