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European HTC One X Handsets To Get Android Jellybean Update In Summer

Earlier this year, the HTC One hit the market, helping to put the Taiwan based manufacturer back on the map after a widely publicised period of falling market shares and revenues. The manufacturer’s latest flagship Android phone has clocked up millions of sales, along with gaining a reputation as one of the best smartphones on the market despite the release of some impressive competitors.

Before the HTC One was released, the company’s previous flagship device was the HTC One X. At the time of its release, this handset boasted one of the most advanced spec lists of any phone on the market, and remains one of the most feature packed smartphones available. Among its key features are a 4.7 inch LCD display, Beats Audio, 8 megapixel camera and it was one of the first smartphones with a quad-core processor. The phone was originally launched with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as its operating system of choice, but was also subject to an update to Android 4.1.1 after its release.

Over the last few months, there has been a lot of speculation regarding another software update, bringing Android 4.2 Jellybean to the phone. Opinion has been has been divided regarding whether or not the update which will come to the One X. However, GottaBeMobile has recently reported that new information suggests that the Android 4.2 upgrade to be coming to the phone in July, along with a further update to its user interface to Sense 5.0, which was showcased on the HTC One. For more details on the HTC One X Android update, visit our website where you can also find the cheapest HTC One X offers.

Several new features will be bought to the HTC One X as part of the update, along with the usual performance updates and bug fixes. The website has reported that HTC One X handsets in Europe which are locked are likely to receive the update in July or August, and handsets locked to networks following suit shortly afterwards.

Although this is not official information from HTC, it is not the first piece of evidence suggesting that the update to Android 4.2 and Sense 5.0 will be coming to the HTC One X in the near future. When more information regarding the update has been revealed, we will be sure to keep you updated.

The HTC One X+ In Line For A New Sense 5 Update

The HTC One was released earlier this year and has received some superb reviews which have made the device a big hit with consumers across the globe. One of the attractions of this new model is that it boasts some excellent features and now it looks as though some of these will be delivered to the older HTC One X+ handset in the form of an update.

The HTC One X+ is about to receive the Sense 5 update according to GottaBeMobile. This software update will see some key features from the HTC One ported to the model including the superb HTC Zoe camera feature and the eye catching new Blinkfeed interface. Camera fans will appreciate Zoe and how it enables user to capture both video footage and still images simultaneously Blinkfeed resembles a Windows 8 interface with a series of large, live tiles delivering a host of information. We have been given no exact dates about when this One X+ update will take place but we expect it to be very soon as news of it is already in the public domain. HTC are staying true to their word and ensuring that older handsets can still benefit from some of the excellent features introduced on the HTC One. HTC did state however that Zoe would not make it onto existing handsets because of some hardware limitations. Click here for more HTC One X+ News

At this moment in time we have had no confirmation from HTC as to whether reports of Sense 5 and in particular HTC Zoe for the HTC One X+ are true. At the moment the update is pure speculation and in light of recent leaked documents revealing that HTC Zoe would not be available on this year’s HTC Butterfly we find it hard to believe that it will feature on an even older device. As more news surfaces about this latest software we will be sure to keep you up to date. The HTC One X+ is still proving a very popular model. A large 4.7 inch display is a major attraction of the handset while a super fast 1.7Ghz quad core processor ensures that this older model can keep up with many newer devices in terms of performance. Check out the best HTC One X+ deals here

The HTC One X+ should get the new Sense 5 software update very soon. A number of new features will form part of this update but it remains to be seen as to whether HTC Zoe will be one of these.

Android Jellybean Update Coming To THe HTC One X In Summer

Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC is currently dominating the headlines in the mobile technology industry due to the recent launch of its new HTC One flagship Android phone. This device has been eagerly anticipated for many months, and is causing plenty of excitement among smartphone enthusiasts as it promises to be one of the most popular Android devices of the year.

Of course, in the past HTC has launched a number of the most notable Android smartphones to hit the market, like its 2012 flagship the HTC One X. This phone remains a very popular choice, as it still packs plenty of impressive features despite the launch of more advanced competitors recently hitting the market. When it was first launched, the HTC One X came with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system which was the most advanced version of the Google owned operating system at the time of its launch. Visit our website for the latest HTC One X news and HTC One X price comparison.

