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New Patent Reveals That The iPhone 6 May Be Constructed From Liquidmetal

The number of rumours surrounding the iPhone 6 are starting to increase. The new handset is expected to be released by Apple in 2014. The latest of these rumours suggests that this device will be the first phone on the market to be constructed from Liquidmetal.

The iPhone 6 is under a lot of pressure as there are many consumers across the globe that are expecting big things from the exciting new model. A new patent filing has now been discovered that suggests that the new device will be made from the new Liquidmetal material. Crucible Intellectual Property have filed this latest patent which is said to represent a joint venture between both Apple and Liquidmetal Technologies to produce the first mobile device to be constructed from this new material. The two companies originally set up a licensing agreement back in 2010, however not much has been heard about this venture since then. This new Liquidmetal material is made up of a group of alloys that has an atomic structure that is similar to glass. Read more on the iPhone 6 and Liquidmetal here.

A number of benefits will come from using this new type of material on the iPhone 6. Not only is the material incredibly strong, but it is also resistant to corrosion. As well as these benefits the material is also said to be very malleable making it a great choice for the makers of smartphones. There are still some problems that will need to be overcome however as there are some reports that suggest that it is difficult to construct large objects from the material as manipulating and stretching it can cause it to break. There are techniques outlined in the new patent that will enable the Liquidmetal to be stretched without compromising the composition of the material. The iPhone 5 is said to already be in production, so it seems that the first viable device to use this new material will be the iPhone 6 which is expected to arrive in 2014. Find a wide selection of iPhone6 deals as they are revealed

The new iPhone 6 is set to be the first smartphone to be constructed from Liquidmetal which will give the new model an added edge over its rivals.

Striking New Aluminium iPhone 6 Concept Released

There are consumers that are waiting for a brand new iPhone design to arrive that will have to wait until next year as the iPhone 5S that is set to arrive later this year will just be an incremental update. The rumoured iPhone 6 is due to arrive next year sporting a bigger display and a completely new design. We have not yet received any official word on the model due to its launch being several months away, however some interesting renders have popped up online that show us what the model could look like.

There have been many renders of the iPhone 6 appearing online and occasionally we see one posted that catches your eye. the latest stand out render shows is the new device featuring a coloured Aluminium shell. The phone is shown is a variety of striking new colours including deep red and baby blue. A more angular design is shown when compared to devices that are already available and the images also show a slimmer model. It has been claimed by the designer of this concept that the use of Aluminium will make next year’s iPhone the lightest to ever be released.

For those what wish to take a look at this latest render they can find details on its very own website called i-phone6.d6 where there are images and also details on the interface that the model will use. It seems that the device is running on iOS7 that has a brand new user interface that offers changes that include a round dialling button and a large toolbar at the bottom of the display. The new software includes a colour matching facility which means that the background of the phone can match the colour used on the outer shell identically. Other features include a micro USB port that is situated at the bottom of the outer body and an edge to edge 4.5 inch display. Find super iPhone6 Apple 24 month deals

Concept designs give us an interesting insight into what the design and features may be on the new model. Obviously these designs could be far from the actual device, however we will have to wait until the middle of 2014 to see the arrival of the iPhone 6.

Scuffgate Over Shadows The iPhone 5 Launch

As we have come to expect from the launch of a new iPhone, the release of the iPhone 5 has not passed without incident. Firstly there has been some teething problems with the new maps service that the model boasts where landmarks and locations have either disappeared or been relocated. Another issue that has affected many users is that many of the new phones have been arriving with slight scratches and scuffs on the edges of the body.

It seems that 36% of 1400 new iPhone 5 owners have said that they have discovered small marks on the phone when they have unboxed it for the first time. A further 10% reported that the phone had attracted such damage after having used the phone for just a few days. This issue seems to be more visible on the black devices as the silver colour that is revealed does not show up as clearly on the white version of the phone. The news has been labelled as “scuffgate” and seems to be the biggest issue with the new phone. It seems that every time a new iPhone is launched a major problem seems to crop up. With the iPhone 4 we had the well documented antenna issues and Apple will be annoyed another problem has marred the otherwise impressive release of the phone.

Customers seem to be going crazy for the new handset in spite of these problems and there are some terrific iPhone 5 Deals to be found. The model sports a new metallic chassis as opposed to the glass body that we saw featured on previous versions of the phone. Several tests have been conducted on the new phone and they have proved that when it comes to major damage the new chassis is a big improvement on other versions of the phone. It does however seem that the body does pick up minor damage much easier than previous glass and plastic versions. Some consumers have gone as far as contacting Apple about the issue and the company have responded with “Any aluminium product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver colour. That is normal”. Please click here for more iPhone 5 News relating to this problem.

The iPhone 5 has been a runaway success since its launch but Apple will be annoyed that such issues have arisen and cast a dark shadow over what has otherwise been the most successful phone launch of all time.

iPhone 5 Spec Sheets Released To Assist Accessory Manufacturers

For those consumers that were the first to place their order for the new iPhone 5 it will only be a few days before they receive their new mobile phone. Friday the 21st is the date of the first delivery and prior to this Apple have released some of the exact technical specifications about this new device which will allow manufacturers of accessories to produce some great add ons for this device.

