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The Apple iPhone 5S Set For A Switch In Display Size

The new iPhone 5S is widely accepted as being the next device to be launched by Apple and will arrive over the Autumn, however there are some new reports that have suggested that the release of the new device has been delayed. This is said to be due to the change in a vital element of the handset which has lead to Apple halting production.

As will many reports they can be hard to believe, however it has been suggested that Apple have include a larger display panel on the new handset rather than the 4 inch screen that we have been expecting to be on board. BrightWire have broken this latest news which came from the Asian supply network. The new display is rumoured to measure 4.3 inches. It has been said that the production of the new model was halted back in May to enable this change to take place and the news agency Bloomberg have also reported on this story.

Recently there have been a number of leaks that are said to show the new Aluminium body that is set to be featured on the phone, however it is difficult to to see from these images whether the body would accommodate either the original 4 inch display or the new rumoured 4.3 inch panel. It is not known at this point how long this change in the display will delay the arrival of the iPhone 5S. This is a major change so we expect this to lead to a substantial delay as Apple will need to go back to the drawing board. As soon as we hear more news relating to this rumoured delay we will be sure to keep you updated. All the latest Apple iPhone5S EE promotions here

The iPhone 5S has been eagerly awaited by many consumers and this new news which suggests that there may be delays will come as a disappointment to many. This is due to Apple deciding to increase the size of the display so that the handset can compete better against other larger screened handsets.

New Patent Reveals That The iPhone 6 May Be Constructed From Liquidmetal

The number of rumours surrounding the iPhone 6 are starting to increase. The new handset is expected to be released by Apple in 2014. The latest of these rumours suggests that this device will be the first phone on the market to be constructed from Liquidmetal.

The iPhone 6 is under a lot of pressure as there are many consumers across the globe that are expecting big things from the exciting new model. A new patent filing has now been discovered that suggests that the new device will be made from the new Liquidmetal material. Crucible Intellectual Property have filed this latest patent which is said to represent a joint venture between both Apple and Liquidmetal Technologies to produce the first mobile device to be constructed from this new material. The two companies originally set up a licensing agreement back in 2010, however not much has been heard about this venture since then. This new Liquidmetal material is made up of a group of alloys that has an atomic structure that is similar to glass. Read more on the iPhone 6 and Liquidmetal here.

A number of benefits will come from using this new type of material on the iPhone 6. Not only is the material incredibly strong, but it is also resistant to corrosion. As well as these benefits the material is also said to be very malleable making it a great choice for the makers of smartphones. There are still some problems that will need to be overcome however as there are some reports that suggest that it is difficult to construct large objects from the material as manipulating and stretching it can cause it to break. There are techniques outlined in the new patent that will enable the Liquidmetal to be stretched without compromising the composition of the material. The iPhone 5 is said to already be in production, so it seems that the first viable device to use this new material will be the iPhone 6 which is expected to arrive in 2014. Find a wide selection of iPhone6 deals as they are revealed

The new iPhone 6 is set to be the first smartphone to be constructed from Liquidmetal which will give the new model an added edge over its rivals.

Striking New Aluminium iPhone 6 Concept Released

There are consumers that are waiting for a brand new iPhone design to arrive that will have to wait until next year as the iPhone 5S that is set to arrive later this year will just be an incremental update. The rumoured iPhone 6 is due to arrive next year sporting a bigger display and a completely new design. We have not yet received any official word on the model due to its launch being several months away, however some interesting renders have popped up online that show us what the model could look like.

There have been many renders of the iPhone 6 appearing online and occasionally we see one posted that catches your eye. the latest stand out render shows is the new device featuring a coloured Aluminium shell. The phone is shown is a variety of striking new colours including deep red and baby blue. A more angular design is shown when compared to devices that are already available and the images also show a slimmer model. It has been claimed by the designer of this concept that the use of Aluminium will make next year’s iPhone the lightest to ever be released.

