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Mar 3rd, 2010 | By jailbreak iPhone | Category: Telecommunications

Jailbreaking or unlocking the iPhone has become a popular pastime. Irrespective of the model whether 2G, 3G even including 3.1.3 versions, the fact of the matter is that many people are trying to find a way to jailbreak the handset so that they can use it on any network they wish as well as being able to download free applications.

The iPhone itself, is an impressive handset which is renowned the world over. People all over the globe love the handset either because of its style or because it can be moulded to the owners own requirements through its versatile functionality and huge number of applications available. There is however, one major issue that causes problems for many people and that is the fact that the unit is only available if the potential owner wants to be tied into a lengthy contract with a specific network.

Although there are numerous jailbreak iPhone methods available, the best solution involves a software option. Touted as the best solution available on the net, this simple click software method, requires the user simply to download the unlock iPhone software and within a few clicks, the handset is unlocked. This unlocking method has been utilised by millions and is a tried and tested method which also comes with the ability to reverse unlock the handset if desired. This means that the units software can be brought back into its original state before unlocking, if for any reason the handset needs to be sent or taken to a shop. The main benefit of this particular brand of jailbreak solution is the fact that it incorporates a method that will unlock all versions of the iPhone including the latest iPhone 3GS version with the 05.11 baseband.

As with all products and services, some are better than others and as is usually the case, cheap and inferior copies of unlocking solutions are offered throughout the net. The issue with some of these is the fact that if used, they have been known to incapacitate the iPhone completely, which when taking into account the cost of the iPhone, is a cause for concern. When it comes to unlocking, it pays to ensure that the jailbreak method utilised, for the iPhone is a safe and reliable unlock solution that is tried and tested as well as being simple and effective.

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