However, it appears that owners of the HTC One X will soon be able to update the operating system to the latest Android 4.2.2 Jellybean OS. This news comes to us by way of Phones Review, which reports that the update is likely to be rolled out in the summer, with a possible launch date in June or July.

This update will bring several new features to the HTC One X such as the voice activated Google Now personal assistant application, and project butter for a more responsive interface. A number of existing features will also be aesthetically upgraded such as the onscreen qwerty keyboard and quick settings menus. Phones Review also reports that a number of features from HTC Sense 5.0 will also be bought as part of the update, offering a similar interface and the HTC One as many of the features of HTC’s custom Android interface are not hardware specific.

As usual, we will be sure to keep you updated as soon as we hear of any more developments regarding the Android update for the HTC One X.

The HTC One X+-Still The Best Handset For Android Gaming

Android is regarded as the ultimate platform for the majority of mobile gaming fans out there as it offers of some of the best titles currently available. The Google Play store offers users an incredible range of games from racing titles to ‘shoot em ups’ which consumers can enjoy on the excellent range of devices that use the Android platform. There are many great new models being released, however it is the HTC One X+ which remains the consumers model of choice.

Processing speed is developing at an incredible pace and manufacturer ARM have said that we should expect to see the current performance levels double before the end of 2013. The new models that are hitting the market boast incredibly fast chips, however the HTC One X+ which was released in 2012 still remains to be the choice of gaming fans due to the memory capacity that the device offers. The One X+ offers users a huge 64GB of storage whereas many premium models currently only offer up to 32GB. For serious gamers much of this storage is required thanks to the new changes in how the Android platform works. Click here for more HTC One X+ News

Users can no longer store applications on an external microSD card with the Android Jelly Bean OS as they could on previous versions of the software. Thanks to this the internal storage that the HTC One X+ offers is where all games and apps have to be stored and some of them will take up more than 1.5GB which can prove to be a problem. The Sony Xperia Z struggled to cope with just five high profile games on board when tests were carried out on the device. Cloud storage only allows the user to store game progress not the full title, so that is not an option. Thankfully the HTC One X+ really excels in terms of internal storage making the model the best option for gaming fans everywhere. Find the best HTC One X+ offers here

Despite there being a huge range of impressive new models available the HTC One X+ still remains the device of choice for serious gamers. This is all thanks to the huge amount of internal storage that the device boasts.

Last Year’s HTC Androids To Get Sense UI Update

The HTC One is the latest flagship device from the Taiwanese manufacturer and the device was released ahead of the popular consumer technology event known as MWC 2013. The phone is the newest flagship device from HTC and has become a hot topic in the past few months. In fact, in the days and weeks before its launching, the internet was filled with rumours and assumptions regarding the pricing, features and the design of the phone.

Now that the phone has been released, many comments and opinions have emerged and they were positively reassuring. Seemingly, the device was able to reach the high expectations of the people and this is due to its several impressive features. Some of the key features included in this device are an attractive aluminium unibody design, 4 ‘Ultra Pixel’ camera, 4.7-inch HD display, and a 1.7 GHz quad-core processing unit.

When it comes to the software, HTC One runs the Android Jellybean OS, and utilises the most updated version of the HTC Sense UI, which is the 5th instalment of the software. While HTC has already released a number of Android smartphone models during the last few months using the previous version of the Sense UI including the HTC One S, One X, One X+ and Butterfly, it appears that they may be subjected to the updated version of the interface.

According to GSM Arena, HTC has announced that the international versions on these devices will be subject to an update to the new Sense UI, but it is more than likely that these models on pay monthly contracts from networks will also receive the updates, as most of them have been launched within the last year or so. Find out more about the HTC One X+ on our website where you can also compare HTC One X+ deals.

A lot of changes are seen on the newest UI update for the HTC Sense 5.0, and while most are instantly noticeable, other features that the update brings include performance enhancements and additions to the camera settings and effects along with the new BlinkFeed feature which brings live updates to the homescreen in a similar fashion to the live tiles interface used on the Windows Phone OS?