For those what wish to take a look at this latest render they can find details on its very own website called i-phone6.d6 where there are images and also details on the interface that the model will use. It seems that the device is running on iOS7 that has a brand new user interface that offers changes that include a round dialling button and a large toolbar at the bottom of the display. The new software includes a colour matching facility which means that the background of the phone can match the colour used on the outer shell identically. Other features include a micro USB port that is situated at the bottom of the outer body and an edge to edge 4.5 inch display. Find super iPhone6 Apple 24 month deals

Concept designs give us an interesting insight into what the design and features may be on the new model. Obviously these designs could be far from the actual device, however we will have to wait until the middle of 2014 to see the arrival of the iPhone 6.

New Discovery Hints That The New iWatch May Be Released With The iPhone 5S

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Apple and its forthcoming smartphones including the iPhone 5S and the new budget iPhone light. The American company are also said to be working on another project in the form of the new iWatch and it seems that we may see this new product arrive with the iPhone 5S later this year according to speculation.

It appears to be more and more likely that we will see the new iWatch from Apple debut alongside the iPhone 5S and the iPad Mini 2. We have heard a lot of speculation about Apple developing such a product and now a Japanese trademark for the model has been discovered. This is the clearest indication that we have seen that the company are set to release this exciting new wearable piece of technology. It is well know that Apple have been targeting emerging far east markets for some time now and and one of these products to give the company presence in this region is the recently reported iPhone Light. If recent reports are to be believed then it seems that we can expect more than just a new phone from the American manufacturer.

It has been made no secret by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook that his wish is to introduce such a product to the market. At a recent All Things D conference he was quoted as saying that the wrist watch would be a “natural” and “interesting place for such a gadget”. This does not only suggest that we will see the arrival of the new iWatch, but is also a dig at Google who are currently working on their camera in frame Google Glasses concept. Mr Cook continued to say that “There are lots of gadgets in this space right now, but there’s nothing great out there…none of them are going to convince a kid that hasn’t worn glasses or a band to wear one. There are a lot of problems to solve in this space. It’s ripe for exploration”. We do not yet know if the new iWatch will incorporate GSM capabilities or whether it will be an accessory to compliment smartphones such as the forthcoming iPhone 5S. Luckily we do not have much of a wait to find out as this new product is expected to be launched alongside the next generation iPhone which is to arrive later this year. Click here for iPhone5S news and breaking offers

This is the first clear indication that we have had to date regarding the arrival of the iWatch and it seems that we are set to see it arrive with the new iPhone 5S over the next few months.

iPhone 6 Concept Design Emerges Online

Even though the iPhone 5S has not yet officially been announced by Apple, it seems that many smartphone fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 6 which is set to arrive in 2014. This is down to the fact that the model is set to boast a brand new design and also many new features. Over the past few days we have seen a new concept design of the model appear online which gives us an idea of what the iPhone 6 may offer.

The new concept design of the iPhone 6 shows us the 2014 flagship device sporting a large 6 inch edge to edge display. This means that the screen will reach the very edge of the chassis and will not be surrounded by a bezel. Jonny Plaid is behind this design concept which shows the model as being slimmer than previous models, but dimensions are larger due to the inclusion of the much larger screen. The new iPhone 6 is rumoured to be made from high quality aluminium carbon fibre which makes the model 40 per cent lighter than the existing iPhone 5 and also 60 per cent stronger.

The new concept design features the iOS7 software although the model does not seem to feature a physical Home button which is a part of the device which is integral to iOS7 due to the inclusion of features such as Siri and multitasking. The display on offer is a new Retina 2 display which features a Graphene layer which makes it more durable than Corning’s Gorilla Glass. Plaid commented the following with regards to this aspect saying that “having the thickness of just one carbon atom, graphene is the strongest known material. A single layer of graphene is virtually indestructible”. Plaid’s is obviously only a concept design that is based on rumours and speculation surrounding the device and it will be interesting to see how close his design is to the actually model when it is released next year. Check us out for Apple phone prices.

Due to arrive in 2014 is the new iPhone 6 which is expected to boast a completely new design as opposed to the 5S model which will arrive shortly and is said to be an incremental update which means that the design will remain the same as its predecessor whilst including some feature and specification changes.

