Samsung Galaxy Note And iPhone 4S – How Do They Compare?

Sep 3rd, 2012 | By phoneslimited | Category: Telecommunications

In this article, I am going to take a closer look at the ever popular Apple iPhone 4S and the unique Samsung Galaxy Note. While both of these handsets boast extensive spec list which include many impressive features, I am going to focus on their operating systems and touchscreen technology, as these are among the most important features for many people when choosing a new smartphone.

Of course, the Apple iPhone 4S has iOS as its software of choice. This is used by millions of people on iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices. It is well known for its user friendly interface for the simple layout. Of course, it also allows users to download applications using the AppStore, and has many well-known apps as standard including iTunes, iPod and Safari etc. The Samsung Galaxy Note on the other hand is one of the growing number of handsets to utilise the increasingly popular Android OS. It is supplied with the previous version known as Gingerbread as standard, although users can easily upgrade this to the latest version known as Ice Cream Sandwich. It works in conjunction with the Samsung TouchWiz UI which is Samsung’s custom Android interface. This offers an alternative aesthetic to the stock android interface along with further customisation options and widget functionality, a feature which iOS lacks.

One of the first differences between these phones that you will notice is in the size of their touchscreens. The 4.3 inches, the touchscreen of the Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the largest on the market. This utilises super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen technology which is similar to that found in Samsung’s current flagship, the Galaxy S3. This provides excellent display quality in conjunction with its resolution of 800x and 1280. The device is supplied with a stylus pen called an S-Pen, which is specifically optimised for this device and stores in a hole at the top of the handset when not being used. The large size of the screen means that the Galaxy Note is equally at home being used for everything from watching movies or playing games, to editing spreadsheets or reading eBooks. The iPhone 4S has a much smaller screen at 3.5 inches, however this contributes significantly to its famous display quality. The screen of the iPhone 4S is also known as the retina display due to the fact that the naked eye cannot distinguish between individual pixels on screen. This is created by the resolution of 640x 960 being packed into the small dimensions of the screen, creating an industry leading pixel density of 330 pixels per inch.

As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy Note and the iPhone 4S impress in terms of their screens and operating systems. While they are both very different in these respects, they are equally impressive, and offer appeal to different types of user.

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