Have you updated the HTC Sense UI on a previous HTC model? If so, let us know your thoughts on the software in the comments section.

The HTC One X+-New Sense User Interface Arriving Soon

The HTC One was finally unveiled last week and one feature that seems to be attracting attention is the latest version of the Sense user interface that this new device boasts. It seems as though we may now start to see this software featured on some older HTC handsets including the impressive HTC One X+.

It has been confirmed by HTC that the Sense 5 user interface will be coming to some new devices including the HTC One X+, the One S and the One X. We do not yet know when these handsets will get the new version of this software however the HTC’s official Facebook page suggests that the update will happen over the next few months. There is a downside to this which is that the owners of these devices may not get to take advantage of all of the impressive features that are found on the HTC One. This is due to some of the hardware limitations of these older devices. Manufactured to challenge the likes of Samsung and Apple, the HTC One has understandably been attracting a lot of attention most of which has been focused on the new user interface. Click here for more HTC One X+ news

HTC Sense 5 is a software package that brings many new impressive features to consumers. HTC’s new software is visually stunning and boasts a multitude of options but there are still modern consumers that would prefer a simplified user interface so the release of this quite complex system is certainly risky on HTC’s part . The excellent new BlinkFeed is included in the software package which is the main homescreen. This delivers news and social networking updates to the user. Another impressive feature is the new HTC Zoe which allows the user to take a series of still images along with a short video and will capture any moment in amazing detail. Click here for more HTC One X+ deals and offers

A stand out feature on the new HTC One is the HTC Sense 5 user interface which is now expected to also be released for older devices such as the HTC One X+.

HTC To Adopt New Strategy In 2013

For HTC, 2012 has been a year of ups and downs. The Taiwan based manufacturer has enjoyed decent commercial success with its flagship Android model, the One X which was launched earlier this year as well as an upgraded version called the HTC One X+ which was released more recently.

However, HTC’s market share has fallen over the last few months, due to the popularity of competing devices such as the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone lines. HTC was one of the dominant forces in the smartphone industry during last few years, but being unable to compete has led to lower quarterly profits for most of the year compared to previous years.

However, HTC is not giving up without a fight, and has recently launched a number of notable new smartphone models which look like they will be able to turn the tables back in HTC’s favour. Most prominently, the HTC 8X and HTC 8S models are the company’s new Windows Phones which run Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 operating system. A number of new Android phones have also been released by HTC, including the Droid DNA in the US, the J Butterfly in Japan and the international version called the Butterfly, all of which have high definition 5 inch screens. Visit our website for the latest HTC One X+ News and HTC One X+ Contract Deals.

These phones are part of HTC’s new strategy. According to an article over at HTC Source, Kuoji Kodera (Chief Product Officer at HTC) has said HTC’s new strategy will involve “less product, more exposure on those… and bringing some real differentiated factors to the market, rather than just bringing many new products.”

This boils down to HTC streamlining its range of handsets. By concentrating resources on fewer models, it is hoped that the phones will be better and more appealing, and will give HTC a better image compared to constantly releasing many new smartphone models.

This is essentially the same strategy that Apple use with its iPhone line. Only one iPhone model is released at the time, and as we all know these are among the best selling smartphones in the world. It will be interesting to see how this new strategy works for HTC in the year ahead.

More HTC M7 Info Leaked

We recently reported on HTC developing a brand new flagship smartphone model, which is poised to take the reins from the current HTC One X+ handset, which holds the flagship title.

The device, called the HTC M7 had some of its features leaked a couple of weeks ago on several websites. Among these were a 5 inch 1080p display, but it turns out that this rumour was not entirely accurate. According to Unwired View, the HTC M7 will actually pack a 4.7 inch screen, which is the same size of that of the HTC One X and its recent model, the HTC One X+. With a 1080p resolution, this will result in a pixel density of 468ppi, which considerably outdoes the current flagship model, and even the recently launched HTC J Butterfly with 5 inch display.