Intriguing New Renders Appear Based On iPhone Light Leaks

There have been many reports regarding the fact that Apple are working on a new budget iPhone which is expected to be launched alongside the iPhone 5S and we we have started to see many new images and sketches of the reported device appearing online. Based on the information that has been given in leaks some Apple fans have created renders of what the new model will look like.

There have been new renders appearing online that show what the reported new iPhone Light device will look like. There have been leaked images of the back panel of the phone that have recently appeared online and this is what the renders have been based on. We have also seen photos emerge that show the back panel in various different colours which are said to feature on the new budget device. The colours that we have seen so far include red, green, yellow and blue. Apple are yet to confirm the authenticity of these reports and are remaining quiet on the subject. The new rendered images show is the model in the colours that we have seen previously leaked and other aspects that have been reported are also included.

The new iPhone Light is believed to feature a plastic body rather than using premium materials that will feature on the new flagship iPhone 5S. This is to ensure that the production costs remain low, so that the model can retail at an attractive price. The new device is reported to be the same size as the current iPhone which is slightly thicker and wider than the 5S model. The new models which are to arrive in the near future both sport a 4 inch display, so those fans that were hoping for a bigger display will have to wait for the iPhone 6 which is set to arrive in 2014. Click here to see the the biggest selection of iPhone5S offers

The iPhone 5S is expected to arrive in September and we are expecting to see the new iPhone Light arrive alongside it. We do not have long to wait to find out whether these latest renders of the model are indeed correct.

The New iPhone Light Set To Boast A Brightly Coloured Back Panel

Apple will be releasing another major smartphone later this year in the form of the new iPhone 5S which will become the next generation flagship model for the American company. Rumours suggest that we will also see a new budget version of the iPhone arrive at the same time which will be named the iPhone Light. There are new pictures available that are said to show the back panel of the new device.

Set to arrive alongside the iPhone 5S this Autumn is the new iPhone Light and new images have now been leaked online which are said to show different coloured back panels that are to be featured on the model. These new snaps support early rumours that suggested we would see the iPhone Light made available in a range of different colours. In terms of proportion these images show that the design of the new model will be similar to existing iPhones with rounded corners featured. The plastic construction of the panel will ensure that Apple are able to keep costs down and the flash and camera lens featured seem to identical to the diagrams of the device that we saw leaked a few weeks ago. the images show a red, yellow and a bright green version of the phone.

Following comments made by their CEO Tim Cook, Apple are rumoured to be launching a number of new products this Autumn. As well as the new iPhone Light we are set to see he iPhone 5S, iPad Mini 2, iPad 5 and possibly the new iWatch device arrive. The two smartphones are the first of these models expected to be made available to consumers. These will be the debut models for the new iOS7 operating system which we first saw revealed at WWDC. It looks likely that we will see the two new iPad tablets released this October as this is the same month in which we saw Apple release last year’s iPad 4 and the iPad Mini. Discover your ideal iPhone 5S tailor made contract

New images and reports are giving weight to recent rumours that suggest we will see a cheaper version of the iPhone arrive alongside the new iPhone 5S this September.

iOS7 Tipped To Become The Most Popular Apple OS Ever Released

The new iPhone 5S is expected to be released later this year and one aspect that is sure to attract many consumers is the inclusion of the new iOS 7 operating system. This new software brings with it many changes to what we have seen on the previous version and the Beta mode is currently available. Recent reports tell us that this latest version of the OS is expected to become the most popular ever released.

The new iOS7 is set to become the most popular version of Apple’s operating system ever released and the Beta mode package has already been downloaded more times than any other generation of the software. Oneswipe have analysed the downloads and their findings show that at the moment the iOS7 Beta is running on a total of 0.46 per cent of compatible devices. There are over half a billion iPhone’s and iPads in circulation, so even though this figure initially sounds very low when the percentage is applied to the number of devices it is in fact very high. To give you more of an idea of the popularity of the new iOS7, three weeks after the iOS6 platform was released back in 2012 it could be found on only 0.25 per cent of devices. The new software will officially debut later this year alongside the iPhone 5S.