As expected prior to its release the exact specification of the new iPhone 5 was unknown, however there was a lot of speculation. Manufacturers of accessories such as docking stations and cases now have all of the detailed information that they need relating to the build of the phone to enable them to start producing their products. Apple revealed details such as the exact measurements of each aspect of the device ranging from button spacing and also the width of the camera lens.

Apple have made sure that they have helped producers of cases for the iPhone 5 as much as possible and have also stated that a well designed case should not interfere with workings of their new device. Apple commented that “A case that encroaches too closely on the perimeter of any camera lens may produce image degradation, even without obstructing the lens. The case should not cause contrast decrease, color shift, image blocking, or flash interference through any camera lens” . The company are dedicated to assisting the manufacturers where possible and have produces a template which they can take images of ensuring that the best possible picture quality is provided.

Despite not being officially released until September 21st the new iPhone 5 has already shown great success. This popularity means that there will be a huge market for accessories such as protective cases and docking stations.

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The New iPhone Not The iPhone 5

A Dutch Blog called the iphonenieuwsblog.nl published an image of what appears to be the iPhone 5 packaging. But then, the package shows a different name than what we all expect. Yes, the package print says the “New iPhone”. If you look back at Apple’s history, we all expected the iPad 3. Instead, we were given the “New iPad”. So could be the same case with the supposed iPhone 5?

If you look at the invitation to the new iPhone’s launch presentation, you will notice the number 5 as a shadow. It might be called the “New iPhone” or it can be called the iPhone 5. The blog might be another hoax or the invitation is just another misinformation from Apple. Let us just all wait and see!

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New Smartphone King The Samsung Galaxy S3

It’s true, Samsung lost its patent suit against Apple, but the Korean Tech Giant has some amazing reason to celebrate. Samsung’s latest flagship the Galaxy S3 has surpassed the iPhone 4S and is now the best-selling smartphone in the US. This news is according to CNET. They also got the figures from an analyst named T. Michael Walkley of Canaccord Genuity who was kind enough to check in with different retailers to see how these two phones are doing. According to Mr. Walkley, the iPhone 4S (former king and top-selling smartphone) since its release back in October was finally surpassed by the newly released Samsung Galaxy S3.

Now, the said drop in iPhone 4S sales can be attributed to a couple of things. One of them (maybe) is the upcoming release of the latest iPhone or the iPhone 5. However, Samsung’s success is not all about the iPhone 4S’ failure. There is also HTC and Nokia which was little or no increases in their sales.

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Former Best-Selling Smartphone (iPhone 4S) Dethroned By The Galaxy S3

Since the launch of the iPhone 4S, this is the first time that it was dethroned by Samsung. Yes, the iPhone 4S lost its coveted title to the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Korean Tech Giant’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S3, is now the top-Selling US smartphone. For the very first time, Apple’s flagship has relinquished its crown to its biggest and strongest rival Samsung.

According to Michael Walkley (Canaccord Genuity analyst): “We believe this is the first month since the iPhone 4S launched in October 2011 that it was not the top-selling smartphone in the U.S. market.” The phone’s weaker sales are not an indication of the total demand for Apple products, but it is merely a break for Apple as fans await the next iPhone iteration.

Who knows what this new iPhone can bring on the table? Who knows, maybe it can take away Samsung Galaxy S3’s new title in a blink of an eye?

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iPhone 4 Up For A Great Trade Deal From Samsung

For UK smartphones lovers, you now have the option to trade-in your working iPhone 4 for a new handset or free tablet. Yes, you can trade your iPhone 4 for a Samsung galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note. If you already have both of these devices, then you can easily go for the free Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 or the bigger Tab 10.1.

If you are from UK and you want to avail this promo, simply visit Samsung’s website. This offer is valid until September 10, 2012 only.

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New Deals For The iPhone 4S

Sprint is now upping its game to move the iPhone 4S closer to customers as many Apple fans are expecting the unveiling of the new iPhone come next month. After their price drop, US’ third largest wireless carrier is now adding a $100 gift card for every purchase by new customers via the internet. This same deal is being matched by Apple, but with Apple offering Apple Store credits ($100).

If you have watching the iPhone 4S from a distance, this is a good time to get your very own before Apple’s major event comes sometime in September.

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Obama App For Your iPhone 4S

There is a new app for the iPhone 4S, new iPad, and Android gadgets, and it is called Obama for America. This is a surefire way to boost Obama’s campaign. We all know that the 2012 US Presidential election is just around the corner. Candidates are now utilizing our advanced communication systems and technologies for their campaigns. In case you are wondering, Obama’s election rival Romney is also using the same tactic and they are both garnering huge media attention with the new iPhone and even iPad app.

The Obama app for the iPhone 4S is design in order to replace the phone’s clipboard for Democratic campaigners. This will help loyal Obama followers to download list of names in their area from the campaigns’ central database. All iOS users can easily access the said app and easily initiate campaigns in their neighborhood.

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