The HTC M7 is scheduled to be officially unveiled by HTC at MWC, which will be taking place in Barcelona in February. Other features of the HTC M7 are likely to include a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, 32 GB of storage and the latest versions of both the Android OS and HTC Sense UI. Check out our website for the latest updates on the HTC M7 and HTC One X+ Deals.

While all of the features are impressive, it appears that the HTC M7 would be particularly appealing as a cameraphone. Preliminary specifications have indicated that the phone will include a 13 megapixel rear facing camera, which will come with all the usual features like 1080p video capture and simultaneous photo and video capture. It will also have a front facing camera with a 2vmegapixel resolution which is also rumoured to include HD video capture.

The HTC M7 is also rumoured to incorporate an aluminium unibody construction, similar to that of 2010’s HTC legend. The HTC M7 looks like it will be very exciting smartphone model. Until it is officially unveiled at MWC, we are likely to hear more rumours regarding its features, and hopefully see some leaked specifications and images before then.

Android Facebook Update Arrives For The HTC One X+

The host of great connectivity options offered by many modern smartphone enables them to excel at a host of tasks including the use of social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook. The HTC One X+ is one of the leading handsets currently available and users of this excellent smartphone will welcome the arrival of a new Facebook updates which makes some dramatic improvements to how the service functions on this handset.

Using Facebook on an Android device has not always been the most enjoyable experience. The applications offers lots of limitations and was previously far inferior to the iOS version that could be found on devices such as the iPhone 5 and the iPad 4. The Android version not only lacked the visual appeal of the Apple software but it was also painfully slow to use and most users experienced pages hanging and slow loading times. This is set to change however with the arrival of Facebook 2.0 for Android devices like the HTC One X+. The previous version of the software was written in HTML 5 format which is a language not native to Android and the reason behind many of the problematic issues with the service. The new version of the software is written in native Android code and therefore instantly feels like a whole new application and certainly one that rivals the iOS version used by Apple. For more
HTC One X+ News click here

Facebook 2.0 for Android smartphones such as the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE was launched late on December 12th and it is easy for users to check whether they are using this latest version. By visiting the Google Play store users simply need to click on the “MY Apps” tab and find Facebook where the version number besides should read 2.0. If this is not the case then an update should be ready and waiting for download. The latest version of the popular service delivers a number of key improvements with the main ones being a two hundred per cent boost in speed. A larger amount of data can be cached by the latest platform while the app is also much better at handling photo files, an historic problem for Facebook on Android phones. Compare HTC One X+ special offers here

Devices such as the HTC One X+ can take advantage of the newest installment of Facebook immediately. The new software not only offers enhanced performance but also a much more visually appealing design.

HTC To Launch New Flagship M7 In Q1 Of 2013

Taiwanese smart phone manufacturer HTC has recently had a busy few months. After it has seen a steady decline in sales, he appears that its new Windows Phone 8 devices, the HTC 8X and HTC 8S appear to have done the trick, with HTC reporting a 23% rise in sales throughout November. Along with these two devices, HTC has also launched several new Android phones, like the Droid DNA, J Butterfly and One X+.

According to HTCSource though, it appears that HTC is also working on a new flagship smartphone to be launched early next year. The device, called the HTC M7 will take a leaf out of the HTC Legend’s book, and sport an aluminium unibody design. HTC is reportedly in talks with suppliers in an effort to secure enough components to manufacturer up to five million units of the device during Q1 of 2013.

The phone is also set to include a 5 inch high definition display, much like the Droid DNA (in the US) and the J Butterfly (in Japan), and will provide a major threat to phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It will also come with all the features you would expect from a high end Android phone from HTC, such as a quad-core processor and Beats Audio integration. We would generally expect a phone like this to include an 8 megapixel camera, but it appears that the HTC M7 will have a 13 megapixel camera. Visit our website for the latest news on the HTC M7 and the best HTC One X+ Deals.

The device is expected to hit the market during Q1 of 2013, which will be ahead of the rumoured April launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, no doubt in an attempt to maximize sales ahead of the phone which will no doubt dominate the market much like its Galaxy S3 predecessor.

There is little further information currently available about the HTC M7, but once we hear of anything else regarding its features, pricing and availability will be sure to keep you updated.