The new platform is available to pretty much anyone who is a registered user which is one potential reason behind its early success. This costs just £99 and you do not actually have to develop any software at all. When obtained it means that you will be the first in line to receive any new software introductions that are made available. Both iPhone and iPad users can access what is currently the second Beta stage of the iOS. The first stage could only be used on mobile devices. The new iOS7 operating system is said to be the biggest overhaul that the software has had to date. Sir Jony Ive is responsible for the software’s design which is said to include a bold new interface and also some exciting new features. We are likely to see the software officially launched in September a day or so before we see the new iPhone 5S and iPhone Light arrive. See how iPhone5S EE contracts measure up.

Later in the year we will see some great new products launched by Apple including the new iPhone 5S, but it seems that it is the new iOS7 operating system that is exciting consumers most.

First Snap Of The iPhone 5S In Production Hits The Web

For some time now we have been expecting the new iPhone 5S to be released during the third quarter of the year and we have now begun to hear reports that the production of this exciting new devices is now under way. New images have emerged that back up these recent reports by showing the new device on the production line.

Many are under the belief that the production run for the iPhone 5S has already begun and these latest images that have appeared on line seem to confirm this. Previous iPhone releases experienced shipment delays and Apple are keen to avoid this with the launch of the new iPhone 5S by starting the production process early. Gforgames website have leaked these images which are said to have originated from one of the Chinese manufacturing plants that are responsible for the production of this new device.

One thing that these leaked images show is that the new device looks identical to the current iPhone 5 model, so consumers should not get too excited about the forthcoming launch. For a while now we have been seeing reports which suggest that the iPhone 5S will be an incremental update offering near identical design to that of its predecessor. In a bid to attract consumers Apple have updated the software and included new features. The updated iOS7 operating system will be launched alongside the new phone as the key new feature. The inclusion of Apple’s newest A7 processing chip has also been mentioned in recent reports. The new iPhone 5S is expected to arrive in the latter part of the summer, possible accompanied by the new iPhone Light budget device that has feature in many recent reports. Find the best iPhone 5S airtime deal for you

Even though the new iPhone 5S is set to boast almost identical design to the current iPhone the model is expected to be one of the best selling phones of the year and if these recent leaked images are genuine then the production process is already under way.

Latest iPhone 5S Leaked Images Show Battery Components On The Production Line

Later this summer we will see the iPhone 5S arrive and the phone is expected to be the most popular device to be launched this year. We are yet to receive confirmation from Apple regarding the arrival of this model, however many recent reports suggest that production of the handset has already begun. At the beginning of this week we saw an image emerge that shows the device in production and now a second picture has appeared that shows just the batteries for the iPhone on the production line.

The recent rumours that suggest that production of the new iPhone 5S has begun has been given more weight thanks to new images that have been leaked showing the reported batteries for the new handset. French news site Nowhereelse.fr released the image that show a number of battery cells. The batteries do not show any markings so we are unable to ascertain any specifics. It is believed that the images were taken at one of Apple’s manufacturing partners production plants in China, most likely to be Foxconn. As will all images that are leaked online, there is every chance that they could turn out to be a hoax, however if they do prove to be genuine then this would support rumours that the new model is set to be released in late summer/early autumn.

The report that accompanied these recent images state that the batteries in the picture are the same size as those cells found in the current iPhone 5 device. This contradicts earlier reports that have suggested that the iPhone 5S would boast a higher capacity battery which is slightly larger in size. There has not been any official work from Apple with regards to this new model however is we are to see a traditional late Q3 release the we can expect to soon hear more details of the exact specification that the device will boast. All iPhone5S News and tariffs can be found here

Set to be one of the most popular smartphones released in 2013 is the iPhone 5S and now that we have seen some new images leaked that are said to show the device on the production line this suggests to us that Apple have begun the production process ahead of the handset’s launch.