Apple iPhone 4S A Winner At T3 Gadget Awards

Oct 11th, 2012 | By phoneslimited | Category: Telecommunications

The Apple iPhone 4S is still a popular device despite the launch of its successor, the iPhone 5. Apple’s previous flagship smartphone model has recently picked up the award for ‘work gadget of the year’ at the 2012 T3 Gadget Awards.

T3 is a popular gadget magazine with an annual awards ceremony with awards for gadgets in a number of different categories, the winners of which are voted by its readers. The Apple iPhone 4S was crowned ‘work gadget of the year’ largely on account of its versatility provided by third party apps, as well as the functionality and ease of use of the iOS ecosystem. The latest iPhone 5 model was released too late to be nominated for any categories.

While this is an impressive achievement for the iPhone 4S, a number of people disagreed with the decision. Given the calibre of competing devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note, it is understandable why some people have this opinion. Although the Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the most popular smartphones on the market, the iPhone 4S is among the most commonly used smartphones in the world, so is used by many people in the workplace. Because the handset so popular, is easy to see why so many votes were cast for the iPhone 4S.

Samsung won ‘phone of the year’ at the T3 Gadget Awards for its bestselling Galaxy S3. The South Korean manufacturer picked out the same award last year for its popular Galaxy S2 model. Visist our website for the latest iPhone 4S News.

It is not only mobile phones which are nominated for awards at the T3 Gadget Awards. Everything from TV’s to digital cameras to computers and music accessories all receive awards. Also, there are awards for design, innovation and applications etc. We are sure to see the iPhone 5 nominated in at least one category at next year’s T3 awards but of course by then competition will have become more impressive.

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