Striking New Aluminium iPhone 6 Concept Released

Jul 11th, 2013 | By phoneslimited | Category: Miscellaneous

There are consumers that are waiting for a brand new iPhone design to arrive that will have to wait until next year as the iPhone 5S that is set to arrive later this year will just be an incremental update. The rumoured iPhone 6 is due to arrive next year sporting a bigger display and a completely new design. We have not yet received any official word on the model due to its launch being several months away, however some interesting renders have popped up online that show us what the model could look like.

There have been many renders of the iPhone 6 appearing online and occasionally we see one posted that catches your eye. the latest stand out render shows is the new device featuring a coloured Aluminium shell. The phone is shown is a variety of striking new colours including deep red and baby blue. A more angular design is shown when compared to devices that are already available and the images also show a slimmer model. It has been claimed by the designer of this concept that the use of Aluminium will make next year’s iPhone the lightest to ever be released.

For those what wish to take a look at this latest render they can find details on its very own website called i-phone6.d6 where there are images and also details on the interface that the model will use. It seems that the device is running on iOS7 that has a brand new user interface that offers changes that include a round dialling button and a large toolbar at the bottom of the display. The new software includes a colour matching facility which means that the background of the phone can match the colour used on the outer shell identically. Other features include a micro USB port that is situated at the bottom of the outer body and an edge to edge 4.5 inch display. Find super iPhone6 Apple 24 month deals

Concept designs give us an interesting insight into what the design and features may be on the new model. Obviously these designs could be far from the actual device, however we will have to wait until the middle of 2014 to see the arrival of the iPhone 6.

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